Uninvolved Parenting & How It Affects Children


    Have you ever felt like you have been an Uninvolved in the life of your child ? , well don’t worry this feeling

    happens to everyone and this is probably why you are visiting this blog post.With everything that goes on

    in our daily lives such as work and other activities , we might just forget that we need to spend the much

    needed quality time with our children.Spending enough time with them will allow them to connect with us

    and create a strong , valuable bond with them which will withstand the taste of time.If you are feeling like

    you haven’t been as involved in your child’s life cheer up, because in this informative post will talk all

    about it and find ways to become a better parent.


    What is Uninvolved Parenting ?


    In order for us to fully understand this topic we must know what it means. According to the

    whitenswanfoundation , it was stated as a style of parenting in which the individual tends to be involved

    with their own lives that they tend yo unknowingly ignore the needs of the child. From the above

    definition we can deduce that this kind of parental style may not be used willingly but happens as a

    result of being to occupied with other things.


    Is This a style of Parenting ?


    Even though we might think that it isn’t because of the above definition it is currently being used by many

    people today, this style is adopted for various reasons for instance it might be due to the pressure that is

    being experienced within the relationship or could be as a result of financial hardship.

    However I feel that its possible for a guardian to adopt this method of parenting due to the fact that they

    might have gone through the same thing when growing up, thinking that getting what ever there children

    want will fix that separation when in reality it doesn’t work like that. This method is not the only method

    of parenting out there, the three other types are namely Authoritarian, Authoritative and permissive

    which will be looked at in more detail in my other blog post.


    The Patterns of Uninvolved Parents

    Because this style is unintentionally done , there might be a few traits that you might what to note about

    to check on whether or not you have adopted this method.Here are some of the characteristics below.

    • Might Act emotionally distant from children
    • May have little or no time to attend to the emotional needs of the child
    • They Don’t show any interest in the young ones productivity such as not attending plays or parent-teacher meetings
    • They don’t really show the responsibility when it comes to teaching their child how to behave correctly
    • Lastly they have a very weak connection with their children.


    How Does this affect A Child



    So what are the effects on children with this kind of parenting ?, will children that grow up in such kinds of

    homes can be affected in many ways and here are some of these below.


    1.Lack of Guidance


    Growing up in this way will cause a child to start fending for themselves from a very young age, without

    having the knowledge about what is right or wrong. This will cause them to do things that they might

    regret in the future, that being said it is a parents responsibility to make sure their children grow up the

    right way.If you don’t take up the challenge to show them what is right from wrong they will eventually

    have to learn this on their own , which is not what any guardian would want to see.So keep trying as much

    as you can to bring up your kids in the best way you can.


    2.Might Lead Children Down The Wrong Path


    Yes this is very true, because they weren’t receiving any guidance or moral support from home it can

    cause them to learn things on their own as mentioned in the post above.With the growth of technology

    and social media it makes it very easy for them to fall prey to the influence of what society has to offer,

    which can lead them down a path that is not right for them.Meaning that they can easily become very

    addicted to drugs or even very abusive towards other people,so as their guardians try as much as

    possible to lead your young ones down a path that is right for them. Make it your goal to do so and even

    when you are far from them they will still be able to remember the things that you had taught them,

    this will allow them to be more accountable for themselves and help them be honor people in

    society.However am this doesn’t mean you have to monitor each and every thing they do but it means

    you just have to make sure you show them what the right thing to do is.


    3.Lack of Self Esteem & Self Confidence


    Those that are brought up in this manner may experience a lack of both self confidence and self esteem,

    this can be due to the fact that the very first people that they meet when they came into the world are not

    showing enough care towards them.Growing up like this will prevent them from reaching and achieving

    there full potential, it will also have a negative effect on the ability to make decisions and believe in

    themselves.So as a parent you are your childs first teachers which means you have to be with them every

    step of the way in order for them to become relevant people in society.


