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What To Do When Your Child Betrays Your Trust





































One of the most important aspects of a strong relationship between any parent

and child is trust , having this is what will make your connection strong.Having a

solid bond within the household would allow your kids to open up and tell you

about whats going on in their lives , because they believe that you’ll be able to

understand them and each parent would love their children to confide in them.


However , what are you supposed to do when your child breaks your trust by

doing something they aren’t supposed to ?.It would be extremely easy for all of us

to feel bad and quickly translate , into a punishment because of what they

did.Doing this without properly explaining how you feel might ruin your relationship

and finding a different approach is essential , whenever you’re trying to maintain

the positive environment in the household.

















One of the first things that you’d have to do is try to talk about how it affected you ,

parents need to have family meeting where they can talk about matters that press

the family.Talking about how their actions made you feel , might help them realize

what it meant to you and see your side of things.


Just because they hurt your feelings it doesn’t automatically mean that it was

purpose fully done.It always good not to assume things to prevent

misunderstandings from happening ,speaking your mind is always the best way to

go and a good place to start from.





A key part to ensuring that you rebuild the trust that you’ve got with your children

is by taking action , by this we mean that you’ve got to show them alittle bit of

tough love.Acknowledging that they we’re wrong is one thing but , getting them

not to repeat the same act is another.This is where discipline comes in , whenever

parents think of this.Its often centered around providing your child with a

punishment but its not just about that , you need to help them understand their

wrongs and the consequences that come with those actions.


Like for instance , if they asked you to buy them something.You can tell them that

you’ll get it for them later , showing them tough lobe is all about helping them

realized that they should respect the bond that you share.















Be Patient


One of the things parents need to note when children make mistakes or lie , is try

to remain calm and relaxed.This is really hard to do , especially when they

betrayed your trust.You need to remember that your children are still growing up

and because of this , they’re prone to making alot of mistakes from time to time.


Which is why you need to be more patient with your children try to understand

them , being supportive parents is all about helping your children be better with

their lives.So just because they break the trust it doesn’t mean that your

relationship should be put on hold , staying patient will allow you to become up

with good ways of how you’ll be able to rebuild the trust that was lost.



When our children lie to us or do something that we don’t like , its very important

for parents to be mindful of the way they take action because doing it the wrong

way.Will cause you to have a bad relationship with your child and this will have

long lasting effects , which might keep the two of you apart.These points above

should help you approach things differently and keep you on the right track when

it comes to correcting your children.


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Date : 09 Jan 2021

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