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We get to have alot of activities that we can do as a family and one fun place that

our children would love to go is the beach , spending some time in the sun and

away from the house is the best way to be more active.For your kids , its a really

great way to get off their phones and television screens for a while.


Even though going to the beach does sound like fun , you’ll have to take a few

things there to ensure that your family enjoys their time away from home.Going

through a checklist of essentials , will allow you to have a great time in the sun.



Sun Screen


Being out in the sun for a very long time can cause you to have sunburn and am

sure your toddlers wouldn’t want to be burnt because of the heat , the first thing to

top off this list of beach essentials is sunscreen.This is all you need to protect

yourself against the harmful rays of the sun and keep everyone’s skin nice and

healthy , so don’t forget to pack it in your backpack.


You might also want to carry some lip balm and other moisturizing products , to

help you take care of your lips and prevent them from getting cracked or champed

,when in doubt moisturize.

















Ice Box


Nothing says beach like an ice box , you not having a cooler with you is not a

great idea.Being in the sun for so long sure does make you thirst and reaching for

something cold would really make you feel much better , not forgetting that you

need to have a place to store all your food as well.


Getting a cooler will always keep you cool when its hot , its very important for you

to drink alot of water when you’re active because you’ll be able to prevent your

body from being dehydrated.Not carrying this item on your trip , will make you’re

time less enjoyable.


In addition , this would be a really good remainder for parents to stock up on food

and drinks.Your children will be doing alot of running around and being in the sun

for a while , can leave them very dehydrated.So having some food will keep their

energy where it needs to be , allowing them to have even more fun.



Beach Toys


Building sand castles and feeling the water running through your feet are some of

the things that children think about , even before going to the shore.Spending time

over the weekend with your family has to be fun , which is why you need to carry a

few beach toys with you before leaving for the house.


Playing a few games while you’re there , would really make your toddlers

weekend one that they smile about , so if you don’t have any toys in the

house.Ordering some online , would help you have a fun time. Sand castles don’t

build themselves you know , so be prepared.

















Beach Furniture


If you’re thinking of things to bring to the beach when you’re out with your family ,

you need to bring some furniture with you , one of the some of the essential

pieces that you might want to carry is a beach canopy and chair.They’ll really

come in handy when you’re looking to escape the heat of the sun and are just

trying to relax for a bit.





Having fun and going for a dip in the ocean , sure does sound like a good

time.Which is why you’ll need to have the right kind of apparel that will allow you

to enjoy your time.Your family needs to have pairs of swimsuits to keep them

covered even when they decide to have fun in the ocean , don’t leave without

them.Maybe carrying an extra hat & a pair of sunglasses wouldn’t be such a bad

idea at all , as this will allow you to be more protected from the sun.

















First Aid Kit


One of the most important things that you shouldn’t for get to take on your trip is a

First aid kit , keeping your children safe from harm is one of the many

responsibilities that we have as parents. Even though they might not be any

harmful objects while you’re there , you being prepared will help you deal with

those small cuts and bruises more effectively.Fun times also have to be safe ones

too , having everything ready will allow you to be ready for any emergencies.



Swimming Gear


Being so close to the shore , your children would really love to play in the water

and as parents.You need to equip them adequately to ensure that they’re safe and

providing them with items such as floaters , life jackets , fins , masks and

snorkels.Are a few of the things that will allow you to keep them safe whilst they

enjoy their time out in the sun.So when packing up , remember that you need to

carry these things along with you.









Tote Bags


Looking through this list , there are so many things that are on it and having a

couple of bags with.Will make things easier.When it comes to storing your

valuables , having a tote bag would make your trip much easier on you.Carrying

valuable items means that you might want to carry bags that you can zip up , so

that you don’t misplace anything that you take.



Water Proof Camera


Capturing the fun moments that you have with your family , is what will make that

day leave forever.Being at the beach , it s really easy for our phones and cameras

to get wet.A really great item that you’ll need to take with you is a waterproof

phone case , carrying this case would allow you to capture these fun moments

without getting to worry about your mobile device.


If you’re still skeptical about buying a waterproof phone case for your phone , then

you can invest in a camera that’s water resistant.Wouldn’t it be great for you had

some photos in the house to show for the fun times you had at the beach ? , so

next time don’t leave your camera with you and share your time through pictures.




Those are some of the family beach essentials that you need to take with you , its

all about enjoying yourselves and sharing your time together.



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