How to be productive at home


How To Be Productive At Home






























Being at home , you get to work in the comfort of your pajamas which is definitely

great.However being productive may seem to be a problem, especially when you

consider that the you can go to your bed at anytime without being asked

questions.Which is why we’ll share some of the tips on how you can maximize

your time at home by being productive , by the end of this post you should

be able to add some of these tips to your day and become more successful with

whatever work you’ve been given.


Here’s alittle bit of food for Thought…..


We have all been given 24 hours in a day and the way that we use them is what

will determine how successful you’ll be , effort is what separates the achievers

from those that don’t do anything.So keep that in mind as you go about your day.




















1. Start Your Day Right


One of the first things that you might want to do is to plan what you’re going to do

throughout the day , making sure that you do this step will help you do things

much more take the time to sit down and take a look at how you’re

going to spend your 24 hours , this will let you also set up the right time that you

feel you’re most productive.Knowing when you’re the most effective, will allow you

to do more with your day,So planning becomes a very effective tool for you to that

will help will actively enable you to prepare for your what you have to do .



2. A  Clear Work Space 


When your working from home , the best thing to do is to find a room that is

separate from both your bed and your living room. Having a clear space will help

you become more productive , an organized working space is very essential.


Some research  has shown that working from a clean environment will allow you

to be more productive , by allowing you to stay focused on the things that you’re

doing.Being focused will improve your work rate , which is something that we

would all want especially that we when we are at home.So if you have an empty

room that you don’t use you might want to turn it into your home office with some

cheap and quality office equipment.



3. Don't Work Infront Of The Tv 


Being productive will often be paired with staying focused , one way to maintain

your focus is by getting rid of the distractions.These can be anything that will

cause you to be less productive during that period , so things such as the

television set , mobile phone and even your children at times will deter you from

actually putting in the effort that you need to put in.


Therefore , you have to try by all means to be in a place that has no things that will

make you shift your focus.Making it even more essential to work from a different

room as mentioned earlier , sometimes you have to feel like your in a working

environment to feel like working.



4. Turn Off Alerts or Flight Mode


We usually use the flight mode option on our phones when we’re on flights but ,

you might also have to use it even here.Putting your devices into this mode will

prevent you from receiving any alerts and this will prevent you from checking your

phone , however if you’re still feeling the urge to use your phone don’t worry.

There are a couple of applications that you might find on your respective app

stores to help you with that , as some of them have the ability to block you from

using particular apps for a certain time period.




















5. Be Well rested


Even though you might be doing things from the comfort of your own home ,

ensure that you have the right amount of sleep.This will allow you to stay active

throughout the day , it was recommended  in an article by the sleep foundation

that we should rest for atleast 7 - 8 hours per day.Resting allows the body to

restore your energy and has also been proven to improve brain productivity ,

making sure that you have enough rest is very helpful for your daily routine.



6. Follow through


The most essential part of anything that your doing is the follow through , most of

the people make resolutions at the start of the year but fail to achieve them.The

fail nor because they don’t want to , but it more about them not being able to align

themselves with the method.To be successful , you have to be productive in the

way you want to achieve your goal.Try to follow through with what you say ,

making this effort will allow you to get to were you want to be.



7. Time Schedule


Having a time schedule will help you to actively plan for what you’re supposed to

be doing , this why we had talked about planning earlier on in the post. As that

process will help you create a schedule that best suits you , answering the

question of whether you’re a morning or night person will help you determine your

level of productivity.We all have different ways of doing things, so finding the right

schedule for you is very essential.



8. Breaks Also Help With Productivity


Working consistently might only make you feel tired, which is why you have to

schedule regular breaks most of the time.These breaks will allow your brain to rest

for a bit and also give you the time to unwind , this would be a great time to

schedule a nap too. However you can also use this time to do whatever will keep

your mind off work.




















9. Positivity


Thinking positive is very helpful when it comes to being productive , as it will allow

you to actually put in more effort each time you work.This will allow you to be more

hopefull aboout what you’re doing because , you know that you’ll be expecting

something big to come out of it.Don’t let negativity interfere with your progress and

never give up.




10. To Be Productive You Have To Work Hard 


Nothing beats hard work, in order for you to be productive and achieve anything

you’ll have to put in the time.The only thing that separates you from getting that

house that you’ve been eyeing is hard work , so ensure that you put in alot of

effort each time that you’re working.


The small work that you do now will impact your future in a very positive way.So

this also goes to show that you should prioritize whats important and stay focused.



11. Smaller Tasks First


Being productive also means you have to do things much more effectively when

you work and like the famous saying goes , you have to work smarter . So doing

the easier and smaller tasks first will leave you much more time to deal with the

difficult ones , so strategies can also be used to make you much more efficient



12. Stop Procrastination


Procrastinating is one of the main reasons why people are less productive and

when you begin to push things forward you’ll only affect the rate at which you’ll be

successful.Being this way will only make you lazy and most likely to give up on

whatever you’re trying to do , so whenever its time to follow your routine just go

ahead and do it.Being at home doesn’t make it easier for any of us but , we just

have to push through it.



Those are some of the tips on being productive that you might want to try , make

sure to practice them each day and you’ll put yourself in a better position of

becoming consistent at home.





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