Why Family Bonding Is Important



    Most of our lives are spent with people that we have a special bond with called family, they’re always there for us even when

    times can be challenging. But as a parent am pretty sure you’ve found yourself asking how important strengthening the bond

    between your loved ones is, the sole purpose of this blog post is to help you understand why bonding is a key factor within a

    family.It may also be helpful to learn some things that you can do to make a better connection with your children, which will be

    looked at later on in this post.So by the end you’ll be all set and ready to go when it comes to improving the relationship

    you have with your family.


    Why Family Bonding Is Important ?. 


    As parents it’s essential to realize that having a good level of communication between us and our children will make it easier for

    them to get through to us, this has to be the major thing that makes it a must for us to form this connection. With all the things

    that are going on in our daily lives like work and other activities, we may tend to make our children feel as if we have neglected

    them.If this is done often then you might be an uninvolved parent and this style of parenting has got plenty of negative effects on

    our children.However if we always make time to spend with our loved ones, it’s easy for them to feel that you have got their full

    love and support all the time.Giving your children that emotional support is very

    essential as it will give them the courage to achieve anything even when they get older.


    What Are The Benefits of Family Bonding ?


    Benefits of family bonding


    Now that we have looked at why sharing this bond is very important, showing you some of the benefits would really help you

    understand the brighter side of doing this.However in order for you to get the most of these methods you’ll, have to practise

    them more frequently.


    1. Better Communication between family members


    As noted earlier in this post, having good communication with your children is one of the most positive outcomes.A healthy

    relationship is based on the way you and your child are able to relate with each other , if you don’t hear each other out it will be

    very hard for you to come to a mutual understanding.This will also make it easier in them to open up to you about how they are

    feeling or the things that they might be going through, which will give you more room to lend them a helping hand by guiding

    them through their problems.


    2. Accountability & Respect In Children


    This will bring more transparency between you and your children because they will feel free and comfortable around you, they’ll

    be more likely to tell you whether they have done something wrong. However as Guardians we shouldn’t be quick to discipline

    them right away but, allow them to explain why they the had acted the way they did.You’ll find that most of the times you’ll see

    that to some extent, their explanation would be reasonable and this makes it important to remember that you should be quick to

    listen to what they have to say but slow to react.Doing this will show them that you respect them and in due time this will be

    shown to you, children showing respect may take a while but you just have to be patient.You know what the say about respect, its

    shown and not thought.


    3. Experience Happiness & Joy as A Unit


    This is yet another positive of family bonding, everyone will be able to get along and they’ll be no frequent

    yelling around the house.Even though the might be a bit of shouting here and there, it will be much easier

    for you and them to get back on the same page.When everyone is happy the house starts to feel more

    like a home, bonding allows for siblings to be able to stay together even when they get older in age.


    4. Give Your Children Confidence Boost


    Having to know that you’ve got mum and dad’s support means the world to children, this confidence only

    comes about when you have a special relationship with them.This will allow them to put in the best of

    themselves each time they’ve got a project in front of them, a self confident child is more likely to become

    successful in the future according to some research.However this doesn’t mean you should miss their

    soccer games or plays but , it becomes even more of a reason for you to make the time to go and see

    your child at their best.


    5. This connection keeps family Tradition


    Remember as a kid how excited you’d get when Christmas time comes and you’ll have your favourite

    pajamas on with that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart ? , that’s exactly what makes creating such special

    connections between family.The thing that made you happy was not the fact that it was Christmas but the

    fun times you shared and spent with your family.This is the same thing that will also make your family

    traditions stuck around for a long time, having such a relationship amongst yourselves will ensure that

    your children will keep each of the family values close to them and will be apart of them even when they

    grow older.


    6. Family Sticks Together


    With all the things that are going on in our daily lives such as things to do with work , as well as other

    things like social media and other things it becomes very difficult for members of the house to know what

    is happening in each others lives.This makes it easier for people to feel neglected and may cause them to

    be more distant , which is not what any parent wants.Therefore if you have a better relationship with

    them, its more likely that you’ll be closer together as a family.


