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Alot f things happen to us during the year , somethings are good whilst others

aren’t as great.The thing that becomes difficult for all of us is trying to adapt to the

changes that have been made , like for instance ; getting a new job or leaving in a

new area.Experiencing something new for the first time can be tough , especially

when its the unexpected and nobody said that life would be a piece of cake. Us

being able to conform to a newer environment , will allow us to keep on learning

and building new skills.


Just like one of the the famous quotes that the late Theoretical Physicist Dr.

Stephen Hawking , left us with.”Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change “ , you

can’t keep on living the way you used to if you’re in a different situation.Its always

hard to try and do stuff differently but , staying the same way will only leave you in

the same exact situation with no change at all.  


Having a platform that allows us to share our views about life and how to have a

more positive input , its only right for us to share some of the ways that will help

you to manage your situation when things don’t look to be going your way.


















Acceptance Is Key


One of the very first things that you’ve got to do in sticky or bad moments is come

to grips with yourself and accept the reality , when our lives seem to be going

differently from what we’d want to see.Its very easy for us to point a finger at

someone or reflect on a particular situation , as the main cause of everything

that’s going badly.


Which is not the right step to take when trying to move forward with your life ,

when you don’t want to accept the new reality.The longer it takes you to change

and adapt to the new normal , being real with yourself and taking a good look in

the mirror.Will give us good time to reflect on our situation and more forward.



One Step At A Time


Whenever you’re trying to cope with a new environment or when you’re not living

the life that you’d want to , the best thing to do is stay calm and not over think the

situation.Rushing into things without having to think twice about it , isn’t great

because making rush decisions might only cause you to go through even more

problems further in the future.


The thing is most of us want change to happen quickly and things to be done

overnight but , moving slowly will only mean that you’re making your steps

firm.Being steady and thinking twice before you move forward , does mean that

you’re not getting to change anything.


You getting to make the small changes to your lifestyle each and everyday , will

result in a huge difference in the long run.So don’t rush the process because other

people are at a level different that you.Don’t really have to be fast and do things to

quickly without thinking through , take one step at a time and it doesn’t mean that

quickest start doesn’t always mean that you get to win the race.All you need to do

is just relax in everything that you do and eventually you’ll get there.


















Be Hopeful


In order for you to adapt to change much quicker , you’ll need to become more

hopeful and positive minded.Having to get rid of all the negative thoughts you

might be keeping in your mind , is what will allow you to focus on other things.The

fact that you’re trying to make changes in your life means that sometimes , you’ll

be drawn to have scary thoughts about what will happen to you.


However , you need to be more open minded about the while situation.When you

feel like a particular situation isn’t going to turn out the way you want it to, even

before it occurs.


It’ll reduce the amount of confidence that you’ve got in yourself and this will have

a very negative impact on the kind of attitude that you’ll have during the day ,

which is a really good reminder that you need to think more positively towards

your life in order for you to attract the right kind of change.


The days might be looking darker but there’s always tomorrow to look forward to ,

so whats one bad day when you’ve got six other days for something good to

happen.Try to always look at the bright side of things , even when the change

might not be a bit stressful at that moment.



Fear Is Not An Option


The main reason why people resist change in their lives is because of fear ,

getting to accept a new style of living or operating can always seem like an

adversity that we’ll just fail to overcome , its okay for you to feel scared sometimes

because we’re only human after all.This shouldn’t be a reason or tool should

affect us moving forward.If you continue to live in the shadows and fail to express

yourself each day , then how will you be able to change your lifestyle for the



Whenever you feel like you’re in a position that is completely new to you , its

a really good place for you to become creative in the way you adapt to your new

norm.Don’t be afraid to take in the challenges that come with life , just take a deep

breath and be yourself. Believe in who you are and stay confident in your abilities

,problem solving is what humans do best after all.Its all about having the right

mindset when approaching our challenges , keep on trying to make the situation

better by doing better.


















Don’t Be Hesitant


If you’ve been asking yourself the question of how best can I adapt to change

quickly , then you’ll need to stop second guessing yourself.Whenever you take to

long to do something , the more time you waste doing nothing and this will result

in you being less productive with your day.Procrastination is what cause most

people to fail to reach their targets , don’t develop a habit of pushing things back.


As this will only leave you with more work than you had before , which is why

you’ve got to stick to your decisions that you make.Hoping from one point of

thinking to another will only reduce how much you believe in yourself , adapting to

change means being able to handle the situations that are in front of us the best

way that we can.


No one said that they would be easy and If you get to pick a way on how your

going to tackle a certain problem then stick with it , the quicker you start cracking

down to find a way out.The faster you turn a negative situation into a positive one

, so don’t second guess yourself each time you want to do something.




Even though this post might not be centered around health , you need to

remember to keep yourself healthy through out all this.The activities that we do

can put alot of stress on our body and being able to maintain the right healthy

mindset and overall well being , will help us stay active during the day.Which will

allow you to be more productive , meaning that you’ll get to do more with your

time.Our well being is something that you should take for granted and having a

self care routine would really be helpful.



















Accepting change is not what anyone would like to sign up for , because we feel

so comfortable with what we’re used to and have never visualized things any

differently.When life doesn’t hand you the cards , we’re left with no choice but to

conform to our new reality and going through alittle bit of adversity as you try to

change is common.Keep on trying to find new ways of doing things and stay

positive through the whole thing.


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Date : 10 Nov 2020

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