imbalance in men
horomonal imbalance in men
Causes of hormonal imbalance in men

Hormonal Imbalance In Men 

When it comes to hormonal Imbalance we usually tend to think that it may only

affect women ,However this shouldn’t be so as it can also occur in men as well.

Dealing with these hormones in our body is something that can be very difficult if

you don’t know the necessary information that you need, this is because

according to Dr Spiegel men don’t really have the same changes in their

hormonal activity as compared to women.


So knowing a thing about this topic can be very  essential, in this informative post

we will look at the different aspects of hormonal imbalance in males which will be

in terms of the signs, causes as well as how you can prevent these imbalances

from occurring.



Lets Start By Looking At What Hormones Are.....


In order for this subject to be fully understood , we must first discuss what

hormones are and what their function in our body actually is.So hormones

according to an article on the website are chemicals  released by the

body and travel through the bloodstream , the main purpose of these chemicals is

to help the respective organs within the body to function correctly.


That being said it is very critical to realize that these chemicals control most of our

daily functionality such as


1. They control the way our eating pattern works

2. How quickly we can lose weight

3. How we feel (moods)

4. They also control things like how we grow and so much more


Having said that It can clearly be seen that hormones are important and

maintaining the right hormonal activity is essential, due to the fact any malfunction

in their activity will greatly affect the way our body works.

























 The Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance In Men.


Having talked about how important the it is to maintain the right hormonal level in

our system , it is only right for us to know the symptoms of these imbalances in

order for them to be easily detected.For the most part there are some similarities

in the symptoms that would be experienced by both men and women, but here

are some of the most common symptoms of this condition in males.


1. You may experience fatigue

2. Anxiety

3. Depression

4. Heart Disease

5. Brain Fog

6. A decrease in sexual performance

7. Failure To gain weight or May experience weight loss


The above points are some of the main signs according to the biomedical

website.Even though they can be some similarities in both men and women, the

main thing to note is that a deficiency in the levels of testosterone can cause most

of the above symptoms for the men.



What are the Main Causes Of Imbalances In Men ?


There are many factors that can cause men to go through these imbalances, here

are some of the factor which could lead to an individual having this condition.


However it is essential to remember that maybe one factor might  not lead to

having this condition , but a combination of all of the factors below can.




1. Unhealthy Dieting 


Having bad eating habits can easily lead to an imbalance in your hormonal activity

, eating meals that are not balanced or don’t have the required nutritional value

may affect your well-being in a very negative way.


Unhealthy eating is one of the main causes of obesity in the world today , this will

also make it easier for you to become more likely fall prey to conditions such as

heart disease which can further affect not only  your health but also the hormonal

activity within your body.




2. Your  Growing Older 


Aging can also play a very large role when it comes to experiencing these

malfunctions within the system,according to an article on testisterone , it stated

that the production of testosterone tends to reduce as men begin to get older and

this starts to occur in men that are in there mid-forties.However the article went on

to say that this decrease becomes more drastic as men reach their seventies,

having said this it is very important for us to remember that our age can

sometimes have a big role when it comes to the performance of our hormones.























3. Stress Build Up In Men


Our daily routines consists of things such as work , family  and other activities that

can require us to be constantly on the move all the time making our days become

occupied , which takes most of the time out our day leaving us feeling stressed

and this takes a tole on both our body’s and our mental well-being.That being said

if this condition is not taken care of effectively it may cause some malfunctions

within our system , so its very essential to note that your well-being is affected by




4. Health Conditions & Illness Can Cause Imbalances


Another factor that may affect the hormonal activity within your body is illness,

sometimes these illness may cause our body to act differently from the way it is

supposed to perform.Like for instance if an individual is suffering from prostate

cancer it can definitely have a negative effect on your system,the prostate is a

gland that provides seminal fluid which helps in the transportation of sperm.


That being said if the prostate is to become cancerous then it may affect the

levels of testosterone which could eventually lead to imbalances, the uses of

some medication can also be a factor when it comes to these imbalances.



5. The Build Up Of Harmful Chemicals 


Toxins are harmful chemicals that affect the way our body functions, these

chemicals enter our system in many ways like through the food we eat and drink

or even through the contact that we have with the environment.If these toxins

begin to accumulate within the body it can cause hormonal imbalances, this build

up can also prevent people from losing weight and this is a very important point to



So this just goes to show that weight loss is not all about working out.Therefore

we can see that there are several things that can cause these instability to occur

within our body.


Hormonal imbalance in men is real and hopefully we gave you some key tips , on

how you can deal with this more effectively.Make sure that you check up with your

doctor on more tips to get through this.


Post By Lifestylenstuff

Date 20 Dec 2019

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