Benefits of productivity


Benefits Of Productivity





























Each day we try to make the most out of the time that we’ve been given , the best

way to ensure this is by being productive.Many people look at productivity as

something that might be hard to achieve, but it really doesn’t have to be that

difficult to.All you need is the right steps that you can use it and everyday to help

you utilize your time the best way possible , the good thing is that we have a

different post just for that.


In this post however , we’re looking at what the benefits of Productivity are.

Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll be able to learn more about this and find

ways on how to added it to your daily routine.



A little Bit of food for thought ……


Productivity is all about consistency , making sure that you follow through with

your plan is very essential when it comes to achieving your goals.Doing this will

help you stay in the habit of staying active through out the day.




















1. Accomplish Goals


One of the best benefits that comes with productivity is that it allows setup for the

year , which many people would like to hear.At the start of the year , am pretty

sure that most of you had a piece of paper with some of the goals that you were

trying to achieve right ?.


Well the truth is that only 20% of us that did this at the begin of the year will

actually get what we want , being productive will give you the opportunity to

successful accomplish goals.Which is very important if you want to move into

that house by the end of the year or fly to a new place , making it something that

you might want to add to your daily lifestyle.



2. Limits Procrastination


Having the ability to do something useful with your day will limit the amount if

times you stay idle, Being lazy will leave you putting off things and will only lead

you to procrastinate.Having this kind of attitude towards things is very bad , as it

will only make you achieve less than you’re actually supposed to achieve.


When you’re always active and busy , you’ll find yourself with less time to actually

be a coach potato. Which definitely has its benefits apart from increasing

productivity , staying active is one of the ways to beat this habit.If you’re a major

procrastinator like the rest of us then you might want to know that , you can

actually deal with it quite easily.


Atleast that's according to what Mel Robbins  said , In a ted talk about this

subject.There are a few key steps that she had laid out  and you can learn more

about those steps in this video.




















3. Consistency


Another benefit of being productive is that it keeps you consistent with the with the

rate at which you work , because you’ll get to put in the same amount of effort

each time you get to work.


As mentioned earlier in this post, the key to being productive is consistency.When

you always try to work really hard for something you want , you place yourself

closer to obtaining your goal each time you work.So being consistent , will but you

in the habit of maintaining the same level of commitment each and every time.



4. Improves your Work Ethic


We’ve all been given the same amount of time throughout the day (24 Hours) and

the only thing that separates the people that are successful from those that aren’t

is effort , putting in the right amount of effort will get you to were you want to be.


Being productive will give you the ability to work harder and smarter , when you’re

productive it becomes easier for you to allocate time for when you work and you

get to work more efficiently.




















5. Improves The Way You Manage Time


Productivity can also allow you to have a great hold of things when it comes to

managing your time, because this will allow you to do thing more efficiently and

this will translate into you having a more fruitful day.


Time management is also about planning , when you plan your day it will allow

you to effectively pick the times that you can work best.Another thing that you also

benefit from when it comes to productivity is that it keeps your brain more active ,

which is great as this helps to improve they way you think about tackling various

kinds of situations.



So those were some of the benefits of productivity , hopefully you can pick out

something from these points and try to do something with yourself. Knowing the

benefits might make you try and be more productive with the way you do things ,

atleast that was the point of writing this blog post.



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Date 28 Apr 2020



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