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7 Reasons Your Child Doesn't Listen To You




























When you need something done at home and you’ve got your hands tied , we

often ask our children if they can help us out with our task.However , even when

you ask them to do so they might ask in a particular manner that may not be



This might cause us as parents to become agitated and will often lead us to lush

out at our children,however have you ever thought that they might be a reason as

to why your children might be acting the way they do.To help you answer that

question , we’ll look at some of the main reasons why they might not be

responsive when you ask them to do something.


Having a look at what actually causes them to act a particular way , will help you

deal with the problem much more effectively and make sure that its dealt with

permanently.By the end of todays post you should be able to pick a thing our two

on how to deal with this and with this problem much more effectively.

















1. Tv & Mobile


With all the technology that has been made available to them , it can be one of the

main reasons as to why they might not listen to you.With all the shows and

activities that are on these electronic devices to keep the entertained ,it becomes

very easy for them to become fixated on whatever is happening. Sometimes this

will even cause them to care less about whats happening around them, so even if

you call them so many times whilst they’re still using there phones.


They might not listen to you at all , this is something all parents should take into

consideration. Most of the time that children spend , is done on their phones and

other hand held devices.This makes it very easy for them to become attached to

these things , such that they can’t even function properly without them.As parents

am sure some of you have noticed this in your children , try to take some

measures to prevent them from actually becoming too attached to these products.



2. Lack of Respect


Another reason as to why your children might nit listen to you, is because they

don’t respect you.Now I know right now this might make you feel a bit upset but ,

you’ll have to remember that it does take some time for children to actually learn

how to be respectful as well as disciplined.When kids don’t really have respect for

you , it becomes very hard for them to follow orders that you give them.So you

might want to learn a couple of ways that will help you instill this virtue in your

children , doing this will make them become better people and this is what

you might need to create a better living environment.



3. Influence


Children are very easily influenced by alot of things , like for instance the things

that they see and watch does play a very big part in how they act.Earlier we so

that Tv & Mobile devices can have a big impact on the way your children behave

but , you can also have to remember that social media also plays a very big role

as well.With all the famous stars that our children love to watch on that platform,

the behaviour that they are displaying can have a large effect on them , this

happens mostly in teenagers as they’re in a stage where they might not be able to

fully take control of their actions.


Therefore social media can be one of the factors that affects your childs attitude

towards you,which is something you might want to look into.


















4. Not Leading By Example


As parents , you’re the very first people that your child gets to live with for quite a

while.Some of the traits that you display in their presence might begin to rub off on

them the wrong way, which can be causing them to act the way they do.


If you don’t show them how to act and don’t lead by example , they too will be less

likely to also behave they way you’d like them too.Which is why you should make sure that

you be the person that you’d want them to aspire to become , this means showing them

how to work hard , be polite,respectful , caring , generous and many other traits. This will

place them in a better position of becoming who they want to be.



5. The Way you Ask


Sometimes , the way you approach them when you want something to be done

can make a huge difference.If you approach then in a rough manner then it might

cause them to easily forget about about what you asked them for because , they

might feel like they aren’t being treated properly and not doing what you want is

their form of retaliation.Being more friendly and polite towards them has to be one

of the ways you can as your children to down something for you.



6. Your Relationship Matters.


Having a good relationship is all about communication , being able to talk with

your children is very essential for a healthy household.Which is why having a

good relationship, will make it much easier for your children to listen to what you

have to say.If you don’t have quite a good relationship with them don’t worry ,

because they’re several ways that you can improve your bond and strengthen it.

















7. Children Might Be Focused On Other Things


Children often like to zero in on the things they’re playing with or entertained by ,

which can also make them not pay so much attention to you at that particular

time.Its important for you as parents to be slow to make assumptions about your

kids , if you’re not hearing from they.Maybe they might just be occupied with other



Hopefully this gave you something that you can think about and try to use , in

order to impact the way you children listen to you .With all things parenting , you

have to give it time.Children are young and may not  easily change over night , so

it does take sometime for change to occur


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