    7. Become A Better Parent


    Lastly the other benefits of this is that it makes you a better parent, improving your parenting skills is

    definitely a plus especially if you are looking to have another baby.Creating these deep relationships with

    your children may take sometime because not all of them will have the same attitude,making you able to

    know what works from what doesn’t work.Thus making you a more prepared for any type of behaviour,

    the great thing about parenting is that you’ll continue learning only making you get better.

    There are plenty of other things that you can get out of creating a special bond with your children, if you

    feel like you have been missing out on these things.Its never to late to start trying and who knows maybe

    you’ll be the model parent your kids always wanted.


    Its the small things like showing your love and care towards one another, which will make your lifestyle

    with your family much better.Now that you have seen the benefits, knowing some creative activities that

    you can try to create a better relationship.



    Ideas for Family Bonding Activities


    Ideas of family activities


    Spending time with your family is very essential in having a good and balanced relationship, as parents we

    should remember ourselves that it’s not about that its not about where you spend this time but more

    about what you’ll be doing as a family.With that being said here are some of the ideas of family activities

    that you can try to do, make sure to have a great and fun experience


    1. Games Night with your Children


    One of the most popular ways to create a stronger bond is by ensuring that you have a games night , not

    only is this a way in which you can unwind and relax but it will give the children alot of excitement.Playing

    different kinds of board games such as Jenga or playing games like charades, are  really good as they help

    you learn how you can improve your communication skills.Making sure that you play a game that involves

    participation from everyone , this will keep everyone involved and keep the fun alive.


    2. Movie Night with Family 


    Everyone loves to watch a great movie and making this something you do as a family would even make it

    feel much more special, all you need is a great movie and some snacks and you are all set and ready to

    go.So just ensure that you try and make the time to do this together, it really does help with bringing

    everyone together.


    3.  Reading Together


    Reading books together is also a very good thing that you can practice, this will help your children learn

    how to read and how to pronounce words as well.So you can pick out a book that you will start reading to

    them each week, then you can ask them about what they understood from it to make it more exciting.


    4. Sitting Together at the dinner table


    Even though you make it late to their school events, its important that you try to make it in time for

    Dinner.Sharing meals with your family is a great way to form a unique bond, at the dinner table is where

    you can ask questions about what happen during their time at school.This will also give you a clear

    indication on whether they are going through a difficult time, so try by all means to utilize this time to find

    out more about you’re loved ones interests and activities.


    5. Preparing Recipes


    Another way in which you can try to strengthen the connection between you and your children is by

    cooking meals together, young ones will always like to lend a helping hand and feel like they can add

    value in anyway possible.That being said cooking is a hands on activity which will allow them to show case

    their skills, as they are cooking it will help them learn how to follow instructions from adults, which will

    make it easier for you to guide them when they do something wrong.


    6.Having a Family Prayer Time


    Showing your religious values as a parents is very essential as it will allow your children to learn from you

    and grow into it, training up a child in the way they should grow from when they’re young is

    important.This way it will be harder for them to actually be lead into different kinds of things, sharing this

    time with your family is a great way to build the bond and grow spiritually.


    7. Taking Trips strengthens the Bond


    Creating memories that live on with us is all based on what kind of experience we had, but this is moment

    is even better if you go on these adventures with your loved ones.Planning a family vacation can be

    essential for creating that special bearing that you may have been looking for, because you’re

    experiencing this with someone close to you it will be something that only you will share.As mentioned

    earlier its not really about where you go but more about what you’ll experience during that time,so next

    time when you’re of work why don’t you plan a family trip and enjoy the time you’ll spend with your



    8. Taking Part in Team events


    Wouldn’t it be nice to take part in an event were you team members are your family, because this out of

    all the other methods is definitely the most fun.This way you’ll get to do team work and practice as a

    unit,which as you get to push your children to achieve alot more than they thought they could. Doing

    activities that surround team work will help you reinforce trust and this will only lead to you get a stronger



    These are not the only things that you can do to spark that much need bearing, as the points above are

    just some examples of what you can do . If you like more of nature then you can go camping or if making

    artistic creations is your thing then do that , because at the end of the day its all about spending time with

    your family.

    Family Bonding is very essential if you want you and your children to remain united.


    Hope you found this helpful and leave some comments below on , how you feel about creating these connections.

    by lifestyle'n'stuff



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