6 Example of Bad Habits In Children


    As parents we often like our children to be well behaved and show a positive attitude towards the people around

    them , which will make you feel happier as a parent.


    Due to the fact that they’re still young , children can start to have bad habits that might cause them to act negatively

    around you.


    In this post we’ll look at some of the common bad habits that your children might display towards you , which will

    allow you to come up with better ways on how to improve your childrens attitude.



    6 Examples of Bad Habits In Children


    Below is a list that shows you examples of the bad habits that your children might have , but as parents you’ll have to

    remember that you’ll still have to approach the situation with a positive attitude.


    Children are still young and this gives you alot of time to change their mindset , so don’t worry about it too much.It’ll

    take quite sometime for you them to actually change , but thats what makes being a parent fun.


    1.Being Disrespectful Is A Bad Habit


    One of the most common examples of bad habits in children is being disrespectful towards their parents and other

    people , which will make it very hard for them to listen to you when you ask them to do something.


    If they continue to be disrespectful from at a very young age and you as a parent don’t act on it , changing them later

    on will be even more difficult for you.Don’t feel discouraged if you feel that your children are disrespectful towards

    you , because you can change that. 




    Being dishonest in the way your children do things m could lead them into alot of trouble.Which is why if you do

    teach them how to be honesty , it could be a very bad habit that will be harder to deal with later on.


    When your children are dishonest , it’ll be very difficult for them to have accountability for their actions.Owning up for

    your actions will help them be more responsible for themselves , being truthful is something that we as parents

    should always try to teach our children to be.


    3. Picky Eating 


    When it comes to eating , children often tend to be too selective with their choices of food and am sure were all had

    our fair share of picky eaters.The problem with selective eating, is that they might miss out on some of the nutrients

    that their body needs in for them to grow and develop.


    Which makes it a very bad habit to adopt for children to have ,missing out on these nutrients could only cause them

    to suffer from various diseases due to the deficiency.So as parents this should be on an opportunity to actually come

    up with creative ways to give your child the nutrients.


    Dealing with a pick eater can be difficult but this bad habit could cause them to have an unhealthy eating pattern

    when they grow older.


    4.Bad Hygiene Practices


    In order to ensure that you keep your family healthy , the first thing you’ve got to do is make sure they practise good

    personal hygiene.Having bad hygiene habits will make it easier for them to actually fall prey to all the germs and

    bacteria that we come into contact with each day.


    Which is why as parents , making sure you show them some simple personal hygiene tips will go a long way.Showing

    simple things like brushing their teeth or washing their hands after using the rest room , will further increase their

    chances of remaining healthy.


    5.Screen Time


    With all the information that is available to them on the internet and through other platforms , it has become more

    common for children to spend alot of time on their electronic devices.Which could become a bad habit if they

    consistently stay on them , because blue light is not so good for the eyes according to .


    When they always uses their devices , it might be very hard for them to pay attention to the things that are happening

    around them.Which is why parents have to step in to make sure that your children don’t become to attached to their

    phones , so atleast once in a while you should schedule sometime out of the day to head out on a family walk.


    Getting some sunlight is a very important thing for all of us , this will also be a great time to bond as a family.


    6.Being Inactive


    One of the other bad habits that children might develop is becoming inactive , when children aren’t in the habit of

    doing any active.It’ll have a very negative impact on their well being as well as mentality , because being this way

    could lead them to experience obesity much quicker.


    Obesity in children is very common and if they aren’t in the habit of doing alittle bit of exercising , then it could only

    increase the chances of them putting on even more weight.Which is why if you notice that your child has got this bad

    habit , you should be very quick to act and push them to be more active.

    Other thing is that being inactive might also cause them to be lazy and this will only hinder them from achieving the

    success that will get them to the next level.



    Those are some of the bad habits that are common in children , having this insight should help you get your child on

    the right track to be better.Remember that these are children after all , so don’t be to harsh on them.Be gentle and

    patient with them , you’ve got to be the parent that they need in their lives.


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