Chassis Control System Error Q50? Quick Fix

Chassis Control System Error Q50/Q60
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The Chassis Control System Error Q50 is a significant concern in Infiniti Q50 vehicles from 2014, 2015, or later, as well as in Q60 models. It indicates problems with essential engine and chassis systems.

To fix the Chassis Control System Error Q50: Turn off the car, disconnect the battery, Remove the front fascia, and hoses, drain fluids, Reinstall the fascia, restart, and seek professional help for complex cases.

Addressing this error promptly is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive outline to help you understand and Fix this Error effectively.

Understanding the Error

When your vehicle displays the Chassis Control System Error Q50, it’s signaling a problem with essential engine and chassis systems.

This is not a glitch to be ignored. Timely attention is crucial to avoid potential complications down the road.

Causes of the Control System Error Q50

Several factors can trigger this error:

Powertrain Issues:

  • Poor connections within the powertrain system can lead to errors.

Faulty ECM – TCM Connectors:

Damaged Wiring Harnesses:

  • Wiring harness damage can disrupt communication between critical systems, triggering an error.

Diagnosis Process

Diagnosing the involves:

Error Code Review:

  • Start by reading the error code stored in the vehicle’s system to pinpoint the issue.

Fault Tree Analysis Tool:

  • Use a fault tree analysis tool to systematically identify the root cause of the error, ensuring a comprehensive diagnosis.

How to Fix Control System Error Q50

Here’s how to tackle the issue:

Resolution Steps:

  • Turn off the vehicle and disconnect the battery.
  • Carefully remove the front fascia, disconnect the hoses, and drain the fluids.
  • Reinstall the fascia and restart the vehicle.

Professional Assistance:

#infiniti Q50 / Q60 #1 common problem
  • While basic troubleshooting can help, we’re advised to seek professional help.
  • Dealership technicians have the expertise and specialized tools to handle such intricate problems effectively.


Acting promptly on the Chassis Control System Error is your best approach. Don’t delay in addressing it.

Understanding the potential causes and utilizing proper diagnosis and repair methods can ensure your Infiniti Q50 remains in its best condition, minimizing any disruptions to your driving experience.

How-to-Fix the Error – Steps


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