Mistakes made by parents


Big Mistakes That Parents Make



























You being a parent doesn’t make you any less human , because parents are also

prone to making mistakes.The best thing that we can all do , is try and find ways

to limit the amount of times we actually cause our children to feel sad and frown

throughout the day.Even before we look at some of the biggest mistakes that are

common during parenting , its important to remind you that acknowledging our

wrongs.Will only help us to develop and become the parents that our children will

need to have a better childhood.
















Forgetting The Important Dates


One of the most common blunders that you as a guardian might make atleast

once in a while , is forgetting the important dates.Forgetting your kids birthday , is

one of those things that your children will continue to nag you about and this

makes it a big problem moving forward.There are so many things that we’re

involved with during the week that keep us busy , making it easier for us to forget

the important dates in our childrens calender.


Just because you’ve missed this day , it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them

any less.Of course , our children might not be too happy with us but am sure you’ll

know how to cheer them up again. There are other events like concerts , sports

games and play dates.That your kids would love you to attend.However , you not

showing up a will negatively affect their confidence.Guardians can fix this by

making sure that you plan ahead and take note of all their events , especially

there birthdays.



Treating Our Children Badly


When it comes to the way we treat our kids , its very easy for parents to start

treating our children negatively.This might be because of the way they acted

towards you even though you’re looking to discipline your children , its not an

opportunity for you to give them something that too unbearable for them.


They’re still your kids at the end of the day and they’re prone to make mistakes

because their still growing up , Yelling at them might actually drive a wedge in

between the two of you.The consequences or punishment that you give your

children , is all about showing them what is right or wrong.So that they can grow

and know that their actions have consequences.
















Not Being Actively Involved


Bad treatment might also come about in another form , such as being uninvolved

in their lives.Not spending time with your children is a big mistake that we all

make , we often feel like providing the things that our children need can be a

substitute for our presence.Which is wrong , parenting is all about guiding our

children through life and the only way that you can do this is by spending time



Uninvolved parenting can have a long lasting effects in our kids , you need to find

more ways to bond as a family.Don’t make the mistake of thinking the best gift will

make you have more time to be away , becoming a better mother or father is all

about doing what you can to be more active in their lives.



Not Asking For Forgiveness


You not getting to acknowledge your mistakes as a parent is not only important for

you when trying to be better for your children but , its also shows your kids that

you’re a really good role model.You being the adult in the home doesn’t mean that

you can suppress your families feelings , even if you might not have intentional

meant to hurt them.Its very important for you to show that you love and care about

them bu apologizing for what you did , setting a good example will allow to help

your children adopt the right morals.Charity does begin at home , so try your best

to be a good role model.
















Who Is The Better Child ?


When you’ve got more than one child in the home , its going to be very easy for

you to compare one sibling to the other.Which is a common parenting issue that

we all face , each of your kids are different in personality and behaviour.Its all

about finding creative ways to approach them , doing it wrongly can make them

feel like you don’t like who they’re and can cause them to distance themselves

from you.


What might work for once child might not work for the other , keep trying to make

them feel like loved and cared for.Even when they might not show you the right

attitude , kids should be comfortable with who they are as they grow up.



Making Assumptions


The worst thing that you can do when raising your kids , is getting to make

assumptions of what they do even before you get to talk to them.Doing this can

cause alot of misunderstandings and might make the environment less

comfortable , before you quickly jump into conclusions.Its very important for you

have a conversation with them about why they acted that way because

sometimes you never know what their going through.


Communication with the members of your family , is the only way you’ll be able to

know how they’re doing.So next time don’t be to quick and jump to conclusions.Its

important for you to stay relaxed and calm , when you need them to talk and open

up more.
















Allowing Them To Feel Entitled


We all need to take care of our children , but its not about making them feel

entitled to receiving special treatment.Getting to spoil our children by giving them

the stuff they want all the time , is not good for them because it might cause them

to expect to be treated like that by everyone.You being able to say no sometimes ,

is a good way to let them no that.They shouldn’t expect to be given everything in

life , so its all about raising children that will be respectful towards other people as




Controlling & Decision Making


One of the last thing that we’re going to look at , is getting to be controlling of our

kids.Especially when it comes to your teenagers.Parents need to let their young

adults make choices for themselves. Its very easy fro you being an adult to feel

the need to make choices for them , but this is a big mistake.Don’t try to live your

goals and dreams through them because they’re there own people , A healthy

parent child relationship is based on boundaries.


Giving teenage children the privacy and space to start doing their own thing , will

allow them to become more independent.Your children are all grown up now and

this is something hard for parents to deal with because you’ve been looking after

them for so long.You won’t get to monitor them each and everyday of their lives ,

parents need to make sure that you guide them on the right path.

















Getting to say negative things about them is another way that we as parents fail to

keep the relationship positive , the words we say to our children can really hurt

them and we need to be more mindful of the things we say.We can make

mistakes but , its all about ensuring that you change and get better for your

children.Parenting is all about learning from our thing we experience and use

them to be better , so don’t feel bad about making a couple of errors here and



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Date : 18 Jan 2021

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