5 things that influence our children


5 Things That Influence Our Children





























There are alot of things that influence the way our children do things and as

parents we have to be able to identify these things in order to make sure we help

develop in a particular way.In this post will look at some of the main things that

influence your young ones, hopefully by the end of this post you’ll be able to work

on providing them with a good environment which will promote sustainable growth

Below are 4 major things that influence your children.



















1. Tv & Video Content Influence Children


With the internet, it has become very easy for information to reach us and our

children.The things that we watch online can have a very large bearing on the way

they act towards other people.Studies have shown that its very easy for children

to remember things through video and images , which makes it easier for them be

accustomed to the things that they see on television.This makes it important for

you as parents to ensure that you provide them with the appropriate content, as

this has a very big influence on the children.



2. Parents 


The very first people that your children meet when they entered into the world is

you, because of this they tend to gravitate to the things that you do.Parents act

like role models for the kids and this is why you behave in front of them is very

important, guardians play a very large role in the lives of children.As they learn

from you they’ll be able to add those things to their lives and this is also a useful

tip to remember because , you can use it to your advantage when it comes to

teach them useful things such as hard work and having good morals.



















3. Siblings Also Play A Big Part


Other than parents, their brothers and sisters also have a very influence on the

way they act in the future.As they grow up, they usually get to spend most of their

time with the siblings.This is most likely the case if they have any older siblings,

the relationships that they share could also have a big bearing on the way they

mix with others.


Parents should aim to make sure that each of their children have a great attitude

towards one another and try to make sure that you strengthen the bond that you

share with each of them.As they grow older, it will be the responsibility of the

children to look out for each other.Making it even more of a reason to be involved

in their lives.



4. Religion



Spirituality is a very large aspect of society today and it to has a very large

influence on our children as well, religious institutions teach our young ones

various beliefs that can have a very positive impact on the way they carry

themselves in their day to day activities.Schooling also has the same kind of

impact on children.



















5. Their Friends


Another thing that can have a big impact on the way your children behave is the

kind of company that surrounds them such as their friends , these people can

shape the way our children think about certain things. Having good company

around them will allow them to stay true to themselves and also remain well



There are 5 of the things that have a big influence on the well being of your

children, hopefully you learnt something and will try to use it to provide your

children with a better lifestyle.


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