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Bad Eating Habits In Children



























Parents have to make sure that your children stay fit and healthy , one way to do

this is by ensuring that they get to eat the right foods.As this will allow them to get

the right energy that they need to stay active throughout the day , its your

responsibility as the adults of the household to give them a proper diet.


A balanced diet is one that contains the right amounts of each of the nutrients that

they require for the growth of their body , if your child is lacking in any of the main

minerals that they need. It can cause them to suffer from disease related to this



According to a post on healthy eating in children by the My Health Alberta , it was

mentioned that poor eating in young children is more likely to develop some long

term health problems.The only way to prevent this from happening is by trying

your best to instill good eating practices , but looking at some of the unhealthy

ones might just give you a sign for thing to look out for in your child.Which is what

we’ll be able to look at in this post and hopefully help you make a change in the

well being of your family.
















Sweets & Candy


Every child likes to have alittle sweet treat , I mean who doesn’t ?. The only

problem is that our kids would like to have more than enough and taking in alot of

the sweet stuff , means that they’re also taking in more sugar.


In an article post published on the webmd , it stated that eating too much of

sugary foods might cause us to suffer from heart related disease. Which you can

help prevent by simply limiting how much of sugar they take into their body’s each

day.Lets also remember that sweets also have a negative impact on their teeth ,

so limiting this will also prevent their tooth decay.if they find it hard to stop , you

can switch them to natural alternatives.



Missing Meals


Children need to have the right amount of energy to get through the day , which

they’ll need to play around the house.One of the most important meals of the day

that they shouldn’t skip is breakfast , not starting the morning with a healthy bowl

of fruits and cereal isn’t a great habit.


In an article about what happens to the body when you skip meals on Piedmont

health care , it was noted that missing meals can actually decrease your blood

sugar levels and this can leave you feeling fatigued.
















Picky Eating Children


Am sure that you’ve noticed that sometimes kids tend to be more selective with

the things they want to eat , being picky with the way their choices can be a very

terrible food habit.As this might only leave them lacking certain nutrients that their

body needs , which is why parents need to encourage them to try and eat more .


Trying to get them to eat new things can be very difficult for them to accept , so

you could try to recreate their favorites with more healthy ingredients.The more

you do this the better they get to staying healthy.



Junk Food


Having a happy meal once every other week is just okay , but if your children get

into the habit of eating too much junk food. It’ll be difficult for parents to stoop

them from having it when they get older, having these type of food each day will

only lead your kids to become overweight.Due to the dishes that are high in

calories and fats , but they can also be very damaging to your heart as well.


As such kind of food can increase the risk of getting heart disease or stroke , this

was stated in a post about Facts about saturated fats by Medline Plus Medical

Encyclopedia.So limiting the amount of times that they get to take in this type of

food , will allow them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
















Over Eating


The last unhealthy habit that will look at in this post is overeating , children often

love to eat alot of snacks at different times of the day.Which can not only pile the

amount of calories they taking in but also affect their eating pattern , did you know

that there’s a certain amount of calories that we’ve been recommended to take in

and ensuring that we stay beneath the limit will keep us healthy.So them eating to

many snacks won’t really help that cause , so parents should get to have a say.


Helping them keep track of the things that they take in their body’s will ensure that

they develop good eating habits , but it all starts with parents putting in that initial

effort to try and better them.


Its important for you to remember that under eating is also a bad habit as well and

get some advice from your local nutritionist or doctor would be a good way to get

a professional perspective of things.



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