How to Boost Your Self Confidence



    Most of the time in life, in order for you to achieve the goals that you might want you ought to be

    confident.Having this tool is very essential as it will allow you to experience more success in whatever you

    are going to be involved with.If you go into something without having even the slightest amount of belief

    in yourself, it becomes alot harder for you to be an achiever in that area.That being said in this post you

    will learn some helpful tips on how you can increase your Confidence levels , as well as other information

    relating to the topic





    What is Self Confidence ?


    In order for is to fully talk about the improvements that we can make , we must know the its true

    meaning.According to the post on the healthyplace website, self confidence was said to be the positive

    feeling about oneself and the world that leads to courageous actions born out of a sense of self respect.

    From the definition that has been stated above, it can be seen that the major thing that is trying to be put

    across is having a belief in yourself and taking action,however people often confuse self confidence with

    self esteem.


    The definition of Self esteem is a persons overall sense of self worth or Personal value according to post

    on the very well website on this topic.Even though these things might not be related, its essential to

    remember that having a low self esteem can also affect the level of confidence that you might have.


    Why is Self Confidence Important ?


    It’s essential for us to have a profound belief in our abilities in order for us to be successful with whatever

    we are doing,it allows us to fully express ourselves and enable us to give all our energy each time.Having

    this trait will make you feel more comfortable to express yourself when your public speaking, going for a

    job interview and even during presentations.Giving off the right energy to other people is very important

    as it allows them to stay engaged with you.

    Below are some helpful and useful tips and strategies to help you get that boost you are looking for,

    however an improvement can and will only come about through practise.




    1.Always Believe In Yourself


    It goes without saying that when you begin to believe in yourself and trust in your abilities, the more likely

    you are to become confident.Sometimes all you have to do is have some trust in yourself, as this is one of

    the min keys to being successful in whatever you are going to be involved in.Having this will also give you

    the ability to do try and do the best you can each time.Before you start anything know that you can do it

    and see how great it will feel knowing that you are successful.


    2.Helping Others Helps You


    Another thing that you can do in order for you to increase the level of faith within you is through helping

    others, by serving others this helps you see the good you are able to do for others and it also gives you

    that moral support from those you help further giving you that lift that you need.This can be used as an

    opportunity to work on your people skills(social skills) which will only get better with practice and take the

    chance to work on your other errors during this stage will help you correct them.   





    3.Looking Back At Your Previous Successes & Achievements


    In order to gain more belief in yourself it can be very useful to look at some of the achievements that you

    might have accomplished in the past, doing this may help you realize how much you’ve actually done and

    the steps that you took.However its important to not think that it will require the same energy as it did in

    the passed but to use the past experiences as a stepping stone to boost your success,knowing fully that

    you have achieved something previously will only strengthen your mindset because you know fully well

    the kind of power that you within you .



    4.Be Positive


    Picture by Binti Malu


    Thinking positive is great way for you to become more confident with yourself, Always having a positive

    mindset will allow you to express yourself more and also allow you to be bold.Most of the time when you

    think negatively of  outcome before it happens, it will hinder you from putting the effort that you know

    you can put in because you mindset would have already been defeated.So try to be more positive minded

    in whatever you’re doing, take part in things that will increase your level of happiness such as being with

    people that feel you with positive energy or even playing your favorite songs to give that happy

    vibe.Another thing is that you should distance yourselves from people that give you negativity and don’t

    let them put you down in anyway.



    5.Don’t Be Afraid


    One of the things that can allow you to change your mentality is to become more fearless.Most of the

    time when we become scared we tend to feel small and start to lose courage,which can cause us to

    perform slightly less than we intendto.The best way to change is to slowly start overcoming your the

    things that might frighten you, as you being to do thisyou will start to build a strong character and this will

    aid your success as well.Another thing that you can do is find someone that you can talk about these

    things with, doing this will allow you to come up with better ways in which you can get over your fears

    providing a long lasting solution.



    6.Exercising Does Help


    Exercising has traditional been used as a method which can keep your body fit and stay in good shape,

    However workingout can also have some other extra benefits and In this case it helps boost your

    confidence level too.As you workout you may have noticed that the first time might seem alittle difficult,

    but as you go on it will become much easier for you to do and this to can boost your moral.Working out

    also promotes a good and healthy mindset according to the a post on benefits of working out, which can

    help you in accomplishing your goals.In a recent post on the the entreprenuer website , it stated that

    people that workout are more likely to succeed.Therefore adding a bit of exercises to your daily routine

    can greatly help with your charisma.




