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A Good Parent ?


























One of the most important stages that a person can go through is becoming a

parent , being a parent comes with alot of responsibilities that you’ll have to take

control of.From raising your children in the right way to ensuring the household

remains fit and health , not forgetting that you’ve also got work to do.


So it can sound like alot of work because it actually is , but at the same time a

rewarding process.As you get to watch your children grow up and start living with

their own families , but before they get to that stage.Its important for us parents to

make positive parenting decisions which will allow them to be happy with their



Being a good parent and person to your children , is one of the first things you’ll

need to do.Having a very good relationship with your kids is essential and it allows

them to open up about their personal problems , which will only make your job as

a parent much easier to do.It also doubles up as a way for you to ensure that you

provide a loving and comfortable environment for them to grow up in.















Signs Of Bad Parenting ?



But how do you know that you’re being the person that they need you to be and

not a bad influence on their lives , to help you answer that question we’ll look at

some of the signs of being a bad parent.However , these are some of the common things

that we could come up with and seeking professional help by visiting a guidance councilor.

Is something that we highly recommend you to do , to get another perspective of things.


Below are some of the things that you can take note of that will determine if you’re

a good influence on your children and even if you might feel like you’re not the

right person at the moment , it won’t always be like this and things can change for

the better.You being able to read this just shows that you’re moving in the right

direction to do better for your children , so continue try to improve yourself for their




Not Asking For Advice


One of the things that newbie parents have to consider when starting to have a

family is that there are people that have been in the exact position as you , so

getting to ask for a few pointers can help you prepare for certain things much

more adequately.


If you’re not completely new to this this whole things , getting an extra set of eyes

and ears on the situation would give you a different view of things.This help will

also allow you to find some creative ways of doing things when it comes to

handling your family , getting advice doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you’re

doing but gives you a better way of doing things.Using the internet to find valuable

information can also have a positive impact on the way you do things















Being Impatient & Harsh On Children


Another habit that is a characteristic of bad parenting is being to physical with

them , I know sometimes its easy for parents to lash out at their children whenever

they may not behave correctly and getting to use force is not an effectively way of

correcting them.


Being harsh on your child can have a negative impact on the relationship that

you’ve got , because according to a post on challenging harsh parenting by Senior

Lecture in Psychology Bonamy R Oliver ( University Of Sussex ).It was mentioned

that being harsh on your children can lead to implications on their well being such

as anxiety as well as aggression , which am sure is something that none of you

would want your children to have.


There are other ways to communicate with your kids without being too harsh on

them , but you’ll first have to become more patient with them.Being this way will

prevent you from lashing out at them and risking the special connection that you

had created , so just stay calm and relaxed whenever you sense that they might

be a situation that would make you upset. You can discipline a child without being

harsh or yelling , in chase you where wondering.You should also try to remember

that your kids are still young and are bond to make a couple of mistakes , so don’t

be in the habit of yelling at them but continue to show them positivity and love.


This can be hard to do but everything takes time and eventually you’ll be able to

be much calmer , because your children will change. Being harsh might not only

be in a physical sense but also verbal , parents have to be sure that they feed

their children with positivity throughout the day. Speaking negatively of them only

makes them feel less of themselves and its high time you improve.



Not Listening To Your Kids


Even the perfect families get to have alittle but of tension here and there , but in

order for you to solve their problems you’ll have to talk them. As parents and

adults , sometimes its easier for us to feel like we’re always right in a situation but

this is a big sign of unhealthy parenting.


Not listening to what your children have to say will only make it harder for you to

reason with them, allowing them to express themselves and how their feeling is

essential.Especially when it comes to resolving conflict as we looked at earlier in

this section , getting to lend your ear to them will also help them feel open to

always share things with you because they know that you’ll listen to them each

time.Just because you might be older and incharge , it doesn’t mean their opinions

don’t matter to you.Which is definitely something that you’ll have to change in

order to improve things.
















Being The Uninvolved Parent


As parents one of the most important things that we always have to do is make

ensure that we are involved in the lives of our children.From getting to spend time

with them during the day to keeping up with their school events , making sure that

you remain engaged is what helps you create very good relationships with them.


Even though your schedule might be packed during the week , atleast try to spend

a couple of minutes with them before they go to sleep by reading them a bedtime

story.this will give you an opportunity to talk to them and cheer them up.Attending

their plays and soccer matches is essential , it’ll really give them a confidence

boost when they see you cheering for them.



Being Too Controlling


As the adults of the household , its important for us to make up rules that allow us

to keep the house organized and have a peaceful environment.However , its also

essential for parents to prevent themselves from being too controlling of the

kids.One style of parenting that allows this is the strict style of parenting.


Even though it may allow you to keep things in order around the house , being this

way will limit the amount of freedom that your children have.Giving your children

the ability to do things they like is very essential because that’s what will keep

them happy during the day , try not to be too forceful with your children because

they also need to be able to express themselves willingly.
















Comparing Children Is Not Right


The last sign of being a bad parent is having the tendency to compare your

children with each other , doing this isn’t really a thing you need to do. All children

are unique and different , which makes it even better because they bring

something different to the table.Parents should look to encourage their children

and not bring them down even when their siblings might be doing better than

them.A few good words will always give them hope to do more , making them into

someone who they aren’t will only take them backwards not forwards and this is a

very important point for you to remember.



Those were some of the signs of bad parenting , knowing these tales will help you

improve yourself and aren’t meant to make you feel less if you’ve seen some that

you do.We’ve all been their at some point and it does get better.If you’ll like to get

some professional help then why not try and use the resources from Parenting

solutions to start improving yourself.We hope we provide fresh content for you to

use to improve  the relationship with your children.


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