Hormonal Imbalance in men



    When it comes to hormonal Imbalance we usually tend to think that it may only affect women , However

    this shouldn’t be so as it can also occur in men as well. Dealing with these hormones in our body is

    something that can be very difficult if you don’t know the necessary information that you need, this is

    because according to Dr Spiegel men don’t really have the same changes in their hormonal activity as

    compared to women.So knowing a thing about this topic can be very essential, in this informative post we

    will look at the different aspects of hormonal imbalance in males which will be in terms of the signs,

    causes as well as how you can prevent these imbalances from occurring.


    What are Hormones ?


    In order for this subject to be fully understood , we must first discuss what hormones are and what their

    function in our body actually is.

    So hormones according to an article on the hormone.org website are chemicals  released by the body and

    travel through the bloodstream , the main purpose of these chemicals is to help the respective organs

    within the body to function correctly.

    That being said it is very critical to realize that these chemicals control most of our daily functionality such



    • They control the way our eating pattern works
    • How quickly we can lose weight
    • How we feel (moods)
    • They also control things like how we grow and so much more


    Having said that It can clearly be seen that hormones are important and maintaining the right hormonal

    activity is essential, due to the fact any malfunction in their activity will greatly affect the way our body



     The Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance In Men.



    Having talked about how important the it is to maintain the right hormonal level in our system , it is only

    right for us to know the symptoms of these imbalances in order for them to be easily detected.

    For the most part there are some similarities in the symptoms that would be experienced by both men and

    women, but here are some of the most common symptoms of this condition in males.

    • You may experience fatigue
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Heart Disease
    • Brain Fog
    • A decrease in sexual performance
    • Failure To gain weight or May experience weight loss


    The above points are some of the main signs according to the biomedical website.

    Even though they can be some similarities in both men and women, the main thing to note is that a

    deficiency in the levels of testosterone can cause most of the above symptoms for the men.


    What are the Main Causes Of Imbalances In Men ?


    There are many factors that can cause men to go through these imbalances, here are some of the factor

    which could lead to an individual having this condition.

    However it is essential to remember that maybe one factor might not lead to having this condition , but a

    combination of all of the factors below can.


    • Unhealthy Dieting


    Having bad eating habits can easily lead to an imbalance in your hormonal activity , eating meals that are

    not balanced or don’t have the required nutritional value may affect your well-being in a very negative


    Unhealthy eating is one of the main causes of obesity in the world today , this will also make it easier for

    you to become more likely fall prey to conditions such as heart disease which can further affect not only

    your health but also the hormonal activity within your body.


    •  Aging


    Aging can also play a very large role when it comes to experiencing these malfunctions within the system,

    according to an article posted on the website it stated that the production of testosterone tends to reduce

    as men begin to get older and this starts to occur in men that are in there mid forties.However the article

    went on to say that this decrease becomes more drastic as men reach their seventies, having said this it is

    very important for us to remember that our age can sometimes have a big role when it comes to the

    performance of our hormones.


    • Stress Build Up In Men


    Our daily routines consists of things such as work , family  and other activities that can require us to be

    constantly on the move all the time making our days become occupied , which takes most of the time out

    of our day leaving us feeling stressed and this takes a tole on both our body’s and our mental well-

    being.That being said if this condition is not taken care of effectively it may cause some malfunctions

    within our system , so its very essential to note that your well-being is affected by stress.


    •  Health Conditions & Illness


    Another factor that may affect the hormonal activity within your body is illness, sometimes these illness

    may cause our body to act differently from the way it is supposed to perform.Like for instance if an

    individual is suffering from prostate cancer it can definitely have a negative effect on your system,the

    prostate is a gland that provides seminal fluid which helps in the transportation of sperm this was stated in

    a post on the mayoclinic website.That being said if the prostate is to become cancerous then it may affect

    the levels of testosterone which could eventually lead to imbalances, the uses of some medication can also

    be a factor when it comes to these imbalances.


