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Have you been in a situation where you wanted to get some work done on time, but

you found yourself spending more time than what you actually needed?.If yes then

know that you’re not alone, there are many factors that have to come into play in

order for you to be productive either at work or at school.


Productiveness allows us to do our work more efficiently and can make us do more

work within shorter period of time.Therefore the main aim of this post is to share

the factors that may affect your work rate, as well as some of the basic tips that you

might need to know on how you can increase the level of productivity within your

daily activities.



we can now look at the ways on how you can boost your productivity which will help

you get a better approach when handling tasks.However it is very important to

remember that as you add these things to your daily routine, you’ll only get the

most out of them if you practise them more frequently.Like the old saying goes

practice makes perfect, mastering the art of repetition will help you increase your

chances of success.

















1. Rest Well To Work Well 


To start with making sure that you get enough rest before you plan to work on a

project is very essential, doing this will not only give you the much needed energy

you require to focus but also gives you room for creativity.So try to have enough

rest before you work and this might just change the amount of production you’ll be

able to achieve.




2.Whats Your Game Plan ? 


Having a well designed plan on how you’ll accomplish your objectives makes it

easier for you to get work done quickly,as mentioned earlier if you miss this step

you then become more likely to be ineffective with your work.So prior to every

project you have to ensure that you lay out a strategy of how each objective will be

completed, this will make you more faster and allow you to concentrate on the

important things.




3.What Do You Plan On Doing



Putting in place some goals that you want to achieve before the end of a day will

keep you motivated, doing this will allow you to stay committed to your work for the

rest of the day, another benefit is that it’ll improve your work rate. Adding some end

dates or deadlines for when you should be done with your task will cause you to

work more diligently.


















4.Hit the Ground Running


Another thing you can do is to get started early, I know you’re probably thinking that

you might not be ready but my question to you is when will you be ready ?.Telling

yourself that the right time will come may only make you fall into procrastination,

which is something that you might not want.


One of the toughest things to do with work is getting that first lift, but usually you’ll

notice that after you have started the job begins to become easier.Overcoming that

self doubt and laziness is very difficult but it has to be done in order to achieve




5.Suitable Working Environment


In order to do alot , sometimes you might have to tune your mindset in to staying

focused, this is why positioning yourself in the right working environment is very

essential.Like for instance , going to places like such as the library or designated

quite rooms will making stay hands on with whatever you are working on due to the

fact that everyone else is doing something, so you kinda don’t want to feel like you

have be left out do you ?.




6.Airplane Mode 


Putting your devices on do not disturb or airplane mode will prevent you from

reaching out for you phone to check the latest post on social, taking a break from

your phone will allow you to focus all your concentration and energy in one place

which can only lead to positive things.Taking a break from your device will also keep

you from damaging your eyes, if you are finding it hard to stay off your mobile

device you can install applications that block you from using your device for a

couple of hours.


















7.Taking Breaks & Pacing Yourself


Scheduling regular stops even while working on your task is a very useful tool to

use, doing this will keep your brain refreshed. Pacing yourself is extremely

important as you do not want to move to quickly and burn yourself out or move to

slowly, you have to make sure that you make the most moves in the smallest

amount of time possible.




8.Incentives To Boost Your Productivity


Deliberately placing a little bit of a treat at the end of each task can help you with

your productivity in a very positive way,this will make it easier for you to focus

knowing that there is a reward to collect at the end of it all.Hope these tips will help

you achieve an increase in your productivity at work. 



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