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    Finally the week has come to an end, its bye bye paperwork and hello rest.The feeling that you get knowing fully well that you

    don’t have to wake up early is amazing , I mean who doesn’t look forward to a weekend ?. Now that your done with the week and

    trying to make some plans , consider this post as a source of inspiration to keep yourself occupied during the weekend.


    By the end of this post you should be well on your way to be occupied through out your break, enjoying the weekend is essential

    for each of us.


    2O Things To Do This Weekend



    1. Hang out with Some Friends


    One of the first things to do when you’ve got a clear schedule is hit up a few of your friends and arrange for a night out on the

    town, this will be a great way to unwind and relieve yourself from the stress that you went through during the week.So go out

    and create some fun memories with your friends that will last forever, but just remember that you have to drink responsible

    because none of us want to get injuries on the weekend.



    2. Spend Time with Your Family


    Making sure that you show your family you love and care for them is very important, this is why you should use this time to visit

    them.Doing this will show them how much you value their company and it allow you to strengthen your bond that you already

    have, to make it exciting why not take some board games over and have some fun.



    3. Weekend Spa Day


    We often neglect the how much we need to treat ourselves through out the week because of how busy we get during the week ,

    which is why its a great idea to use this weekend to take the negative energy away by visiting the spa.

    Go and treat yourself with a nice foot rub as well as a body massage because you’ve earned it.However you don’t always have to

    get to the Spa to start getting in relax mode , just take a nice warm bath with your favourite bottle of wine and relax.

    Having a good self love and care routine would definitely come in handy during this time , always find time to practise personal




    4. Showbiz


    Now that you’ve got some free time on your hands , the best way to spend it is to spend sometime on get lost in the world of tv

    and movies.



    5. Date Night


    Now that you’ve got the whole weekend to play with, it would be the perfect time to go out on a date with your favorite person.

    Keep the flame between the two of you alive and spice things up ab bit, so make some reservations for your favorite place.

    If you haven’t found that person yet well you can try to use some dating apps to set up a date , I mean its okay to try something

    new for once and maybe you might just find someone special.



    6. Workout Weekend


    You’ve been giving yourself excuse all week on why you haven’t been going to the gym, well its the weekend and your schedule is

    clear so whats your excuse ?.

    Working out is very essential for us, it helps us improve our fitness levels as well as makes us get into great shape.

    Even though working out has been mainly used by those people that would like to lose weight, it does have some additional




    7. Pets & Care


    Sometimes we think of what to do on a weekend with all the free time on our hands , when the answer might just be right in

    front of you. Showing love to your pets is very important and we often neglect this responsibility during the week, it can be very

    difficult to spend the much needed time with your pets.So try to make the most out of this weekend by teaching them some

    tricks , taking them for a walk and most importantly , taking them to the vet.



    8. Clean & Tidy


    You might as well spend this time doing alittle bit of tiding, I know you’re supposed to be doing other things but it won’t hurt to

    clean up.So make sure that you do some laundry to get your clothes a clean , you could also organize the other spaces in your

    house as well to ensure the stay nice and neat.Don’t forget to clean under the coach because everything can be found there , just

    be in the habit of making sure you clean up from time to time.



    9. Go For A Concert


    If listening to your favorite song using the aux cord puts you in a good vibe, imagine how much better it would be to experience

    that in live.Enjoy your weekend by attending a concert , not only will you have fun but it would also make a great memory that

    you’ll be talking about for a while.Take your friends out and lose yourselves to the melody.



    10. Do Something Extreme


    Get that adrenaline pumping and do something extreme during your free time , its good to get out of your comfort zone to

    experience something new.Most of the time we often get afraid of things because the we’ve never felt them before but when you

    do , it makes it much easier for you to adopt to any new challenge.



    11. Improve On Your Cooking


    One of the most essential parts of having a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that you get the right nutritional value, making it

    important for you to work on your cooking skills.With all the information on the Internet and Television , learning how to cook has

    never been easier.So try to impress yourself and others by working on your culinary skills , who knows maybe you can give Chef

    Ramsey a run for his money by preparing something amazing.



    12. Update Your Goals


    Setting Goals and targets that you want to achieve within a certain period of time will help you remain focused as well as provide

    you with the hunger that will help you get to where you want to be , doing this regularly will keep you thinking of new ways to

    reach your targets.So whether you want to improve your finances or get in better shape , you have to start setting some goals.



    13. Go Online Shopping


    A good way to spend the weekend Is to take sometime to update your closet, look through the internet and pick out some styles

    that you might like.However before you use this as an excuse to spend some money , make sure that you install plugins such as

    shoptagr and Honey which will help you save some money.



    14. Budgeting


    Since we talked about you going shopping earlier , it would only make sense if you can make a budget that can help you to spend

    money efficiently.This will keep you from spending your money on things that you want and not need , which will help you save

    for that special thing you’ve always liked to have.



    15. Take Time To  Reading About God


    This point is very essential if you want to become a better person, reading about the word of God will help you stay faithful and

    keep your trust in him at all times.The only way to grow spiritually is by reading His word as often as you can.



    16. Meditation


    Mediation is very important and it should be practised by all of us, that being said having the time to think about how you can

    make your lifestyle much better is essential for growth.



    17. Find A New Hobby


    Discovery your hidden passion and learn more about it, finding a hobby might just be the thing you need to keep you entertained

    during the weekend.Be inspired by the things that excite you and make that your hobby.



    18. Read A Book


    We all know that one book that has been sitting on the bookshelf that we claim to start reading but haven’t even touched it, Am

    sure most of you know what am talking about.Since the weekend is here it would be a great opportunity for you to finally pick

    that book and check whats inside , reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary.



    19.The Great Out Doors


    Being busy during the week is often related to you being stuck in your office chair for hours on end, but the weekend could offer

    you a chance of redemption.Take some time to go out of the house and see what the environment has to offer, you could go

    camping, fishing, hiking and even bike riding.

    Take in some of that fresh air and enjoy the sun for a change, but always remember to stay hydrated each time you’re outside.



    20. Go To The Beach


    Lastly on this list , if you want to finish your weekend in style there’s only one thing to do , which is head out to the beach.Hearing

    the sound of the ocean will make you feel relaxed while you sit under the sun, if you need to get your summer body ready am

    sure we know a few tips to help you out.


    Hopefully you found something or were inspired to do something completely new this weekend, keep yourself occupied and

    remember to always have some fun in the sun.The weekend is meant for you to enjoy and relax , so lets keep it that way .


    By Lifestyle’N’stuff.


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