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Being a good parent to your children is very important when you’re looking to

provide your children with a stable environment for them to grow up in , to help

you with that.We’ve come up with a list of things that you shouldn’t do.These

could be somethings that will hurt your children’s feelings or actions that might

actually have a negative impact on your parenting , which you might find helpful.



Unavailable For Your Children


One of the things that might actually hurt your kids feelings , is you not being

available for them. Getting to have some good quality time with your family , will

allow you to form a stronger bond. Having a schedule filled with various activities ,

might cause you to actually have little to no time fir your child.


It would make them feel bad if their favourite people in the world deny them of

their company , so try by all means to create more enjoyable moments with your

family and take a few hours out of your weekly schedule to share with them.There

are so many fun family activities that you can do on a weekend , parents shouldn’t

deprive their family of their love and care.



Spoil Your Children


As the adults in the household , its only right for us to give the little ones the things

that they need. Of course its okay to treat your children to something nice once in

a while but , if you make your children feel like they’re entitled to receiving the

special treatment.They’ll feel like everyone they meet will have to show them this

kind of special treatment and if they don’t get it.


It can cause them to have a very bad attitude towards people , having spoiled

children is one thing parents should avoid because it can have a very negative

impact on how independent they get to be in the future.Due to the fact that they

always rely on you for things , so thats just one of the things that you can prevent

by saying no sometimes and not doing everything for them.














Picking Your Favourite Children


Most of the times when one of our children might not be performing well in school

or has got bad behaviour , compared to the rest of your other kids.Its very easy for

you to try and start drawing comparisons between them , which is not a really

good thing to do in our opinion.All children have got a different personality , which

we see as a really good thing because you’ll never have a dull moment within the



Even if they might not be acting the way you’d want them to , try to make sure that

you encourage them to be better without comparing them to the others.Our kids

are unique and this is what makes parenting special.



You’re Not Always Right


Just because you’re the people that are incharge of the house , it doesn’t mean

that you’re right all the time. There are some occasions where we do things that

make our children upset and this will cause to feel sad.leaving it up to us parents

to own up for our mistakes and make things right by apologizing , which most of

us aren’t in the habit of doing.


Even though you hurt your childs feelings by accident , its good to show that

you’re wrong sometimes.Doing this will set a very good example for your children

to follow , we all get to make mistakes here and there.We’re parents the last time I

checked and being a mother or a father , doesn’t make you less of a human



Having a good family relationship is all about making up for our mistakes , so

don’t let your children continue to feel like you neglected them by hurting their

feelings without saying your sorry.



Parents Shouldn’t Be Rude


Its very essential for parents to remember to control the things that they say

towards your kids because the words that you use when phrased a certain way ,

can actually have a very negative impact on them.So you getting to use harmful or

abusive language when talking to them shouldn’t continue , you having a negative

behaviour in your home might rub off on your children.


Which will cause them to start acting differently towards you and this can all be

solved by being a good role model with a positive attitude , will make it easier for

your children to have a proper attitude.
















You’re children also need to feel that they’ve got their own space within the home

, which is why you shouldn’t invade their privacy.If you’re always going to be

constantly monitoring them , doesn’t make it easy for them moving forward

especially when you’ve got teenagers.Parents shouldn’t always be in the habit of

trying to invade their personal space , doing this is a small sign of respect that will

be appreciated.



Going It Alone


Going it alone whenever you need help with your children.Will only cause you to

take longer to find out the solution to the problem , so try to make things easier on

yourself by utilizing all the advice you can get.


Searching the internet and getting to utilize similar platforms online or even from

people that became parents before you did , will help you out quite alot and make

things a whole lot smoother for to handle your children.You shouldn’t think that

you’re going through this alone , because other people have been there and

getting help makes it easier on you.



Being Hard On Them


Lastly but definitely not the least , parents should never be too hard on children.I

know we’d want the best for them and all but , it doesn’t mean that you force them

to do something the don’t want. Parents shouldn’t try to live their lives through the

kids by making choices for them and pushing them to achieve your goals.


If your child acts incorrectly , you don’t have to yell at them to help them change

their attitude.Being harsh on them might actually push them away and this is

something that most parents need to consider.


Toddlers will eventually grow up and become teenagers , which means they’re

bound to make some mistakes as they grow up.Making sure you don’t get to do

the things on this list , will allow you to have a much better relationship.While

giving you a chance to create a peaceful and positive environment for your family.


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