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Being Independent







































The most important person in your life is yourself and you becoming your best self is only

going to happen if you make decisions that will make life work, being less dependent on

others should always mean that you need to cut people off all the time.


However, it’s about being able to full depend on yourself and take more responsibility over

what happens in your own future. Being more independent doesn’t happen overnight,

however there are a couple of things which individuals can add to their lifestyle that will

make it easier for you to experience more freedom.





Who Are You?


The first step that you’ll need to take when it comes to becoming more independent is

getting to know who you are, knowing oneself is more than just being able to find what we

do and don’t like but more importantly.


Getting to know yourself is all about being able to understand your flaws because in

weakness we find strength, nobody in this life is perfect but this doesn’t mean that we

should be prone to making the same mistakes.


Embracing your flaws isn’t the easiest thing because the truth hurts when you don’t want

to hear it, however knowing what you can’t do will help you set yourself up on the right

path. Becoming more independent starts whenever you feel comfortable with oneself.

Are you comfortable with who you are?






















The best way to build up more courage and confidence even as you look to become a

more independent person is by knowing your drive, each person gets motivated differently.

The thoughts that we have in our minds will only remain dreams if we don’t work towards

them, so why do you want to an achiever?.


The good thing about having a dream or vision is that only you know how it can be

accomplished and if you let someone else take hold of this, then you start to leave their

dreams not yours.


Being motivated shouldn’t be a mood or a feeling it should be something that lives within

you constantly, as you keep on trying to make a positive change in your life.


Independence is all about being free to do what you want and the fact that you’ve only got

one life, should be more than enough inspiration for you to take matters in your own






Focus on You


Focusing all your effort on achieving the goals that you have set out, is the best way to

make things shift in a more positive direction in your life but with so many distractions that

we encounter throughout the day.


It becomes very difficult for us to place ourselves in the right position to fulfil our

obligations and this will only keep us stuck in the same loop, true independence is gained

when you’re willing to focus on yourself.


Each time you keep paying attention to things that don’t serve you any purpose in life will

hinder you from unlocking the best version that you can be, it’s the small decisions like

deciding to put in that extra work which . will make all the difference.


So instead of being with people that don’t appreciate you for what you’re, use that time

and put it into something that will be useful.




















 Own It


It’s one thing to what to be independent and another to actually be willing to stick with it,

not everyone in this life in total control of their destiny because they aren’t ready to take what comes with being free.


If you don’t fight or even struggle a bit in order to experience what you can really achieve

in this life , then is what you want really worth fighting for?.


Don’t be afraid of not being able to have a smooth path in life because each person has a

different race to run so don’t feel like your story has to be similar with other people, don’t

let your setbacks determine limit the kind of potential you can reach.


Own it and take charge over your life because you only have one shot at life, so hold

yourself accountable and find ways to improve yourself constantly.





You Are Who You Are


The most important tip you’ll need to remember even as you try to become more

independent is that you’ll have to be yourself, there’s no one else on the planet that can

take that from you.


Don’t compare yourself and try to be like someone else, when you start to do this. There’s

nothing wrong with being inspired by any person but when you begin to make them a

standard for your life, then you start to set the wrong kinds of expectations.


Be you and love who you are because not only are you unique but having a fulfilling life

will leave a positive impact on the lives of others.





One of the main reasons why it’s important for each person to aspire the positive attitude

of being independent is because our lives impact more than just our own and this reason

is what should keep on motivating you to keep pushing forward.






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Date : 4th March 2022

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