Theres nothing wrong with being different


Theres Nothing Wrong With Being Different 



































One of the most difficult things we all have to deal with in life is trying to fit into

society because it feels good to belong to something bigger than yourself but the

reality of life is that not everyone will accept who you are as a person , not being

able to blend in can make you feel sad and can also cause you to start

overlooking yourself even when you know that you’re perfectly fine.


Getting to be different will always make you look like the odd one out but its

actually a good thing and here are some of the reasons why theirs nothing wrong

with being unique.















You Matter


The truth is that you can’t please everyone and the very first person that you’ll

need to keep happy at all times is yourself because bringing more joy into your life

is something only you can do , nobody else knows what truly makes you happy

expect yourself but this doesn’t happen if you’re always going to look at what

others think of you.


Getting to put yourself first sounds a whole lot selfish but its the only way that

you’ll be able to live a life that you’ll want , so don’t always think that you’ll have to

do things for people in order for them to accept you for who you are because

you’re already more than enough.



Think Differently


The good thing about being unique and being able to find it difficult to blend into

the crowd is that it allows you to have a different point of view on things , its our

thoughts that are in our minds that make the world a better place.


What would the world be like if everyone thought the exact same way ? , the truth

is that this place won’t be as fun as you think it would be and this is why its okay

to be different.So its okay to think differently from everyone because you might

just be what the world needs for everyone to get better,Which is why you’ll need to

be comfortable with who you are.















You Do You


Most if the times when you’re part of a crowd its really hard for you to be yourself

and being forced or pushed into doing things that you don’t want can ruin your life

, which is a negative effect of peer pressure.


A good reason why being different is important is because you get to be yourself

all the time and this is the best version of you that the world needs for it to be

better , the worst thing that you can do to yourself is suppress all your ideas

because the truth is we all get to live once and getting to express yourself is very

important because its the only way  that you can find true happiness.



Finding Your Purpose


When getting to find whats meaningful to you in life , you’ll have to be open to try

something new because your purpose in this world might not be the same as

everyone else.So its okay if it doesn’t look like you fit in at the moment , life isn’t

just about you but more about the kind of impact that you might have whenever

you are.


Not everything is for everyone but only you know what you’re capable of doing

and finding what you do best is the best way to add more happiness to your life ,

we all deserve have joy in life but its all about the moments we make.




There’s nothing wrong with being different and getting to embrace your

uniqueness is what will help you look at life from a new lens , so you don’t need to

be accepted  by everyone for you to find meaning in life because its all about how

you feel and accepting who you are is the start to making more of your life but this

doesn’t mean that you start to treat people badly for not being accepting of you.


Just smile when you get all the negative comments and keep on moving with your

life  , don’t waste time trying to argue with people that have already got an opinion

about you that might not be correct because they’ve already made up there mind.

Keep on being different and do what makes you feel happy.


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Date : 02 April 2021



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