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Apologizing To Your Kids





























When our children beahve badly towards us and other people , we as parents are

the very first people to intervene and start yelling at them because of the way they

acted. I guess Its our way of forcing an apology our of them but their better ways

to get them to get them to change their behaviour and admit to their wrongs ,

without yelling at your children.However , how are parents supposed to act when you hurt

your children’s feelings.Do you just let it slide or try to make things right ? . am sure most

of us would go for the latter.Even us as adults , do have our flaws and acknowledging

that you’re wrong , is the very first step in making sure you give the right apology.



By reading this post , it means that your trying to move in a better direction than

you usually do and this is a good step in that each parent needs to take.The best

thing that each of us can do is improve ourselves , self improvement will allow you

to be the person they need you to be.



Setting a good example for your kids to follow is important and parents who don’t

get to apologize for being wrong , a very bad example for them to follow.Which will

only make it harder for them to change their attitude when you want them to and

being the adults in the home its up to us , to make sure that we rub of a positive

attitude on their lives.So even as you read some of this tips below , its very

important for you to think about your impact that you’ve got on the home.




















Know That You’re Wrong


It can be very hard for parents to actually own up and admit that their not right ,

which is what we mentioned earlier in this post.Its important for us to remember

that we can also be at fault , just because you’re a parent it doesn’t really make

you less of a human being.We all get to make mistakes, but owning up to them is

what will make us better and change our attitude.


So this is the first thing that you should do when trying to ask for forgiveness from

your children , because saying sorry right away would be meaningless if you don’t

actually know what you did.



Its Okay If You Wait


If you’re looking to apologize to your children for yelling at them or hitting them ,

its perfectly fine if you don’t get to seek your forgiveness right away.This doesn’t

mean that you shouldn’t do it at all but sometimes you’ve just got to be patient.


Forcing yourself to say that you’re sorry wouldn’t really mean anything , it would

also give you enough time to actually admit the wrong you did just like we

mentioned earlier.When our children are still angry because you’ve hurt their

feelings , I don’t really think that they’ll want to listen to you at the time.Especially

if their all grown up , so it would be perfectly fine to take a few minutes before you

actually get to sit down and talk to them.It would allow them to relax and easy to

talk with.


So just try to be patient and take a few moments for them to be more relaxed ,

allowing you to get through to them with ease.



















Asking For Forgiveness


Noww that you’ve thought through everything and given yourself enough time ,

you can actually move forward and ask for give your apology.Making sure that

you’re sincere and friendly towards them , ensuring that you recognize that you

hurt their feelings would be the best way to start any apology.


This way they’ll know that you mean what you’re saying , try not to use this

moment to re-certify that you’re the adults here or that they make more mistakes

than you.Remember that you’re trying to set a good example here for them by

talking the way you’d want to be talked to , so do it the right way and set a good




Cheer Them Up


Your kids might be feeling a bit low after the way you treated them , which is quite

understandable if you think about it.So even after you’ve said that your sorry , its

important for you to put a smile on their faces.This shouldn’t mean that its an

opportunity to buy back their happiness with your gifts , because if you do this

you’ll only end up buying more gifts each time.Which am sure isn’t something that

you want to be apart of , cheering them up can be just taking spending some extra

time with them even after you’ve made amends.


Its the small things that we do that have a very large impact on our relationship

with our children , being with your children is the best way to bond with them.



















Just because you’ve made a mistake and did something wrong to your children , it

doesn’t mean that your relationship is over.Even the most perfect family’s have

fight sometimes and the only way they continue to stay together is because they

make up , its all about getting to say that you’re sorry for your actions.


Being the adults in the family is all about being , its easy for us to disregard what

our children have to say but them having a positive attitude is something that

starts with you setting the right example.So try to be willing to make sure you

display qualities that you’d like your children to have.


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