Ways to manage time
planning Time Management Skills
10 Easy Ways To Improve Your  Time Management
Ways To Improve Your  Time Management Skills
Time Management Skills
10 Easy Ways To Improve  Time Management Skills

One of the most important aspects of being productive during your day is

managing your time ,seeing that we’ve all got 24 hours to make the most of.There

are only so many things that you can do to ensure that you maximize your time

and get all your work done.


We often hear the phrase” Time management “ and think it’s something that might

be to difficult to achieve , but are they any easy ways that you can use to improve

how management it?.


Hopefully by the end of this post , you’ll be able to improve your skills and help you

become more successful with your daily activities.





10 Easy Ways To Improve Time Management



To keep this list nice and simple , we’ll show you the ten things that you need to

consider in order for you to have good time management skills.


Before we start looking at the tips and tricks you’ll need to have when it comes to

improving who well you budget your time , you might want to bear this in mind

each time you’re working to become better at a particular skill.


You have to know that you only get better at something with time and patience ,


the more frequently you actually work on yourself and take time to better the small

areas of  your life.The higher your chances are of getting better , which will

ultimately result in you becoming more successful with what you do.Aim to always

be consistent and patient with yourself , only then will you gain success.


Being a post about time management lets get right into it , we wouldn’t want to

waste any more of your “ me time”.






















1. Daily Planning


The very first step that you’ll need to take note of when it comes to being more

effective with your day is planning , practising this will allow you to strategies on

how you’ll complete certain tasks and gives you the chance to come up with a

schedule that works for you.


Looking through your daily routine , will make it very easy for you to pick the hours

that you’re comfortable working.This makes it even more essential for you to know

what hours you’re most productive and finding out whether or note you are a

morning or night person , would really make a huge impact on your productivity.


Coming up with a blue print of how you’ll work , is the first step you need to take

when trying to develop good ways to budget your hours.


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2. Knowing Your Tasks


The main reason you’re trying to find ways on how to get better at managing the

time you have is only because you need to find ways on how to complete tasks

effectively , but how would you properly budget your hours if you don’t know what

has to be done ?.


Making it very imperative for you to know what you’ll have to do , that way you’ll be

able to know just how much time you should give individual jobs.Not all pieces of

work that we’ve got to do are the same , as some are easier to do as compared to



That being said , knowing what you’re doing makes it better for you to select which

tasks get the priority slot in your schedule.An easy way of listing your goals is by

creating a to-do list , I know it might sound old fashioned but its a really great way

of creating a good productive habit.


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3. Spacing & Time Management


Even though your trying to put in your best efforts each day when you work , you

should learn how to add alittle bit of down time in between task.Here are a few

reasons why you should space out your work.



Breathing Room


One thing that you’ll need to realize is that in order to be more effective with your

day , you need to have a bit of a refresher.Having a break will give you the

opportunity for you to actually get some rest and not be constantly looked in on

work , this will also help prevent you from feeling over worked and stressed during

your working ours.


Taking a break to actually watch a couple of cat videos , go out for a walk or even

take a nap could be all you need to stay energized and make you feel like the best

version of yourself.



Deadlines & Other Factors


The other reason as to why you might need to add a couple of spaces in your

schedule is because , you might want to take into account the amount of time you

take moving around and organizing.


Adding these gaps will prevent you from submitting any work after your deadline

and prevent you from being late in general , which is very helpful if you’ve got to

hand in multiple reports within a short period of time.


Try to add atleast 30 minutes in between your tasks , as this will cover for anytime

that you might spend getting prepared.



4. Limit The Distractions To Improve Your Time



Its very important for you to make sure that you limit the amount of distractions

within your day , as this will help you be more productive within your working

hours.When you focus on things that have nothing to do with your schedule ,

you’re only going to waste your time and this will make you less effective during

the day.


Limiting the amount of distractions is something important that we should all

consider doing and with all the information easily accessible on thats available to

as on platforms like Facebook , Instagram and Google , its very easy for us to stay

engaged with the content that we come into contact with.


The easiest thing to do is switch to airplane mode or do not disturb and just get on

with your work , if you still feel like you can’t convince yourself to stop using your

phone for a couple of minutes.You don’t have to worry , as there are some

applications that you can use to help you lock up the applications you like using.


So it actually takes an app to stop an app , who would have thought.To add on to

this , you can try to work in a place where you know you remain focused like the

office or library.

























5. Utilize Your Devices & Watches


We’ve got all the technology that you need for you to be more productive with your

time , which is why you must take advantage of it.


Downloading software that will help you make a schedule or allow you to setup

appointments and meetings , will actually benefit you by saving your time and



So don’t just use your smart watch for style but start using it to keep track of your

time , with all the software and devices available for you to choose from.It

shouldn’t be difficult for you to find something that will suit your style.





6. Too Many Tasks At Once


Most of the time , people often think that in order to do more you’ll have to

multitask.Which will only make you pretty bad and less effective at managing your

time.When you multitask its very easy for you to make a msitake when you work,

so try to focus on one thing at a time in order for you to produce quality work.


This is why we started with planning earlier on in this post , because it limits the

chances of being able to focus on so many things at once.Besides you get less

typos , if you only focus on the keyboard and not try to watch the office at the

same time.






















7. Organization Is Key For Time Management


For you to stay up to date and maintain your time really well , you’ll have to make

sure that you keep yourself organized.Being this way in all your activities will help

you keep very good track of time , which prevents you from actually wasting time.



8. Discipline


Learning how to stay committed and follow through with all your plans needs d

iscipline , having this mindset will allow you to remain grounded and keep you

managing your time.The most important thing about discipline when it comes to

productivity , is that helps you set your priorities for that particular day.


They’ll be times you’ll be invited to go out for a party when you need to be working

, being disciplined will teach you how to say no.which makes it even more of a tool

that you’ll need in order for you to actually becoming better in life , by taking

control of your time.























9.Don’t Be The Procrastinator


The trickiest part of becoming successful is procrastination , when you begin to

be like this you only limit your amount of time working.Which is not so good in

terms of time management , pushing back projects isn’t the best thing to do and

this will only add to your work load.Leaving you with so much work to do , but

according to Mel Robbins this habit can easily be dealt with.



10 Stay Focused 


Now that we’ve looked at most of the tips , the last one that you might need to

have if you want to have good time management skills is focus.Remaining with

this mentality is what will ensure that you complete your work with the right energy

and in really good time.Which will help you stay very productive with what you’re

doing , try to keep yourself locked in as you work if you want to get better results at




We’ve given you the 10 simple ways that you can become good at managing your

time and have better skills at being  productive , having a good way to budget your

time during the day will allow you to be more accomplished in whatever you set

out to do.


Life is all about effort so try and you’ll get there , one more thing before you


go.Positivity creates the way for success , so stop being to negative all the time

and start thinking highly of yourself.




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Date 21 May 2020

10 Easy Ways To Improve Your  Time Management Skills 

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