10 Home Made Remedies Everyone Should Know
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Home Made Remedies Everyone Should Know
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Must Have Home Remedies

10 Home Made Remedies Everyone Should Know 

Taking care of yourself becomes easier if you have some home remedies as

these do come in handy, especially when you  desperately need to get instant

relief.Learning some ways on how you can deal with things instantly within the

comfort of your house will make you more prepared and less depended on others

and will save you the trip to your local clinic, have you ever  been in a situation

where you need an instant solution but didn’t get one ?.


Well we’ve all been there and that’s why in this blog  post will look at some of the

most essential home remedies that everyone might want to know, the good thing

about these is that the ingredients that will be used can be found in your kitchen

cabinet making them  even more of a must to remember.





10 Home Remedies Everyone Must Know 



However before we look at the tips its very essential to be mindful of what kind of

herbs and other ingredients are being used to  prevent any allergic reactions from

occurring. Here's are the 10 must know home remedies.



1. Dealing with Flu & Colds


Waking up and having to deal with a blocked nose am sure is very irritating and

for some reason it makes you feel that you take the other nostril for granted, am I

right?.Of course I am, but you do know that honey is a very good ingredient that

you can use to  clear flu’s and colds.According to some research ,honey does

contain some natural elements that are effective when it comes to unclogging our sinuses.


If you don’t like the sweet taste of honey then you might want to try and be brave

and go for raw garlic, which the  healthymaven website mentioned that its a very

good antioxidant and does have other valuable minerals which are  great for

getting rid of colds.


So taking a few teaspoons of honey or infusing your tea with some garlic should

fix it, make sure you  also keep yourself warm  and in particular your chest area

and drink lots of tea as well. Next time when you don’t have cough syrup you

shouldn’t panic, cause you got this.




2.Remedies For Headaches


The most common home remedies that has been searched for is the one that has

to do with eliminating headaches, dealing with  them can be very stressful

especially if you don’t have any medication that can make the pain go away.


However we did some  research to the best ways you get rid of that pain at home,

one of the ingredients you might want to use is peppermint.According to the

botanical-online website its one of the most effective methods for relieving

headaches naturally, having this in your cabinet is essential for treating migraines.


If you may not like the smell of peppermint oil you can also try lavender, as it to

does have  works the same way.


According to the results of a research study, it showed that when you breath in

essential lavender oil you  can manage your  migraines making this a must

have.In addition to those things its just as important for you to remain relaxed  and

take sum rest during this period, most time when you wake up with a such kind of

pain its usually because you aren’t sleeping right.So having  the right pillow is


























3. Easing Tooth Aches


Having a tooth ache in the middle of the night is one of the worst feelings out

there and getting quick relief is the only way that  you’ll be able to go back to

sleep , but the best way to ensure that you prevent this from happening is to have

good oral hygiene practices that have to be done on a daily basis.


That being said one of the more popular methods of elevating this pain is by

placing an ice pack around the area, by doing this you are reducing the pain by

numbing that area making you feel morecomfortable. Another dimension you can

go with is by using a product called Clove oil, which in a post by Colgate was

mentioned to reduce that feeling of pain.


Lastly you can also chew a some garlic to help you when you’re in such a

condition  because it does contain a strong anti-bacteria  compound that has the

ability to eliminate the bacteria surrounding the tooth,  which could have been the

cause of the pain  initially.   


Even though these methods will allow you to get relief right away, the shouldn’t be

thought of as a means to get rid of tooth  decay.So if you’ve got a bad tooth

please go and visit your local dentist , because it may only get more and more

painful affecting  you negatively.





4. clearing Skin Irritations


Seeing that these are must have home remedies, we might also want to look at

some easy ways that you can treat skin infections, these irritations may come

about due to things such as bacteria or can be an allergic reaction to something

that you might might  have touched or eaten.Luckily we do have a few methods

on how to clear your skin from such irritations.


On a blog post on the  stylecraze website, it was mentioned that tea tree oil does

have the ability to clear up fungal infections and  this makes it a good option for

getting clearer skin.So applying this on the affected  areas should clear it up, try

honey as well as it  to can be used for this purpose.

























