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Self care is making sure that you show yourself some love , this is why you’ve got

to treat yourself to something special at least once in a while.More especially

when you’ve achieved your goals and accomplishments , because its not

everyday that we get to do the things that we want to.


If you’re been pampering and taking care of other people , you should also take

sometime for yourself and do something nice for you.In this post we’ll look at

some of the easy ways to pamper yourself , even if your on a tight budget.


Sometimes it doesn’t mean you’ve got to always spend insane amounts of money

on things , but you can try to be creative and come up with ideas of getting your

quality me time.



Before looking at some of the ideas that we were able to put together, its very

essential for you to try and do things that will make you happy.If you’re doing this ,

you’ll be able to be in the best mood and it will even help you achieve whatever

your personal goals may be.Which why its important for all of us to stay positive ,

that’s why we recommend that you practise more of the things that you love and

give time for yourself.Below are some of the simple activities that you should

practise , whenever you’re able to take your sometime off.























1. Catch Up On Your Shows



Nothing says treat yourself like spending your time in the comfort of your living

room and catching up on your shows and with all that you’ve been going through

this week , this is definitely a great time to unwind and just relax.Sitting down in

your Pj’s with a nice cup of tea paired with a few snacks and a fleece , makes

watching movies from home even better.


Just make sure that you’ve git the right Tv shows lined up and you’ll not be

disappointed, doing this is one of the easiest ways to pamper yourself without

even splashing some cash.




2. Get some Sun


Sometimes the best ways to give yourself a good day off is by spending some

good quality time outside , because most of the time that we spend during the

week is spent in the office buildings.

So getting to go outside in the sun for a bit is a great thing for you to do, the sun is

also a great source of vitamin D.


So try taking a walk in the park and enjoy your free time or if you feel like being

accompanied during your walk.Am sure your pets would love to tag along too,

they also need to be show some love you know.Being off your phone for a bit is a

great thing for you to do each week because it’ll also help you clear your mind and

also keep you healthy , you’ll miss a couple of posts on social media but its worth

























3. Mini Spa Day


Another thing that am sure you’ll love to do if you want to treat yourself , is to take

a nice relaxing bath at the end of your day because your body does a lot for

you.The best thing that you can do in return is to give it the treatment it deserves.


Taking a nice warm bath should be something that you should be looking forward

to , you’ll definitely need some bath salts for that.Taking a nice relaxing bath will

help you get rid of all the stress that your body has been through, while keeping

feel fresh and revitalized.


If you want to splash some extra cash then going to the spa for a foot rub, would

be worth it




4. Gift / Shopping


Rewarding yourself for your hard work is a practise we should all do because not

only do you deserve it but , it’ll help you stay motivated to continue putting the

effort to work hard each day.What better way to treat yourself than buying yourself

a gift ,now this doesn’t have to be something expensive.


An ideal gift that you can get yourself would be something that you’ve always

wanted to get but never had the time to shop for , getting yourself that new pair of

shoes you’ve always want or changing up your wardrobe would be great.


Then you wouldn’t even be able to be were you are today , so don’t be afraid to

spend alittle bit of extra cash on you for a change.
























5. A Night Out


Having a good time from home might not be for everyone and this is why you

might want to plan for a great night out , this could be a great time to actually go

and try that new restaurant that just opened.


Having a fancy night out with some friend or family is a great way to have a nice

day , spending some quality time with your friends is a great way to make some

good memories that will last forever.




6. Catch Up On Sleep


We looked at rewarding yourself by treating your body to a nice relaxing bath or

feeling it up with some nice tasty food , another thing that you might want to do is

ensure that you get some rest.


Having enough sleep will give your body the energy that it needs to get through

the rest of the day , so give yourself sometime to enjoy a nice and comfortable



Some essential oils like lavender are know to help you improve your sleep , so

give that a try.Treat yourself at home by giving your body the rest it needs , its free

after all.

























7. New Experience


You know that things that you’ve always wanted to do but never really hand the

time to do it , well why not make the effort and try something new.Making your

daily routine more exciting by going some where that you’ve always wanted or

trying something new , is what makes your experience one to always enjoy.If

you’re looking to reward yourself after a long week of work , why not make it a

memorable one.



Those are some of the things that you can do if your looking to pamper yourself

even when you’re on a budget , its all about spending the time away from what

keeps you busy and doing the things that allow you to smile more.


Post By Lifestyle'N'Stuff

Date 26 JUL 2020

Ways To Treat Yourself For Less

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