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    As a parent you’re there to make sure that your children grow up in the best way possible, that being said you’re responsible for

    showing them some habits that will help them become good members of the community.The question know becomes what kind

    of habits would you like your children to have ?, in this blog will give you ideas of some of the things you can consider when

    coming up with a list of traits you want them to have.By the end of this blog you’ll be able to mold your child into a respectable



    Definition of A Habit 


    Habits are defined as a particular behaviour that is repeated regularly , which are usually done without any thinking or

    feeling.This definition should be kept in mind through out this post.



    9 Habits Children Should Have


    Having looked at the definition of habits, we can now look at some of the ones that your children need to have.Its Important to

    note that as you try to show them these things , you have to try and be consistent with helping them learn these patterns as this

    will but them in a better position to learn them.



    1. Good Hygiene Habits


    One of the first habit that you might want to teach them is good hygiene, doing this will ensure that they’ll remain clean at all

    times.I know that for a toddler it might be a tall order but , as you constantly show them how to wash their hands after using the

    restroom and even how to clean up after themselves when they make a mess will have a huge impact on them as they grow.

    So slowly teach them these things to ensure that it becomes effortless for them , good hygiene practices allows us to prevent

    ourselves from becoming sick.



    2. Healthy Eating


    Eating the right foods gives children a good opportunity to grow and develop properly, as parents its our duty to make sure that

    they know which foods are good for their health.As they get to learn which foods are good for them, they’ll be less likely to fall

    into bad eating habits when they grow up.Obesity is one of the outcomes of unhealthy eating and is one of the leading health

    conditions in the world today , this condition could lead to several other medical conditions that will be harmful to your health

    such as heart disease.Making it even more important for us to show them what nutrients are health for our body.



    3. Habit of Being Content


    This one is going to pose a little bit of a challenge for you , is teaching your children how to be content with what they’ve been

    given.Sometimes in life we don’t always get what we want at the moment and giving this type of information to your children is

    very essential, it all starts by telling them no.Saying no doesn’t mean that you hate them but it just means your trying to discipline

    to appreciate what they have been given.The more you give them what they want , the hard it will be for them to actually deal

    with denial.So think of it as doing them a favour when you say no , they’ll be some tantrums but its worth it in the end.



    4. Be Respectful


    As mentioned in the begin of this post, when bring up children you try to make sure you teach them things that will help them

    even during the time they become adults. Showing them how to be respectful is one of those things, however in order for them

    to learn this you may have to be willing to lead by example more often.


    5.Hard Work


    When it comes to achieving anything in life , it all comes down to putting in the time and effort to make dreams become reality.

    Ensuring that your children have the habit of working hard is essential for each one of us , we all want our children to be the best

    and this can only be achieved through effort. Telling them to put in alot of effort into whatever their working on will place them in

    a better position to achieve success.



    6.Be Happy & Positive


    This one has to be the most essential habit that has to be made a regular, being a positive person will allow you to express

    yourself freely and allow you to attract good things towards your life.This makes it more of a reason you should make them have

    this virtue , thinking positive does allow children to believe in themselves more.Which is the most critical part when it comes to

    achieving their dreams , so always tell them to keep their chin up and smile more often.





    Learning the value of sharing is something each of our young ones should be able to do, with all the things that happen in the

    world today we have to be willing to help out one another.The young ones are the future after all , so teaching them this will

    provide a better future for many to come.





    Lastly , another habit which would be a great addition to their lives would be making them draw closer to God .Reading the

    scripture will allow them to grow and develop the love for God , which will keep them from doing things that they aren’t supposed

    to.The only way this can be done is by spending time with them to share the word of God , even though you might not be

    christian training your child in the way they should grow from an early age is important for spiritual growth.



    9.Being Polite


    Lastly you have to make sure that they’re always polite to other people , saying please and thank  you really shows people that

    you’re respectful and grateful.


    So these are eight of the habits that you might want to teach your children , hope you where able to learn a thing our two about



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