    • Toxin Build up


    Toxins are harmful chemicals that affect the way our body functions, these chemicals enter our system in

    many ways like through the food we eat and drink or even through the contact that we have with the

    environment.If these toxins begin to accumulate within the body it can cause hormonal imbalances, this

    build up can also prevent people from losing weight and this is a very important point to note.So this just

    goes to show that weight loss is not all about working out.

    Therefore we can see that there are several things that can cause these instability to occur within our body.


    Natural Ways To Maintain Hormonal Imbalance In Men


    Having talked about some of the signs that you might encounter as well as the things that might cause

    this condition to happen, it can be just as essential to learn various ways in which you can maintain the

    hormonal levels within your body . This can be useful in helping us prevent various issues that might be

    harmful to our health and well-being, here is a list of some of the things that you can uses to allow for a



    1.Regular Check Ups


    Getting a medical opinion on anything to do with the bodys functionality is always the best option , that

    being said it is very essential for you to pay a visit to your local health centers.This will  allow you to get

    key insight on your well-being and also get beneficial strategies on how you can improve your health in

    general.So make sure that you try to add this to your schedule in order to get the best out of it, atleast

    visiting them  


    2.Stress Relief Activities



    Getting rid of this negative energy is very important to our well-being as it also helps keeping the balance

    within our hormones, therefore performing activities that can help reduce the stress within you is very

    key and one way to achieve this is through exercise.This method is commonly known for keeping

    ourselves fit and in shape, however it is also a has some benefits other than just for staying in shape.Like

    in this case it can help relax your muscles and help losen any tension on the blood vessels , thereby

    allowing you to feel more relaxed as well as feel more at ease both mentally and physically. Another

    activity that you can do is yoga as it helps you meditate whilst being able to perform some stretches help

    you achieve that balance between the body and mind , which is the main aim of yoga according to a post

    by the yogajournal. It is important to know that you might want to choose what you are comfortable with as

    this will make it easier for you to stay consistent with your self care.



    3.Having A health Diet Keeps Hormonal Balance



    As seen earlier eating food that is unhealthy can lead to imbalances in your hormonal activities that is

    why engaging in a healthy diet is a good way to go,however it’s just as essential that your diet has all the

    nutrients that are needed by the body and this can be done by ensuring that you have a balanced meal.A

    balanced diet is one in which meals have all the appropriate nutrients and they are equally in proportion,

    this is very important to note as it helps you prevent any deficiencies in minerals as this can not only

    cause imbalances but it can also cause conditions that can be harmful to your well-being.

    Like for instance ,If you have a diet that might be higher in carbohydrates then it might increase the

    amount of cholesterol in your blood causing a condition like heart disease.So having a diet that is friendly

    to your well-being is very important , therefore try to eat more foods that are beneficial to your

    system.Taking some health supplements can is also useful for getting those extra nutrients that your

    system needs.



    4.Getting Enough Rest



    This is one of the things that people usually forget about but it is a very essential tool to use , having the

    appropriate amount of sleep can be key in keeping your wellness on point.If you don’t get adequate sleep

    it becomes harder for the body to function the way its supposed to and this might contribute to

    imbalances with hormones.That being said its very important to have good sleeping habits and in an

    article that was posted on sleep topic  , it was stated that the recommended amount of sleep for adults is

    about 6 - 9 hours

    of sleep .However sometimes it can be difficult to get in all those hours of sleep at a go , so unitizing naps

    can really help with this.



    5.Staying Hydrated



    Staying hydrated is very essential for us when it comes to maintain this balance within our system, not

    only does water help with the skin but it also allows us to flush out these toxins easily.So drinking plenty

    of water is very important for our health and it has been recommended that as adults we must drink upto

    2 liters of water per day according to a post on the website.However water is not the only thing that you

    can use as a detox , you can also use products such as green tea as it performs exactly the same as water.

    Therefore it is important to use these tips in together to further boost your chances of reaching that

    healthier lifestyle you wanted,Hormonal imbalances do happen sometimes so its okay if you are to

    experience them.However using some of this information will help you deal with them better and more



    By Lifestylenstuff


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