5. Treating Stomach Ache 


Having a gassy or upset stomach cab get very uncomfortable, so having ways in

how to treat it is essential as well more especially  when you need relief quickly.

This first step to take when you have an indigestion  is to make sure you drink

alot of water, doing  this will enable you to flash your system making you feel much

better but it might get messy though at first.


Something else that  you can do that you may not have known about is drinking

soda helps, so having an extra bottle of soda  close by will make you feel

better.Lastly you might also try to start eating more fibre content as foods with

fibre aid digestion, eating foods like banana’s, cherries, apples will enable you to

get over the problems that your having with your  stomach.According to the

emilyklyenutrition blog, taking a few shots of apple cider vinegar can also help

you with stomach aches.





6. Remedy For Stress Relief


Getting rid of stress is extremely important, with all the things that we are going

through in your weekly routine and at work it  may become hard to take good care

of yourself. That’s why we decided to include this in our list of must know home

remedies, one of the ways you can do this is by make sure that review your day

before you sleep.


This will allow you to take note of the good  things that happened such as the

goals that you were able to accomplish, another  thing you might want to do is

take a nice warm bath.This will relax your muscles making you feel calm and if

you have any bath salts now would be the right time.However in  order for you to

be effective with personal care , you might have to learn the right  methods to use.

























7. Insomnia


This is yet one another one of the things that people go through daily is insomnia,

which has been defined  as the inability to sleep or fall asleep even when they get

an opportunity to do so.Having little to no rest will greatly affect your rate of

productivity, which can lead you to achieve less in of your goals and this being a

must have list its only right to give you some essential remedies to help you with

this to ensure you’re the best version of you.



Its important for you to relax and not force yourself to sleep , because this will only

make it harder for you to fall asleep .So just take a deep breath and clear your

mind of all the stress you might have because you are only a small piece in this

big  universe, so yet again we can note that reducing stress is very essential.


Using scents like lavender, vanilla or even jasmine will aid  you in feeling more

relaxed.However using your phone in a room that is not well lit will affect your

sleep pattern, so make sure  you have enough background lighting to use you





8. Hangover Cure



This one definitely had to be include in this post because I think most of you would

find it essential,especially after a late night  out with your friends.Well the very first

thing that you might want to do is to drink alot of water, this will help prevent

dehydration  from occurring.


You might also want to get rid of the drowsiness, to help you with that drink some

coffee or have something a little bit sweet. This  will help you stay awake and give

you that extra boost in energy.so next time you have a hangover just remember

those tips.
























9. Bruising & Cuts

Cuts and bruises occur on a daily basis , making it even more of a good reason

for you to learn was to treat them effectively.The most important thing to do when

you get either of the above is to ensure that the area is kept clean, this can be

achieved by applying using some honey on the wound or even rubbing alittle bit of

alcohol on it .


This will not only keep the area clean but will also eliminate any bacteria that

might have been there, another tip is to leave that  area uncovered for a bit in

order to let it dry and heal much quicker.If you’re feeling a bit brave and

courageous then uses some kitchen salt , but it’s only for the strong.So next time

you accidental hurt yourself don’t panic because you’ve got this covered.





10. Body Odor


Lastly if you need some ways to treat body odor with things in your kitchen

cabinet then you’re in the right place, even though  you might use perfume or

deodorant it can very hard to get over some body odors.Rubbing a bit of vinegar

underneath your arm  pits is one of the home remedies that you can use for your

body , as you do this you are limiting the growth of bacteria.Another ingredient

that you might want to use is baking soda, which helps absorb the odor being

produced.There many other tips that  you can use for body odor treatment and to

make it easier for you I found this short and useful video by Jennifer Chiu , who

gives many tips and life hacks you might want to know about.




I hope you found this  post about the top 10 remedies that everyone need to know

knowing some tips like this will come in  handy when you need a quick fix. Know

any others that aren’t included ? , share them below.   


Post By Lifestylenstuff

Date 19 Feb 2020

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