    7.Good Motives


    This might not be s obvious but is a very essential point to remember, if you have good intentions in

    whatever you are doing you will stay confident.When you know you’ve been doing something honestly

    and have been working hard, it will help you stay certain of your actions and further increase the level of

    belief in yourself.So doing things the right way is very important not only for you but for others as well.



    8.Be Your Own Hypeman


    Most of the time we usually want to seek approval or moral support from other people on everything that

    we are about to do, but sometimes the most important thing to remember is that the main person that

    needs to support you is you.One way to do this is to always speak good and highly of yourself in whatever

    you do, be your very own cheerleader.Telling yourself things like “I can do it “ or “I will make it” can

    actually build up your courage,doing this will lift your mood as well as set you up for something big to

    happen in your life. Motivating yourself is very important because not everyone will like what you want to

    do but, hearing some motivational words will make you  ready to show the world what you are made of.



    9.Small Wins Count

    Picture by fotografierende


    Small things can be the most important, so even the smallest of achievement can be a stepping stone in

    your success.Do not normalize these achievements because they might be someone out there that hasn’t

    even gotten that achievement that you might not care about, so be grateful for them and appreciate them

    for they can play a bigger role in your life than you think.



    10.Having The Correct Posture


    I know many of you may have heard of this aspect plenty of times, but it really is true as it does help with

    your confidence level. This can be explained in a short video below that I found to useful , the video is a

    ted Talk on how you can Build your self confidence.



    So giving off the right physical presence is very important when you’re either presenting or public

    speaking, so its a very helpful tip.


    11.Learning from Failure


    In life mistakes do happen and the only thing that can be done is to learn from them, don’t let the failures

    you experience make you lose confidence but allow them to push you instead.What people tend to forget

    is that most of the people that are successful didn’t actually make it the first time, but they learnt from the

    mistakes and got better in the long run.So try to learn from the wrongs that you’ve done, admit to your

    mistakes and then change to become better.Accepting that you are wrong is a great start if you would

    want to gain more confidence in yourself.




    12.Self Esteem


    As mentioned earlier in this post, self esteem does play a very big part when it comes to build your

    confidence.In order to improve yourself esteem you might want to open up and share your problems

    with people, this will allow people to help you look for a solution that can and also help reduce the

    pressure that you might be feeling.You might also want to try something like volunteering yourself as this

    will help you understand want value you can give others , which will further boost your confidence and

    increase your self esteem.The low esteem might be caused by something that had happened to you in

    the past according to the Inc website, therefore working on yourself can aid you in the long run.



    13.Self Care

    Picture by Madison Inouye


    Taking great care of yourself is a very great way of improving your levels of confidence because if you

    want to be the best, you have to ensure that your body is in the right shape.Therefore knowing the right

    self care strategies can help you to get rid of all the stress and anxiety that might be present in your life,

    leaving  you feeling fresh and  ready to be active.So things like having the right sleeping pattern,eating

    right,exercising and meditating  must all be taken into consideration, practising these on the regular is

    just as essential.



    14. Be Persistence and You'll Be Confident


    Being consistent in everything you do is very essential and this to is the case for confidence.If you

    constantly show belief in yourself you are more likely to build your confidence,so its critical to make sure

    that you have the  same level of confidence even in a situation where things may turn out different.Being

    consistent leads to success, therefore always believe in your abilities.



    15.Fake It Till You Make It 


    This point is one of the most under appreciated ones but is very essential to remember, sometimes in

    order to be however you want to be you’ll have to start acting the part.That being said if you want to start

    gaining more courage just act like you already have it, more often when this happens you’ll slowly start to

    align yourself with the right steps you need.Another thing that you might also like to do is to surround

    yourself with people that might have  similar ambitions as yours as this can further add some value to

    your life.






    16.Change Brings About Self Confidence


    This is one of the most difficult things to go through but going through this process does help you

    become a better person in each aspect of your life.However in order for you to change you’ll have to be

    willing to accept it, the major reason as to why people stay the same is because its not easy to start

    afresh.Sometimes hitting that rest button can helpyou greatly,however change might take some time to

    happen meaning we should be patiently wait and be consistent with our effort.


    17.Putting in That Work & Planning

    Picture by Roman Koval


    If you put in the required amount of time into changing the way you believe in your abilities, you will

    potential increase the amount of confidence within you.It is important that we set ourselves up for

    success and not just wait, because being successful doesn’t just happen overnight it takes work.So go the

    extra mile and put in that energy you will be surprised at what will start to happen.



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