Is Exercise Good For You ?



    Traditionally exercising and working out have been seen as a way for which people lose weight, however

    because of our daily activities and schedules you may stop and wonder if heading over to a gym after a

    long day of hard work is worth it.


    What people may not know is that exercising is not only good for your physical well-being but it is also

    useful when it comes to the mental aspect too, having said that in this informative post we will look at

    what makes exercise good for you by looking at the various benefits that you may get from it not only

    physically but also mentally.


    Tip: Having even a small amount of time in which you exercise is very important, therefore try by all  means to fit it into your busy schedule.


    But first in order for us to know what makes this practices good for us, we must first know what exactly

    know what means to exercise Exercising according to an article on the martinhealth website it was

    defined as a physical activity that is well structured and repetitive, with the soul purpose of improving

    ones health whilst maintain a great level of fitness. Having defined it we can see that performing physical

    activities is not only important for our body but it can also help improve the mental aspect of our well

    being as well.

    What happens to your body as you exercise ?.


    As you are performing your workouts it is essential for us to know what exactly is happening within the

    body, the moment you start to do intense physical activities your heart begins to beat faster.


    This happens in order to increase the amount of oxygen being supplied to the active muscles and these

    are muscles such as the brain , biceps and triceps e.t.c making you have more than enough energy to

    complete whatever task you are doing. When you continue to workout the excess fat as well as calories

    that are stored in your body begins to burn, enabling you to become leaner and maintain your figure.

    Therefore some benefits of exercising can already be seen from this, like for instance the burning of

    calories and fat enables you to stay fit.


    This is very important as burning excess fat allows you to prevent yourself from becoming obese , obesity

    can lead to alarming health risks. Another thing is that you can note is that it helps you with strengthening

    your muscles which can translate to having a better posture, this is very critical because it does come in

    handy when you get older. Although exercising does have its benefits its important that as you workout,

    you start with things that are less strainous activities as this will not only prevent your muscles from

    becoming strained but, will also help you improve your stamina to accomplish more.


    Tip: when working out its very essential that you stay hydrated , so next time when your heading of for  your exercise routine carry a bottle of water it really helps.



    When is the best time to Exercise ?

    Ensuring that you make time for you workouts is very essential in creating a healthier lifestyle, even if its

    for a few minutes your workout routine can have a huge impact on your well-being.


    There have been many questions about what time is best to perform these exercises but in an article on

    the Webmd website in which the chief Officer with the American council in exercise in San Diego ,

    Cedric Bryant PHD stated that some research shown that individuals with a morning workout session

    perform more consistently and better than those that don’t. However this is not to say that the people

    that don’t workout in the morning should switch their plan but , its upto us to determine what time we are

    most productive. So the question is not about morning or evening workouts , however it is about finding a

    time that best suits our schedule and productivity.


    Tip: In order to maximize your sessions without feeling tired or fatigued, you can opt to split your    load and have different times for specific things.


    Having talked about the best time to exercise and what happens to your body when you do, we can now

    talk about the benefits of performing these tasks and the impact they have on our well-being.


    What Are the Benefits of exercise ?.


    Here is a list  of the benefits that you get from working out , even though there are numerous benefits to

    exercising these are some of the more common ones that you might notice.


    1.Exercise is Good for Weight loss 



    As mentioned earlier in this article extensive physical activities has been seen as the traditional method of

    losing weight, which is one of the many benefits that you get for doing it . Performing exercises regularly

    allows your body to burn more excess fat that is stored within the body, as a result leaves the you looking

    leaner and improving your fitness. Working out also helps burn of excess calories as well which does help

    when it comes to the keeping your cholesterol within the body. However when it come to weight loss it

    can be very useful to know some strategies that would allow you burn some fat more effectively. Adding a

    bit of exercising in your daily routine is very important when it comes to maintaining your physical



    Tip: Its essential to remember that specific routines might only help you lose some fat in specific areas, so try to make

    sure you have the correct strategies.


    2. Exercise Prevents Health Conditions.


    Doing exercises daily does help with the body’s fitness and also prevents various types of health

    conditions from occurring as they might be harmful in the long run. For instance as you workout they are

    some organs that benefit in terms of functionality, these maybe organs such as the heart and the lungs

    e.t.c. As you exercise the muscles in the heart also get alittle bit of a workout , this is due to the increase in

    the rate at which it pumps blood. This makes the muscles in the heart to become stronger and this

    improves the functionality of the organ in general , this is the main reason as to why people that exercise

    are less likely to suffer from heart disease. Adopting a good workout routine also allows you to improve

    the levels of good cholesterol which is known as high-density lipoprotein (HDL) , if this level is not

    maintained it can lead to you falling prey to heart attacks which can be fatal. However there are some

    forms of medication that do help you improve your maintain the level of cholesterol to the required

    balance, but its essential to continue to workout as you will benefit more from it. Also you can see a

    medical expert on some advise that can help you with this matter and the will help you as medical

    advise is always the best.


     Reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body is more than just working out , you also have to  

     ensure that you are eating a healthy diet too. The other organ that benefits in the same way as the heart

    is the lungs , just like the heart exercise improves the strength of the walls in the lungs and this helps with

    its functionality too. Although performing workouts might help strength your organs, it is very important

    to learn specific exercises that boost the functionality of specific organs. Like for instance learning some

    exercise for Cardio and aerobics , watching some youtube videos will also help as well.


    3. Exercising Improves Your Mood



    As mentioned earlier a little bit of exercise does change your well-being, this is also the case when it

    comes to making you feel happier,In an article by the University of Bristol it was stated people that

    exercised felt more energized and that during this frequently would increase your levels of happiness.

    Therefore try as much as possible to do atleast 30 minutes of working out per day as this will help you get

    rid of some of the anxiety and depression.


    4. Working Out Boosts Our Immunity.

    The immune system in our defence mechanism that allows us to be protected from various diseases, if

    this system is not maintained the right way it becomes easier for us to become sick. This is one of the

    good things about working out regularly as it helps improve the level of immunity within  our body.This is

    due to the fact that as we perform these activities it works out various organs like the  heart and lungs as

    we so earlier in this post. This results in a boost in functionality making it less likely for you to fall sick

    from things like a common flu.

    Tip: You can also learn to eat foods that offer you more nutrients, this can be achieved by eating a more balanced diet .


    5. Exercising Helps the mind Focus

    Exercises that are frequently done help you gain a healthier mindset by allowing you to focus, this is so

    because as you continue to do your routine you tend to forget about all the destructions and to only

    concentrate on what you are doing. The good thing about this is the same mentality that you will create in

    the gym will also begin to be translated in anything that you are doing in each area of your life.

    According to an an article on the brainhq  website studies have shown that people that workout are more

    successful and are more determined than those that don’t. Having said that it has also been effective

    when it comes to preventing people from becoming lazy, Having habits such as procrastination limits

    people from reaching their maximum potential and stop them from achieving what they are supposed to



    6. Exercising Is Good For Stress Relief



    The many things that we have on our schedules may tend to keep us constantly on the move and make

    us very busy, this can cause us to become very stressed which can cause depression as well as anxiety if

    not treated appropriately. Channeling this negative energy out of your body is very important and this is

    were regular exercising comes in handy ,because the more longer you push yourself the more you start

    to feel relaxed. Sometimes this stress maybe due to the tightness of our muscles, so doing a little bit of a

    workout will help relieve the pressure and relax your muscles leaving you feeling fresh.


    Another added benefit other than relieving stress is that working out improves our quality of sleep.

    In an article written on the sleep foundation website, it was stated that people that perform exercises for

    atleast 150 minutes per day tend to sleep better than those that don’t.


    Tip: Getting enough sleep is very important because it allows you to be more productive in whatever

    you want to do , it has been recommend that having a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is enough.

    However even though getting a you might not manage to get all of it at once, it is very important to utilize

    the use of nap times as the can be very effective to maximize your sleep.


    7. Exercise Eases Toxin Removal



    With the daily Interaction that we have with the environment it is easy for us to get exposed to harmful

    particles such as toxins, these substances may come into contact with our body through the things we eat

    or the liquids we drink. Toxins are defined as harmful substances that may affect the way in which our

    body performs, these harmful substances can also prevent us from losing weight if they accumulate.


    This point is very important as it is the reason why most people fail to lose weight, further going to show

    that sometimes its about getting the small things right. The lymphatic system is mainly used for getting

    rid of unwanted waste and toxins, if this system is blocked it can lead to a build up in toxins which can

    cause various types of health problems. By performing physical exercises it helps ease the movement of

    the lymph fluid making it harder for toxins to build up. Even though working out is a great way to flush

    out these toxins it is just as important to drink plenty of water,this is because water is a natural detoxing

    agent which can aid in the flushing of these harmful minerals. However there are some products that

    perform the same job as water such as Red tea Detox , the good thing is that with these products they are

    organic and have extra benefits to them as well.


    8. Working Out Promotes A Positive Mindset & Confidence.


    The more you achieve in your exercise routines the more you gain confidence in yourself as well as your

    abilities, believing in yourself is very essential when it comes to achieving your goals.

    This will also help you have a more positive mindset in everything that you’ll be involved in , which is

    definitely great when it comes to overcoming the challenges that we have in life.


    People that workout regularly have the ability to do more without feeling the need to give up easily, so

    sometimes when your feeling low you might just need to go push yourself and that might be all it takes.


    Hope you got why Exercise is good for you 

    Leave a comment if you found this Useful.

    By Lifestylenstuff.


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