Is your child ready for a pet


Is Your Child Ready For A Pet ?




























When your family wants to add a new pet into the home , how can you know that

they’re really ready to make room for one more.The best way to find out is by

asking yourself some questions , that you think are essential when bringing in a

new pet animal in the home.To help you , we’ve put together a couple of tale signs

that you can use as a checklist.To tell if its the right time to get them what their

asking for.

















Are They Old Enough


When your child starts to ask you about getting a cat or dog , the first question

that you need to ask yourself.Is are they old enough ? , having an animal in the

home is a very huge responsibility for each member of the family.Taking the time

to play with it and making sure that it stays healthy , isn’t something that most of

young children will be willing to do.If you get to rush your decision and give into

their demands , you’ll only end up so much on their plate and you’d be better off

letting that pet go to a home that will make sure its kept healthy.


Why Do They Want A Pet ?.


Children will always be children , by this we mean that sometimes they get to ask

for alot of things on impulse.Without really getting to consider whether they’ll still

want it a month later , maybe asking them the main reason why they’d want to

own an animal would make it less stressful in going through the whole process of

searching for a puppy.



Where Are You Going To Keep It ?


This is one of the most essential things that you’ll have to consider when bring an

animal to be apart of the home , is finding a place where you’ll get to keep

it.Making sure that your pet has a little small space for its self in a clean

environment , is a small thing that will help you kept it nice and healthy. Not

Having enough space for it to move about , will make it very difficult for it to adjust

to its new environment.


















Will You Be Taking Your Dog Out For Walks ?


You need to ensure that you keep the pet healthy and if you’re looking to get a

dog , making sure that you take your dog out for walks and playing with it

daily.Are some of the small things your children will have to be willing to do ,

whenever you’re looking to maintain a healthy pet.



Do They Keep The House Clean


Hygiene is another one of those factors that is a huge tale sign on whether or not ,

your kids are ready to open up your home to a new pet.Even though most of the

family members will chip in when it comes to take care of things concerning the

pet , its only important for your children to play a bigger role as well.If they aren’t

in a habit of picking up after themselves when they mess up , you don’t really

expect them to do the same when they have a pet in their care.


Its only right for them to know the basics even before they open doors to another

member of the family , the house still has to be kept clean at all times.



Pets & Allergies


Pet Allergies don’t really affect anyone but its very important for you to look this

fact when considering having a four legged friend in the home , having a really

great pet is fun but the well being of the family is also important.You can’t risk the

health of the family and speaking to a veterinarian would really help.


















What Names Do You Have In Mind


To end this post on a light note , we taught we’d add a fun question that will put a

smile on your childs face.Then name is a very important part you need to think

about before adopting a pet animal , they need to have a catchy name that the

whole family will like.



There you go , those are the 7 open ended questions that you about pest that you

need to ask your kids and yourself , when making the decision of whether they’re

ready to own a pet of their own.


You don’t have to rush and when making this choice , if you’re still not to sure.A

great idea is to give them a trial run of how they’d keep a puppy or any other

animal , by asking your neighbors if you could watch theirs for a couple of hours

during the week and this should be done under your supervision of course.


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Date : 15 Dec 2020

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