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Do This When Your Best Isn't Good Enough



























What would you do when you’ve put in so much effort into your craft and nothing

seems to be going your way ?.Do you just roll over and fold or try to find different

ways to reinvent yourself.There are so many emotions that go through your mind

when you feel like your best isn’t good enough but , here are some of the things

you’ll need to remember when things haven’t really gone the way you’d want them

to.Below are some of the things that you’ll need to remember.



Experience Gained Not Time Lost


Putting in alot of effort in something , does take alot of time and dedication.Just

because it might not have worked out at the moment , it doesn’t mean that

everything has been lost.Starting something new requires alot of experience and

this is value that you’ve gained by putting in the effort into whatever you’re

working on , which is why you’ll be able to increase your chances of success the

next time you start over.


Life is all about learning from the mistakes and experiences that we go through ,

which is something that you’ll have to remember when you feel like your best isn’t

good enough.Its all about perspective , having the right mindset when things

aren’t really great.


Is one of the most essential things to do and using your short comings to drive

you ,would make it even more worth your will when you make it.Anything good

doesn’t come easily , so don’t look at that moment and base your life on it

because things will only get better from their.
















Take Sometime Off


When things don’t go the our way , we often try to be quick and find ways for us to

get upto speed. However , its perfectly fine for you to take your time and plot out a

proper path for yourself.You don’t need to feel pressured into proving yourself

right whenever your best wasn’t good enough , if you rush into it without really

having to think about it. You’re more likely to go through the same thing and make

mistakes , just like you did the last time.


You taking sometime to clear your mind , will help you think about things better

and allow you to get all the information you need moving forward.Which will only

benefit you in a more positive way and help you get where you need to be ,

there’s nothing wrong with being sure of what you want.



Don’t Feel Bad About yourself


Feeling bad about yourself will only bring lower the mood of the environment

around you , focusing on the negative things in your life will limit your chances of

feeling better.You need to surround yourself with people that keep you positive

and happy each day , feeling your life with joy will allow you to focus on the bright

future ahead of you.

















Personal Reflection


Just like the point above , you’ll need to take a couple of hours out of your day

and use them for personal reflection.Putting in alot of effort into something , takes

alot of dedication and discipline. Which something that everyone can achieve and

this is something that you can be proud about , the fact that you gave it your best

effort means.That you can replicate it and be more successful the next time

around , you need to stay motivated and hunger if you’re looking to chase your



Constant reflection will help you see the problems that you faced and ways that

you can do better for yourself , everything happens for a reasons.So use this as a

stepping stone to out do yourself , by doing more.



When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough , Seek Advice


You putting in so much time and energy , without being able to achieve anything

might mean your doing a couple of things wrong.So approaching someone that

has been where you current are , we’ll help direct you in the right path and

achieve the success you’ll want to have.We all need help at some point and

asking for it ,makes it easier for you to learn ways of doing better.



You not getting what you wanted is not the end of the world , you’re starting from

a better position this time around and its up to you.When it comes to what

happens next , the best is yet to come and all you need to do is believe in yourself

because you’ve got what it takes.



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Date : 14 Jan 2021

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