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What To Say To Someone Going Through A Bad Time







































Sharing us caring and sometimes , bad things happen to good people.Seeing

your friends or someone that you know go through a difficult time ,can be tough

and finding the right words to say becomes even more difficult.The thing about

going through a rough patch is that it could happen to anyone , so instead of

staying to yourself and being silent.Read this post to find supportive things to say

to a friend that’s going through a difficult time , which will hopefully allow them to

feel more positive about life moving forward.



“ I know You’re Going Through A Rough Time , Am Here To Help “


The hardest thing to do during a bad spell is ask for help , not because you can’t

but with all the negativity that might be surrounding them at that particular time.

Finding the courage to speak out , becomes even harder for all of us.Which is

why , its important for you to go out of your own way and offer your support.


Telling them that you’re willing to help , will give them a sense of comfort and

make them feel that you care about them.A small gesture like this ,to someone

going through a tough time.Really does mean alot , offering help in any way

possible is the goal because its all about showing your support.


Finding out a specific way that you can be of assistance by asking them , is

something that will help you help them more effectively.
















“Remember To Take Care Of Yourself “


Just because they might be in a difficult situation , it doesn’t mean that you’ll have

to do everything for them.Due to the fact that you’ve also got things to do as well

and this is why you need to remind them that they should look after themselves , if

you keep on doing things for them.They might not be able to do it for themselves

and this can leave them in a worse situation than before , you need to encourage

them to be productive with their day.



“ You’ll get Through This “


Its very hard for you to know what someone like a friend or a colleague is feeling ,

when things in their life aren’t looking to great.The best thing that you can do is

say something positive , the things that we tell them can really go a long way.

Losing hope when things get tough is very easy and this is even more of a reason

why , you’ll have to be their pillar of encouragement during their bad spell.


You need to keep on supporting them with positivity because tough situations can

bring out the worst in us , being able to provide some motivation to them is really

important.They need all the help that they can get , as mentioned earlier and

texting them a few positive words once in a while.


Will allow them to feel different about their time , so that’s another thing that you

might want to do whenever you see your friends going through a tough

moment.There’s nothing wrong with providing a few words of comfort to those that

need them , they might seem small to you but can have a really large impact on

their day.

















“ Don’t Worry About It “


Whenever you’re going through a situation that you might not be able to control or

when things don’t really go our way , it becomes very easy for all of us to feel like

things are going to get worse than they already are.Now imagine what your

colleague is feeling when going through these difficult moments ?.


Which is why you might need to remind them that things will get better and they

shouldn’t worry , that you help them feel less stressed will allow them to feel more

secure.Encourage them to stop thinking about whats going to happen and only

focus on today , mental health is very important and making them feel less

stressed helps out alot.There are so many things that you can do to encourage

them to feel better , you can hang out with them or give them something that they




Seeing a smile on peoples faces is one thing that brightens up your day , so if you

feel like you need to get through to someone going through a tough time.It doesn’t

have to be complicated , the simple things will help you put a smile on their faces

and make them feel alot better about whats going on in their lives.Everyone goes

through something difficult , help them the way you’d want to be helped.


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Date : 07 Feb 2021

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