Running Tips For Beginners

    Staying fit and healthy starts with having a great fitness routine , having a good physical exercises that you’ll do daily is

    the best way to get yourself in the right shape.


    Running is a very useful exercise that you can do to actually get in the right shape , taking a morning run is a good way to

    get started on your path to living healthy.


    In this post will look at some of the tips that beginners can use to be more productive with their workout.


    The most essential thing that you’ll have to remember whenever you’re trying to be successful is remaining consistent

    with your routine , whenever you do this you’ll be able to achieve your goal weight much quicker.



    10 Running Tips For Beginners



    1. Beginners Need To Take Baby Steps


    The first tip that you need to know when you start running is that you need to take small steps before you can achieve

    your goal distance , especially if your trying to run that 5k anytime soon.


    Taking it slow will help you build up your stamina and will allow you to be more prepared for whatever you’re going to

    run , that being said you’ll have to start with something you’re comfortable with then go for the harder stuff.


    For example , you can first start by running about 1 k in your first week and then build up once you feel comfortable with

    running that distance.


    So don’t feel bad if you couldn’t be able to run 5k or 10k in with your first try , because you’ll be able to do that and more

    after sometime.



    2. Taking Sometime Off


    Another essential point for beginners to remember is that taking sometime off from running has to be done , having

    breaks in between the days you run is really good for your body.


    Whenever we do alot of physical activity , we tend to put our body through alot of stress.Which makes it even more

    important for us to take a break and give our body to relax.


    Doing this regularly will prevent you get any muscle cramps , even though you might quickly want to get into shape you

    might want to make sure that you treat your body well by giving it sometime off.





    Staying hydrated whenever you go on a run is very important because , we tend to lose alot of eater within our body

    whenever we are running and this can leave us dehydrated.


    This is something that you should remember whenever you’re performing any workout , which is why you should ensure

    that you remain well hydrate during your physical routine.


    It has been according to the website it has been recommended that as adults you need to drink over 2 liters of water

    everyday , do you drink this much water every single day ?.


    If not , you just need to have a good water bottle that you can carry around which will make it easier for you to carry as

    you run or during the day.


    Drinking water is good for you , it keeps you hydrated and is great for the skin.



    4. Stretching Before Your Runs


    Nobody wants to get those cramps in their legs whenever its time to go out for a run , which is why you’ve got to do

    alittle but of stretching to help you loosen the muscles in your body.


    So each time before you head out on your route , make sure you do alittle bit of stretching to help have a safer run.


    To help you with this , here’s a useful YouTube video by   , who gives some good stretching poses that will allow you to

    free up those tight muscles.



    5. Don’t Only Focus On Running


    Even though going out for runs is good for getting in shape , you shouldn’t entirely use it as your main form of exercise.


    If you want to improve your fitness level , you might want to hit the gym and do other kinds of workouts that will further

    strengthen your muscles.


    So adding alittle bit of sit ups or squats , will also help you improve on your running ability as well . Being more active

    with other workouts will further improve your chances of becoming fit enough to run that 5k.



    6. Plan Ahead As A Beginner


    The essential step that each of us has to take each time we actually try to get into great shape is planning , as this will

    allow you to come up with various ideas on how to achieve your goal distance.


    When you do this, it gives you the opportunity to set a unique route and will also allow you to find what the best days

    are for you to complete your runs.


    Most of the times , us as beginners would want to rush into it without taking the time to look at how we can workout

    more effectively.


    Planning is a major step to remember each time you’re going for something , as this will prevent you from doing things

    that you might not need to do at all.


    It’ll also make it much easier for you get to a point where you could easily run 5k , much faster.



    7. Be Creative


    The next Running tip that you should know as a beginner is that you should be more creative , by this we mean in terms

    of what kind of routes you’ll be running.


    Being creative will allow you to actually keep your workout fun and this will make it very easy for you to be more

    consistent with your routine.


    Switching up your route that you always take is good for you , so try not to run the same path each time because it might

    become boring for you as you get to see the same things each time.


    Changing the terrain is just want you might need to make your running more interesting for you.



    8. Pacing Yourself When Running.


    If you’re aiming to complete your 10k at the end of a three month period , you’ll have to get into a habit of pacing



    Running long distances is all about maintaining the same pace as you’re running , so try to take it slow and remember

    that this is your first time.


    So don’t try to complete it your run in the short period of time but , just make sure that you can reach the end.



    9. Good Running Equipment


    As a beginner, you’ll have to ensure that you get yourself suited up with the right gear.Having the right kind of

    equipment is the best way to ensure that you put yourself in the right position to achieve your goal.


    Getting the right running shoes will ensure that you feel comfortable while your run those long distances and you get to

    look fashionable while doing it , which is definitely a plus.


    You might also want to get some proper active wear as well , you don’t want to be running with that extra weight trust



    Another thing you might want to also look into is getting a smart watch specifically for your works , this will help you

    keep track of your heart rate , steps and also the amount of calories that you’ll burn.



    10. Partner Up


    The last running tip that you’ll need to know as a beginner is that you should partner up with someone , because its your

    first time it can be alittle bit difficult for you to do all this running by yourself.


    Which will cause you to procrastinate and end up not running , so the best thing to do is to find yourself a running

    mate.This could be any person that wants to achieve the same goal as you.


    Having someone to run with will make those runs more enjoyable for you , I mean running alone isn’t always fun you

    know.When you have someone that you’re working out with , you’ll be able to feed off each others energy and push each

    other to achieve more.


    Besides , knowing that someone is going through the same pain as you is great if you ask me. So pick someone that will

    help you achieve your running goal , picking a person from your household would be the best.


    As they’ll constantly have their eyes on you and remind you of what you’ll have to do.



    Those are some of the few easy and simple tips that beginners might need to know ,before starting your daily running

    routine.Hopefully you’re able to pick a few things from this post and actively try to improve the way you do your



    Always remain positive and know that you can complete your first 5k within a few months , don’t rush into it without

    taking the necessary time to plan your steps.Be positive , because you’ll be able to achieve your fitness goal.


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