Things To Do When Your Bored



    When the clock hits five and your done filling up all that paper work , you know that its time togo to the one place where you can

    stretch your legs and feel comfortable. Home is the only  place that you’d want to be after a long and hard day of work, but then

    sometimes these  breaks can feel to long if you don’t have anything to do. However this will not be the case  when your done

    readying this post, because by the end of it all you’ll be able to keep  yourselves occupied through out the break.



    List of Things To Do When Your Bored



    1. Organize Your Stuff


    One of the things that you might want to do is alittle bit of tiding up, this will keep you very occupied and help you pass the time.

    You can make sure that your laundry is all nice and clean , you can also do some dusting up around the house especially under

    the coach and we all  know you can find all sorts of stuff underneath.


    The mini clean up shouldn’t stop there , try to also do alittle sorting when it comes to your electronic devices as well. When you

    clean up , it helps you find a few old things that you could give away to people that will actually need them.Out with the old in

    with the new as they say.


    2. Reading


    With all the information that’s found on the internet and library it makes it very easy to pass time, one constructive way to do this

    is by reading a book. Yes you heard me, we all have that one book that we claim to want to read but don’t always have time for

    and I think I’ve got your attention now.


    So this would be the perfect time to pick up that very book and try to actually ready it this time , maybe you’ll end up liking it and

    start reading a chain of books. I recommend reading the hard copy versions because you could easily get distracted by

    watching cat videos , Try reading it actually improves your vocabulary.



    3. End Boredom By Learning A New Skill


    Gaining some knowledge with those extra hours by learning something new, picking up a new skill well help you improve yourself

    and will allow you to find a new hobby. You can increase your knowledge on anything , the sky is literally the limit when it comes

    to improving yourself.


    The good thing with this is that you’ll might just stumble upon something that you might just be extremely good at, you’ll never

    know unless you try.



    4. Self Care For You


    This one is a must for you to practice if you’ve got sometime to burn, taking great care of yourself is very essential especially with

    our daily activities. With everything that goes on we are often left to neglect the way we care for ourselves. Having a few self care

    strategies is Important as they allow you to keep your balance emtionally , mentally and physically.


    So when you get home try to start with a nice relaxing bath , then take the time to relax and relieve yourself of stress.Self love

    and care are very essential for everyone to practise.



    5.Working Out


    This extra time to burn might as well be used for burning those extra calories, so try to workout during this time. Not only is it

    good for helping you stay in great shape but it can also be very beneficial for your immune system.


    Most of the people that workout daily tend to be more productive than those that don’t , so why not give it a go. Get that blood

    flowing and go out for a joy, your body and appreciate it.



    6. Goal Setting


    With all these extra hours on your hands, another productive way to spent them is to set some goals for yourself. Setting these

    goals is very important for you as they will help you remain focused and do what you must in order to achieve them, doing this

    will allow you to  achieve success more often.


    These goals aren’t only for things that help you achieve success financial but can be for anything as long as it will improve you as

    a person, when you places this objectives and achieve them it will give you that extra drive to do even more with with yourself.



    7. TV’s & Movies


    This has to be one of the more common ways to spend your extra time and this is by watching some T.V, which is definitely a

    must especially if you haven’t been able to keep up with the latest shows in box office. So just grab a fleece , some popcorn and

    you’re all set to enjoy some alone time with your Tv.


    However it would be good to try and watch some movies that were acted in the 90’s , trust me when I say they aren’t that bad.

    This is a good way to unwind whilst staying entertained.



    8. Family Catch Up


    When was the last time you checked on your friends and family members, exactly ?. Staying in close contact with people that love

    and care for you is very important as it helps you to maintain the bond that you’ve built, so next time try to show them that you

    love them by giving them a call.


    Sometimes we often to occupied with ourselves to the point that we forget to check on others and we need to change, make sure

    that you talk to them once in a week to ensure that you stay connected.



    9.Sharing Your Time


    Sharing your abilities is definitely one of the best and productive ways to spend your time,using your life to have an impact on

    another persons makes the world a better place.They’re some people out there that would greatly need someone like you to help

    them get over something, we often think that we only have to use money to help out others which isn’t true. Volunteering your

    times is the most valuable asset you can give , so don’t feel shy to showcase your talents.



