How to be a better Person


    In life there are so many processes that take place , like for instance in one season we have snow( Winter) and in the other

    flowers start to blossom (Spring).Change happens all around us and even as individuals there is a time for us to reinvent

    ourselves and become better, various things that can bring you to this realization.


    This could be due to something that you might have recently experienced or you just feel like its time to try something new for

    once , becoming a better person is a big step in the right direction.This journey to change isn’t that easy at  all , the biggest step is

    to acknowledge that you’re ready to try something different.You visiting this post is that big step, so keep  on moving in the right

    track and keep at the good work. In this post will look at some of the ways, that will help you become a better person , this will

    help you improve in all the aspects of life.


    Hopefully by the end of it all you’ll see some tips that you can apply to your life to help you set yourself on the right path and

    become who you want to be , doing this will not only help you create good relationships with other people but it can also help

    you to become successful in whatever you do.


    14 Tips on How To Be A Better Person


    Well here are the few things that you must need to help you become a better person, these are some of

    the few things that you might want to add.



    1.  Be You


    Not trying to be someone that you aren’t is the best way to ensure that you get to become a better person, if you try to be like

    someone else you’re only wasting the talent that God has given you.


     Did you know that each person has their own unique finger print, meaning that you’re the only one who has what you have and

    there is only one you.


    So its only a waste of your time if you want to act like someone that’s not you, when you embrace who you are its easier for you

    to have a unique impact on the way you approach things.Always remember that you are special and their is only one version of

    you , when you know who you are things get a whole lot easier for you.


    Express yourself and aim to be the best version of you everyday and you’ll see how much will happen.



    2. You Need Constance ( Persistence + Consistence)


    The only way to place yourself in a better position for achieving success with anything, is to make sure

    that you’re always putting in the right effort to try and reach your goal.


    The same thing can be said about becoming a better person, you have to be willing to keep on trying even when you feel like

    giving up.


    Being persistent and consistent in your ways is what separates most people from reaching their full potential , always make sure

    that you put your best foot forward and put in the work.


    You’ll eventually get there as a little blue fish once said , “Just keep swimming”.



    3. Think Positive.


    To better, you have to think positive through and through.Being a positive person will allow you to always try and see the good in

    every situation, even when you feel like life sucks at the moment. Thinking positive will block the negativity out of your life ,

    making you feel much more content and happy.


    Positivity will allow you to have a large impact on the people around you as well because of the way you view about things,

    making you even more of a person to be around.


    When you have that type of mindset , it becomes easier for you to work hard and put in more effort because you know fully well

    that something good will come out of what you’re doing.Being able to see the best in people will make them feel much more

    comfortable around you , so alittle less judging and more optimism would be nice.



    4. Self Care For You


    In order to keep you at the best level , ensuring that you’re taking good care of yourself is essential. To do this you must have a

    good self care routine , self care practices are usually viewed as those you use if your going through something that maybe

    emotional or mentally challenging which is not true at all.


    Having such practices enable you to maintain a balance in your physical , emotional and mental well-being as well as prevent you

    from getting too stressed. As you try to be the best for other people, you have to be in the right state to be willing to help them



    There are many benefits that come with performing self care routines, as mentioned earlier it helps keep your balance mentally

    and emotionally.So try as much as possible to take good care of yourself because if you don’t , you won’t be able to do more.



    5. Goal Setting Helps To Become Better


    When you have a target to reach, it really does help you in terms of following through with your plan.So in a sense, setting some

    goals will allow you to become a better person.Now putting some objectives shouldn’t only apply to your place of work, but it

    should also be translated into other things that you do.


    Like you could use this method to get healthier, become a better spouse or even getting more successful. These targets will help

    you remember to stay focused at the task at hand, so maybe next time when you’re trying to be more organized try alittle bit of

    goal setting.


    6. Leading By Example.


    If you want people to view you as a role model, then you have to start leading by example in everything that you do.Whether its

    trying to become hard working or being polite, you have to use yourself as an example.


    Becoming a better person also means that you have to be someone that people will be able to look upto,so try to treat people

    the way you would want to be.leading by example will make it easier for people to listen to you and also improve your chances of

    becoming a great leader.


    Like the saying goes action speak louder than words, so maybe you’ll just have to put in the extra effort to

    show people what you mean by doing it first.



    7. Confidence Confidence & More Confidence


    This is one of the most important values you must have if you’re looking to improve yourself, being confident in yourself will

    enable you to bring out the best you have to offer.


    When you know fully well that you can trust in your abilities then you might just have the main ingredient to becoming successful,

    However building this confidence does take sometime.When you’ve got this self belief, it becomes easier for you to lend a helping

    hand to others. Confidence is all you need to become who you’ve always wanted to be.



    8. Be More Open


    Change is always something that’s hard to achieve, however if you’re aiming to change yourself and become better you must be

    open minded.Accepting that you’ll have to be willing to reinvent yourself will make you understand about what this process is all

    about , which will improve different aspects of your life.Having this mindset will make it much easier for you to try new things,

    making it a great tool that you can use to overcome your fear.



    9. Small Wins Count


    One aspect of gaining confidence in yourself is by looking at the things that you’ve managed to do in the past, as this will often

    have a positive impact on your level of confidence.Believing in your abilities is good for you and is a huge essential if you are

    going to be helping others. The momentum you gained by achieving the small things can be built on to achieve even more things,

    so start small then work your way up.  



    10. Treat Others The Right Way


    This point is one of the more common and key aspects of becoming a better person, you have to show respect to each and every

    person no matter the circumstance.Treating others the way you would is essential to making the world a better place to leave in,

    here’s a question you need to ask yourself.


    If you where on the other end of your words and actions, how would you react ?.So just remember to be nice to everyone

    because you never know what impact you have on someones life at that moment.



    11. Be Grateful


    Another way to be a better in life is through gratitude and when you’re thankful for what you’ve got as well as everything that

    you’ve been given, start to really appreciate the small thing.In life you have to be thankful , because even at your lowest point

    there is someone that would like to be in your position.


    Another advantage of being thankful for what you have is that you get to be more driven to doing your own thing , each of us

    have a gift and we have to exploit it to trigger the greatness that lies within all of us.



    12. Try To Listen More


    Most of the time or rather always, it’s easier to solve peoples problems if you just pay attention to what they have to say.

    Cutting people of by not caring about what they’ve got to say is not nice at all and we have to change, try to be a good listener to

    each person you meet.


    The more you listen to people , the more you get to see and understand where they’re coming from.If people see that you are

    paying attention to what they have to say , then they will more like do the same for you.



    13. Good Energy


    Sometimes all you need to have is a good vibe, always make sure that you be the peoples hype-man, getting people ready to do

    something great is really important as you get to show them your support. Most of the time people only need to be told that they

    can do it , in order for them to actually follow through with it.


    Be there for people when they need you to be, remember to also share this support with each and every person you see.


    14. Hard Work Makes You Better


    When it all comes down to it all, there is nothing that beats hard work.Putting the time in to get better is very important, so try as

    much as you can to take the time to work on yourself. The reason why most people don’t get to reach where they want to be is

    because they don’t want to walk the extra mile, achieving anything in life takes effort.


    Effort is what separates the successful from the people that don’t achieve, even on days when you don’t want to work just push

    through it. Your actions will speak louder than what you say , so put that time in if you want to get there.



    I hope these tips will help you get to where you want to be in life , there are fourteen tips in this post meaning that you can

    practise them throughout the weeks to improve yourself.Don’t forget to try as much as you can to become a better person.




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