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Our children need to have a good nights rest but this doesn’t happen when they

stay up all night , the best way to make sure that they achieve this is by making

them a good bedtime routine.Showing you some of the examples or ideas of

things that you might want to consider when creating this evening checklist , is

what we’ll help you with in this post.


There are many reasons why a child should have a bedtime routine and one of

the main ones to consider , is that it’ll allow them to have enough energy to have a

productive day.With schools in session , our children will be spending more time in

the classroom learning and waking up on the right side of the bed.Will definitely

help them stay focused with their work and also have fun at the play ground too.


According to a post about the importance of a routine in childhood by Melbourne

Child Psychology , it was mentioned that having them follow a routine during their

childhood will actually help them form good habits and this makes it even more of

a reason for us parents to take up the idea of creating a an evening routine for our

kids.Below are some of the small things that you might want to think about , when

creating their night routine before school.



















A Good Bedtime Story


Getting to end the day on a high note would really put a big smile on your

children’s faces and this is why you should consider reading them a bedtime story

, having a great tale which you can read to them will make the last hours of the

day more special.


We often don’t get to spend enough of our time with them during the week and

doing small things like this , is a really good way to bond within a short period.This

way you can also ask them about how their day went and show them how much

you love and care about them , tucking them in at night might seem like a small

thing to you but it means alot to them.So find them something nice to read them ,

it helps them have less nightmares and think more happy thoughts.



Good Time To Prep


As mentioned earlier , we would like our children to have a nice day tomorrow and

using the time before they go to sleep wisely is important.They can use it to get

everything ready by putting organizing the things they need to carry , making

Monday mornings less hectic for everybody and ensure that you leave the house

on time.Having everything in place the night before , just makes everything easier

and makes it even harder for you to disregard it.



















Good Hygiene Habits


What is a good bedtime routine without adding any good personal hygiene ,

teaching your kids some good hygiene habits when they’re young will make it

easier for them to continue practising them as they grow older.Making sure that

they get to brush their teeth before going to bed will help them prevent any

unwanted bacteria from building up and this will allow them to have healthier teeth

, adding this to their nightly timetable will improve their well being.You can

encourage them to brush their teeth by joining them , am sure it’ll be something

fun to do.



No Tech Till Tomorrow


Another idea which you might want to consider is taking away all their smart

phones and other electronic devices , before they turn in for the night.In a post

about how blue light affects kids & sleep by The Sleep Foundation , it was stated

that the blue light emitted from our screens can delay the hormones that induce

sleep and this will cause or children to stay awake at night.So you taking limiting

the time they spend on their devices is doing them a very big favour , even though

they might not see it from that point of view.Putting them away for about an hour

or two before bed , will do them a huge favour and give them all the rest that they

need to have a positive day.



















Appropriate Time For Bed


One of the first things to consider before you begin creating a schedule for them

to follow during the night , you’ll have to think about how much time would be

appropriate for them to sleep.With all the activities that we’ve mentioned above ,

its essential that you select a good time for them to actually hit the hay.


Its recommended that children should have at least 8 - 10 hours of sleep each day ,

so making sure that all the other things they’ve got to do are done in good

time.Will make it much easier for them to get the rest that they need.You don’t

want them to wake up feeling tired because they stayed up all night , so try to

make sure that you give them just enough time to sleep and this will make it

much easier for you to get them out of bed in the morning to take on the day.




Those are some of the small things that parents should consider when coming up

with an evening routine for you children , this might look like a pretty small list that

we have provided. However , it’ll help you form the foundation of a solid bedtime

schedule for your kids to follow.


Having this in place is all about ensuring that they get to do everything they want

at the right time , just before they go to bed and also double up as a way to have a

smooth Monday morning. By getting to leave the house just in time to reach

school early and have some fun learning.


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