    4.Emotional Unavailable


    This is another effect that Uninvolved parenting has on children, they tend to become emotionally

    unavailable.By this it doesn’t mean that they don’t show emotions but they don’t have the ability to

    express themselves in the right manner.Just like the inability to express themselves correctly will have a

    huge impact on there well-being both emotional and mentally, this unavailability can be as a result of the

    lack of the emotional connection between them and their parents during there time growing up.

    Having a strong bond with them is very essential as it allows them to open up to you about their

    problems much easily,this gives you a chance to guide them even further.Emotions are what make us

    human, so don’t deprive your child the right to hugs and all the love you can give them.




    Although this has already been hinted in other points, its an important reminder to all of us that them

    might feel isolated and alone.This feeling may come about because of the lack of family support which

    had been stated previously,this can cause them to become secretive towards you even when they could

    be dealing with something very big.So having to spend time together as a family can be a good thing to

    do, even though you might be busy try to make sometime for our children as it will benefit you as a family



    6.Excelling in Schooling


    You putting off your children’s concerts concerts or plays will only make them feel like you don’t value the

    effort that they put in and this can have a very huge impact on how they perform in things like academics

    as well as other projects that they would be taking part in.Having low self esteem and low self confidence

    will make it harder for them to express themselves in the community.so that being said showing them

    that you are always going to support them well give them the boost that they needed.


    How Do You Become A Better Parent ?


     Uninvolved Parenting


    Having talked about all the effects an Uninvolved parent can have on a child as well as how to determine

    if you fall into this category, the next question to ask would be how do you become a better at Parenting


    Here are some of the things that you can try to do to help you have a better relationship with your child

    and your family in the long run, although they’re are many things you can try here are some of the things I

    think are most important to you.Its Always important to remember that a family that sticks together stays



    1. Asking For Advice From Other Parents


    This is the most important step that you have to take when it comes to parenting, asking for advice on

    what you should do is very essential in bringing up your young ones in the right way.Most of the time

    people feel that asking for advice makes you look like you haven’t got a handle on whatever you are

    doing, but this is not the case because doing this will only help you know how to do things better and

    more effectively.So you coming to this blog post just shows that you are in fact ready to change , which is

    a good and positive way to start to better the lives of your family.So if you know any of your that are also

    parenting, why not sit down with them and talk about the manage to do it as this will help you get

    ideas on how you can become better. Another thing you can do is go for couples counselling or parental

    meetings as both of these would definitely help you understand your situation more.


    2.Be More Active With Their Schooling


    Another way to be better is ti be more active with what they are involved in at school, this not only means

    with there academics like homework or grades but also with the other events that happen at school such

    as concerts or their sports events.I know even though you might be so busy, showing your support will

    give them a huge boost in their confidence and trust me I know. Do you remember when you were a child

    and would search for your parents in the crowd when you on stage or during sports?, didn’t seeing them

    there make you feel happy and perform at your best ?.That is the same thing that happens in the case of

    your children to.Its the small things like this that can really have a great impact on how successful your

    child grows up to be In the future.


    3.Family Activities


    This has to be one of the best ways to create that much needed bond between you and your family ,

    Sharing memorable moments will allow you to create a very strong relationship between the both of you

    and it will also give them an opportunity to share the way the feel and what they are going through.They

    are many things that you can do for these family activities such as go have game night, go for a movie or

    even go camping. The whole point of this is not about where you go but more about the time you actually

    spend together as a family, so try and make an effort to have a family activity every weekend or two and

    you’ll notice that the bond you’ll have will grow stronger.


    4.Taking Up Responsibilities As A Parent


    Becoming better means that you’d know have to be much more active with the responsibilities that come

    with being a parent, like for instance you’d have to start monitoring their behaviour and calling them out if

    they did something wrong. Showing them some guidance will help them become better people morally.So

    try as much as you can to be more active in this regard and this will help you change them for the better.


    Another very important thing that you must have when trying to become better is patience , things take

    time but the more you practice you’ll get better.So just keep on trying your best you’ll get there.

    Those are the things you need to Know about Uninvolved Parenting

    By Lifestyle'n'Stuff



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