Bedtime rules for children


Bedtime Rules For Children





























Establishing a list of bedtime rules , is one way  that parents can make sure that

their kids will get all the rest that they need throughout the night.Getting to put

your kids to sleep can be a fight because they might feel like they’re incharge of

their own bedtime , which will only make things alittle bit more unbearable for



Getting to stay up and sleep whenever they choose , is something that would

make it harder on themselves when you try to wake them up during the

week.Creating a bedtime routine is all about setting guidelines that they should

follow during the night and in this article , you’ll get to learn a few rules that make

the evening a breeze.




















Go To Bed On Time


The main purpose of setting up these  rulers and guidelines is to ensure that your

kids get enough rest and best way to do that , is by making sure that they get to

bed on time.Them staying up late to watch cartoons or play video games , is only

going to make it harder for you to wake them up for school the next day.The thing

about setting the right time for them to sleep , is all about ensuring that they get to

rest for the recommended amount of time.Which , according to the sleep

foundation is 10 to 11 hours(Depending on the age group)


As this gives them the energy that they need to have a fun day tomorrow , if the

kids are staying up till 10 pm at night.It would be really difficult for them to wake

up with a smile on their face in the morning.So if you’ve been looking for one rule

to make when it comes to ensuring that your kids sleep early , this would be a

great place to start.



Don’t Use Your Phones At Night


In This day and age , it has become easier for us to access information within a

few clicks because of the mobile devices that we’ve got.Your children might want

to get a few extra hours of television or gaming even after you send them to sleep

, which is why parents need to ensure that they prevent their kids from using their

electronics before and whilst they’re in the bedroom.


This will not only give them less of a destruction but it also doubles up as a way to

prevent their eye sight from being damaged , due to the blue light that’s emitted

from these devices.As its known to affect our eyesight negatively when used in

low light , just because you send them to their rooms for bed.It doesn’t mean that

they should be on their phones and if collecting them is the only way that will help

them , then that’s what you need to do.




















Homework & Prepare For School


During the week , it would be great if you ensure that your kids get to school on

time and a good way to do this is making them time enough in their night

routine.For them to organize themselves and get all their homework done , you

don’t want your kids to be slacking in terms of their academics and this is why you

need to set them on the right path.


Getting involved with their school work , is all about giving them time during the

day to work on the skills that they’ve acquired and get better.Setting this activity

up in the evening will also give them all that they need to prepare for their day

tomorrow , making those Monday trips to school less hectic for everyone.


Having a good day is just as good as preparing for one and this is a great habit to

instill in your kids as they grow up , doing this activity would make things easier

for them and give them less to think about.



Need A Trip To The Bathroom


Hygiene is really important and this is why parents need to make it a priority in the

home , creating good habits is one thing that starts out small.Getting them to

brush their teeth and have a shower before bed , are the little things that will keep

their personal hygiene in check and when they practise this more consistently.It

will give them a good chance to create positive habits even when they grow older

,it all starts from the little things that we do.




















Family Activity Time


The last rule that you need to setup is ensuring that you spend time together as a

family ,  even during the last moments of the day.Each member of the household

has got something to do and this makes it hard to be involved in the lives of  one

another , so sparing a few hours in the evening to enjoy your day will give you the

time you need to bond and have fun as a family.


Bedtime doesn’t have to be so bad , reading them a story or talking about their

day.Will make you connect and that’s the whole point of making this a rule

because a family that sticks together , stays together.End the day on a high by

putting a smile on their faces , make some memories before tucking them in at




Those are some of the bedtime rules that you can implement in your home , if

you’re looking to create a more positive night time routine for your kids.Even

though this might be a good list of rules but parents need to understand that

everything takes time , because change doesn’t happen without effort.


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