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How To Stay Calm When Your Child Won't Listen













































Dealing with a child that doesn’t want to listen is one of the things that parents have to

endure on a daily basis , but trying to control them as they throw tantrums can be very

frustrating and it can often cause parents to lose their tempers.


However , that isn’t the best approach to take when trying to deal with a problem child.In

as much as your kids might be in the wrong , yelling at them or hitting them will just cause

them to feel like you don’t love them any more and once they’ve got this idea in their

minds.Its going to be very difficult for you to fix the relationship with your child after hurting

their feelings , patience is one of the underrated values that parents need develop when

raising children.


When you stay calm during all the chaos , you’ll be able to approach the situation in a

more appropriate manner without risking the bond that you share with your children

because at the end of the day.


Our children mean so much to us and the last thing any parent would want is for them to

stop interacting with us , yelling at them isn’t the only way to make them listen.So keep

that in mind even as you learn ways of how you can stay calm whenever your kids might

be acting unruly towards you.























Give It Some Time


The best way to ensure that you stay calm when handling kids that are misbehaving is

give yourself some space , when your kids are yelling at you and causing so much

chaos.Its okay for you as a parent to take a step back ,  waiting for the situation to become

easier to handle can be the best approach to take.


We’d often think that correcting your children for acting wrongly right their and then is a

good idea but if they aren’t willing to listen to you , then everything you’d have said

wouldn’t count at all.


Remember that you’re trying to correct them in order to make them better over a longer

period of time and just not in that moment , rushing it by using force will only leave more

room for them to repeat their mistakes.



Children Will Be Children….


What aggravates most parents when having to deal with an unhappy child are the

expectations which are set for them , whenever you set the bar for your loved ones in

terms of any aspect that they should develop.


Its essential for us to realize that children will always be prone to make mistakes , so the

sooner parents are able to understand this.The easier it becomes for parents to control

their anger or frustration towards them , each child is different from the next and being

able to stay calm will help you see that.


This doesn’t mean that its okay to watch your kids make mistakes but its more of

acknowledging that they won’t always be perfect , progression takes time.






















Know Your Limit


Being a mother or father , its hard to say that you haven’t had your fair share of yelling and

screaming but its not always their bad behaviour that will make you react.


Sometimes you’ll need to be able to know what your breaking point is , even some of the

parents that seem the most calm have a tipping point but the only difference is that they

know when to stop .


Getting to Know yourself won’t only help you with this aspect of parenting , however it

helps you become better as a person and this will also be able to translate through your




Scheduled Chill Time


Dealing with a child that misbehaves more often can be stressful for any parent and even

through it does take a while for them to change , getting to experience the same thing is

only going build up frustration .


Which means that it’ll only be a matter of time for you to lash out at your children

whenever they’re being difficult  , with all the activities that parents have to deal with

throughout the day .Spending time in solitude to unwind after the end of a long day can

help you feel relaxed and give you the much need boost in energy , being  a mother

shouldn’t mean neglecting you.


The best way to stay calm as you parent is by having time to do you , parents don’t get

superpowers but being able to practise self care will make you a hero in your child’s eyes.























Get Some Help


When in doubt , its always good to ask for help and having friends or close family

members that are parenting.Would definitely help find more ways of keeping your

composure whenever the kids might make you angry , opening up about these things will

make you a better person for your children.


Being able to find out other ways of handling a situation might just be what you need to

get things on the right track , don’t feel shy about asking for help because you being

seeing this post means you’re looking to be improve for your children.If you need to talk to

a family therapist about what you’re going through , then please don’t hesitate as it’ll help

you become the person that your children need.






Raising children is always going to be more difficult when your children won’t listen to you

,however yelling or being mean to them doesn’t make things better.They won’t stay that

way forever because everything does change with time , approaching it calmly shouldn’t

discourage you from trying to correct them.


Losing your temper is only going to make it difficult for both parties to find level ground ,

the bond that you share shouldn’t be broken all because they didn’t act appropriately

towards you.Understand that the way you look at things is different in there eyes ,

correcting them doesn’t always have to be harsh because a positive approach will always

yield good results.







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