    10. Check Up On Your Neighbour


    I mean don’t tell me you haven’t yet said hi to the new guys that moved in across the street ,well if you still haven’t done it now

    that you’ve got nothing to do make your move.Try to make it a habit of check up on your neighbors and stay in touch with them,

    one day they might have something that you’re desperately searching for.



    11. Music To Lift The Mood


    This has to be the best way to pass the time, just connect the aux cord and lose yourself to your favourite artists.Music helps

    elevate the mood, giving you the best feeling which will help you stay positive.



    12. Show Your Pets Some Love


    Since you’ve got sometime in your hands you can use it show sometime on your hands you can use it show some love to your

    pets as well, they also need some of your love and care you know.So check on your pets to make sure their okay, if you have a

    space in the day take your dog for a walk.This will also keep you active as well, you can also take the time to clean the fish tank

    and take them to the vet.Spend some time with them cause the week can be very hectic you know.



    13.Faith & Prayer


    Whenever you’re bored and you feel like there’s nothing to do , it would be nice to reflect on your spiritual life and see how you

    can grow.Feeding your mind with the word of God is very important to help you become a better person.


    14. Improve Your Chef Skills.


    During the week we may not have enough tine to prepare our meals so most of us usually order in,However since your reading

    this its time to work on your chief skill. Cooking is a great skill that helps you learn what foods are good for your well-being , as

    you practice it you get better at it with time.


    Using such an opportunity to improve this craft is great not only for yourself , but for the people around you as well.

    Cooking will allow you to cut down on unhealthy food and this will give you a better chance to leave a healthier lifestyle.



    15.Get Some Budgeting Done


    You know those days when you’d always go out shopping and get home with less than what you actually need, yeah it happens to

    the best of us. So spend alittle bit of your time to sit down and write a list of the stuff that you need, this will help you budget a

    how lot better.



    16. Plan A House Makeover


    All this time you spend feeling bored , you’ll be able to notice the small details that are within the house such as the arrangement

    of the furniture or even the few broken decorations lying about.


    This would be the prefect time to plan for a house makeover , making major changes to your house does take alot of time and

    money as well. Therefore using the little time that you have can give you a head start to achieving your dream look.



    17. Planning Holidays


    Going on holiday is fun and exciting because, you get the chance to explore the places that you’ve never been. Whats not so great

    is actually take the time to plan for these things , but its worth it in the end, to make of less stressful on you make sure that you

    plan ahead of time.


    The good thing is when your bored you get to think of the craziest things sometimes , this would help you pick the destination

    that you might want to visit. Just day dream and budget for it , your holiday awaits.



    18. Extra Time Extra Work


    If you still have enough energy to burn , the best thing to do is to use it on some work that you’ve got lying around. I know you’re

    probably wondering why work instead of taking it slow right ?, well it would be better to do it rather than having to do it on a




    19. Arts & Crafts


    Unlock your artistic side and try to paint, maybe you’ll just realize that you’ve got the gene to become the next Da Vinci or maybe

    you can stick to the crayons. As long as your enjoying yourself and staying occupied , alittle bit of arts and crafts would be good.



    20. YouTube (DIY Videos)


    YouTube is the largest video platform with so much information, you can watch many different videos on home diys. YouTube

    was created in order for us to learn some skills that will help is with our lives, so watch a video on how you can make something

    out of whats available to you at the moment.Get those creative juices going with some YouTube.



    21. Go Out With Your Friends


    Spend this time with your friends and head out on an adventure, enjoy yourself with fun activities. This will be great for catching

    up with them and will be great for unwinding, surprise your friends with a night out and go bowling.



    22. Shop Online


    Most of you’ll be happy to hear and yes you can use this as an excuse to splurge, you might as well just sit back and do alittle bit

    of online shopping. So go to your favourite online store and pick a few things out for your closet as well as your house, but you

    need to save some money were you can and thats why you need honey.


    I hope you found something that would help prevent boredom , with so much to you shouldn’t have to feel idle.Life is about the

    moments you spend and try to make sure you’ve got enough time to relax.


    By lifestyle’N’stuff.


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