Why Are You Unsuccessful




    Have you ever been in a situation where you want to accomplish something but haven’t been able to ?, well don’t worry because

    it happens to the best of us.In order for you to succeed, you have to be willing to fail for a bit because it won’t always be like that.

    In this post will help you discover some of the simple reasons as to why you’re unsuccessful when it comes to achieving your

    goals, so by the end of it all you’ll be able to put yourself in a better position to get to where you want to be.


    11 Reasons Why You’re Unsuccessful


    Here’s the list of things which you might be struggling with that cause you to fall short of your target , change is important for

    many of us and you visiting this post shows that your willing to move on to the next level.So give your self a pat on the back and

    get ready to change.



    1. Being The Procrastinator


    This has to be one of the main reasons as to why most of us are unsuccessful, procrastination is a very bad habit that each

    person has to deal with on a daily basis. Having to put off things to later will only cause us to delay our success rate , but the good

    thing is that this habit can be broken.


    Your probably asking yourself how ?, well to answer that you have to watch the short informative video below by Mel Robbins as

    she  explains how you and I can easily break this habit from repeating.




    2. Destruction, Destruction's & More Destruction's


    With all the information that’s easily available to us, it has become very simply for us to focus our attention in other places other

    than where its intended to be. Platforms like social media and YouTube are really great for getting information, however if

    not managed well they can be the biggest obstructions you might have.That being said its important for you to eliminate these

    things that limit us and start to focus our energy and effort into getting where you want to be.



    3. Judge Your Success Based On Others


    I’d like to start this point by asking you an important question, what do you define or call success ?. The main reason am asking

    you this is because most of the time people look at others achievements and use it to measure their own efforts, which is not the

    right way to think about this at all.


    We all achieve things at a different pace because each of us are unique in the way we do stuff , that’s what makes success so

    unique and special once you attain it.



    4. Negative Thinking


    Most of the battles that we fight take place in our mind,which is why people easily get defeated when they see the smallest sign

    of trouble.If you have a negative mindset even before you start something , it will have a huge impact on the effort that you’ll put

    into your craft. Always make sure that you speak and think highly of yourself in every situation and don’t be negative, think




    5. Working Time


    Time plays a huge factor in our daily lives, we use it for everything and managing it well can be have a big impact on your life.

    Lacking good time management skills will cause you to fail to reach your goals making you unsuccessful , life is all about timing if

    you get it right you could easily become better and improve your situation.Knowing the times in which you’re active can also go a

    long way , so are you a morning or a night person ?.Knowing this will help you allocate time appropriately making get the most

    out of it.



    6.Motivation & Support


    Usually we would expect people that are close to us to give us all the love and support , when in actual sense this isn’t always the

    case.When such things happen it cause to feel like maybe it was a bad Idea to continue what you started, well you should know

    that you have to be the biggest supporter.Don’t expect people to always side with you , always remember why you started what

    you’re doing in the first place.Motivate yourself each and every morning you wake up , find some daily affirmations to get you

    through the day to keep you feeling on top at all times.



    7. Planning & Strategy


    Having the wrong strategy will make you move further and further away from where you want to be, which is something am sure

    you don’t want to so am I right ?.Which is why you have to take time to put a plan into place that will help you to get where you’re

    going, planning is very essential for you to go through because when it all comes together you’ll be looking back with a smile on

    your face.



    8. Lack of Rest


    Having enough rest is very essential when it comes to being successful, which is why its very important for you to have enough

    rest.In order for you to put in alot of effort into something you need to be energetic, the only way to have that is by having the

    right amount of sleep.It has been recommended that you should have 6 to 8 hours of rest every single day ,however this can be

    very hard to achieve at times.Which is why you have to set up nap times to allow you to recoup those lost hours, sleep helps yoou

    function at maximum capacity meaning more Ideas and more creativity.



    9. No Effort.


    Effort like hard work is the only thing that separates the successful from the rest of us, when it comes down to it nothing beats

    hard work.Most of the time we put in a small amount of work expecting it to have a huge return which is not how it works,

    remember that something can never be brought out of nothing.Be willing to be to put in the time into your craft , like the saying

    goes you reap were you sowed.



    10. Perseverance


    You have to be strong, because the path to success is not going to be easy at all.If getting everything you wanted was easy then

    wheres the fun in working for it, hard times will come and all you need to do is increase your levels of both faith and hope. When

    you push through the rough times it builds your character and make you become a better person.As Joel Olsen said “ When times

    get tougher , you’re on the verge of an overflow”. So you just have to keep on grinding.



    11. Know yourself


    Lastly and most importantly, you have to know yourself.Try to be able to predict what you can do even before you do it, like for

    instance if you know that you get so lazy staying in one spot then make sure you move from there.Its these small changes that

    will improve your ability to get what you want and become what you dreamed of being.Always remember that you’re unique and

    have got something special to offer the world, if you give up at the first sign of trouble then it will only reduce the faith you have

    in yourself.



    Have some courage , just because you’ve been unsuccessful in the past it doesn’t mean that you’ll fail now.After failure you’re

    more likely to succeed because you’ve been there and you know what to do differently, hope you’ve learnt a thing or two on

    being successful in this post. Applying these things to your life as soon as possible will put you on a better stage to experience







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