How To Naturally Whiten Teeth



Trying to get a whiter shade of teeth can be a hustle, especially if you have tried

so many methods that might have not worked in the past. So even just the

thought of trying again isn’t just worth it because you feel like nothing is working,

well there is still a way in which you can get your teeth whiter more effectively

without dreading the process. In this informative blog post we’ll share more

about natural methods that you can use to brighten your teeth and will also try to

look at the other aspects of oral health .


Having the white teeth will not only motivate you to have good oral hygiene but its

also a huge confidence booster, especially if you are the kind of person that likes

to socialize.























Why are my teeth still Yellow when I brush then everyday ?


This has to be the first question each person thinks about when it comes to

improving their shade, which is why their teeth remain the same color even when

they brush them everyday. To answer this question it’s essential that we look at

what your daily routine is like, this should be looked at in terms of the things that

you consume.


Sometimes the food that we eat and the fluids which we take in , do have the

ability to stain or teeth making us have a less whiter shade of teeth. This makes it

even more important to take note of the things that we take regularly, here is a list

of some of the things that might make you have yellower teeth.


  1. Coffee
  2. Soda
  3. Candy
  4. Wine
  5. Smoking
  6. Sauce
  7. Curry


And many more


You can find out more on this by visiting the Colgate page



Can You actually Whiten your teeth Naturally ?


Well yes, you can actually achieve this if you just take the right steps to do so.

However its very important to remember that your teeth may not be as bright as

you want them to be at the start, but you have to continue practicing these

methods consistently in order for them to be the appropriate shade you want them

to be as this is a natural process after all.


So if you’re looking for ways that you can instantly get the brightest shade

possible then you’ll have to use a product such as this,it does work well but the

purpose of this blog is to find the natural ways to improve the shade of your teeth.




Why Try Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth ?


You may feel a bit skeptical about going through the natural process of doing t

hings , well here are two of the main reasons why you should consider brightening

them naturally.




1. Price


Most of these methods that are used today can be very costly especially if you’re

on a very tight budget,it was stated that individuals on average can spend from

$400 to about $1500 dollars on just whitening their teeth. That being said its much

better if you found an alternative that will coast less and is just as effective. The

other thing is that most of the ingredients that you’ll see in the tips below can be

easily sourced locally, so knowing some natural treatment methods will allow you

to save money were you can.




2. Little to know side effects


This is definitely one of the major benefits of doing this process without using the

other methods, is that with natural treatment you will experience little to no side

effects. Like if you use products such as gels or whitening strips it may irritate

your gums and it can cause them to swell.So maybe trying the alternative way of

doing things is just the way to go.























Best ways to get whiter teeth Naturally


Now that we have talked about some of the main questions that you might have

been thinking about, we can know look at some of the best ways you can get a

whiter shade of teeth naturally.


Even before you know these steps its important for you to visit your local dentist

regularly for a medical opinion. As mention earlier you’ll have to repeat these

strategies in order for you to boost your chances of improvement.




1. Brushing Your Teeth Regularly


This of course is the most tradition method of ensuring that your oral health

remains on point and it helps give you a whitened shade of teeth as well, brushing

your teeth regularly also prevents you from having bad breath. Make sure that you

brush in between meals as this will help remove the stains from your teeth

preventing them from accumulating, in addition to this flossing in between teeth

prevents the build up of plaque.


Using products like mouth wash will also help get  rid of stains and bad odor, its

important to remember to use toothpaste that has got the fluoride mineral as it

helps protect our teeth from cavities.




2. Preventing The Staining


Preventing the event from occurring in the first place is the best way to keep a

brighter shade, so this means that you might want to cut down on things such as

smoking coffee and drinking alcohol. Reducing on these things will enable you to

get better at maintaining your oral health.




3.Sweet treats


Speaking of reducing on things that stain your teeth , its just as important to cut

down on the candy that you’re taking in.Candy is the one of the main causes of

dental cavities in the world today, so limiting the amount of sugar that you have

daily will greatly help you. However if you’re finding it very hard for you to actually

stop taking candy completely, then I’d recommend going for those that have zero

added sugar in them.




4. Using Baking Soda


This one is definitely on of the more popular teeth cleaning methods that you’ll be

able to see out there, using baking soda can actually improve the appearance of

your teeth. Even though this method does work, it shouldn’t be used regularly

because this process actually eats away a layer of your teeth. So probably try to

do this like maybe once or twice in a month to ensure that you protect yourself.


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Date 10th Apr 2020

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