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Each parent wants their child to be successful in whatever they do in life but in order to set

them up on the right path , its essential for parents to know that failure is also plays a

major role when it comes to achieving anything.


The one mistake that some parents make is getting to shield their children from this truth

and when you do this , it becomes easier for them to feel frustrated or beat themselves up

.Solely because they weren’t able to have the results they wanted and as guardians ,

 making sure that you’re by their side when they feel this way to encourage them.


Helps them get right back on their feet and gives them the zeal to keep on going , so if

you’ve got a child that keeps on getting upset each time they make mistakes.Below are

tips that will allow you to handle the situation better because everyone goes through these

moments but its how we react , that determines the future.





Your Experiences


Being a mother or father is about guiding your children through life , encountering

moments like them failing in school. Shouldn’t give you the opportunity to lash out or take

out your frustration , but it gives you as a parent the chance to inspire them.


Sharing some of your experiences in which things didn’t turn out the way you’d have liked

, will make them feel more encouraged .Knowing that the Mom and Dad were able to

overcome failure would allow them to learn that not being able to succeed doesn’t mean

you can’t try again , this is just one of the ways to motivate your children.




















Lesson Learned


Failure only becomes more harmful to children and adults if we don’t make the correct ,

seeing your child make mistakes shouldn’t make you as a parent feel like you haven’t

done a good job.


Raising children is a lengthy process and as they grow up , they’ll be able to learn how to

carry themselves better.Meaning they’ll get to make less errors throughout their lives but

this shouldn’t stop you from being able to let them no what is right.


Making your children better is all about being able to let them learn from he mistakes , its

all about finding the value because getting to know what caused them to be in that

position.Prevents them from going through the same cycle , which is a good reminder for

parents to take their time when trying to correct their children’s mistakes.


Rushing through this process will leave more than enough room for those same errors to

reoccur , having the right setup will lay a good foundation for life and thats why you should

take your time.





Parental Awareness


Not being able to fulfil an objective can make anyone feel upset and whenever your

children gets mad after making a mistake , it can be very difficult for parents to stay

calm but being understanding might help you stay composed.


Your children look up to you and them not doing well in school or making failing to do

something you’ve taught them , might make cause children to think parents would love

them less but this only stays true if you let it.Children will always be children and even as

they get to grow , expect them to make mess up because  they have a lot to learn.


Telling them the same thing over and over again can feel frustrating but remain calm

because when they get older , you’ll be able to reap the rewards of not giving up on

them.No two children are alike , so it’ll take more time for others to grasp something and

that’s okay.


Slow progress is still progress.




















Fear of Failure


Yelling and shouting at your children whenever they mess up can have a negative impact

on their confidence moving forward , them growing up feeling like they can’t do anything

right is only building up fear.


Not trying to attempting anything is worse than failing because if they don’t give it a shot ,

then they’ll never know and this is something parents need to take note of when handling

situations such as this.Be mindful of the things you say to your children because words

will either make or break them , always aim to be that pillar of support in their lives and

keep on encouraging them constantly.


Mistakes shouldn’t dictate what kind of people your children are going to be , having fear

is only going to limit there true potential but having the ability to guide them through this

will allow them to become stronger and achieve more.





Tell Them Who They Are


Having a defeated mindset is the after effect of getting to feel like a failure and as parents ,

seeing your children unhappy doesn’t bring you happiness.Getting to embrace mistakes is

something that’s difficult for both parties but when you’re in the position to make a

difference , then take action by uplifting their spirit.


Finding ways to encourage your children after failing  isn’t easy , however reminding

them of what they mean to you is a great place to start.Bring up scenarios in their lives in

which they were able to overcome challenges is another way you can boost their



Helping them remember what they’ve achieved will make them realize that they’re capable

of success and sometimes just being able to believe in your children is all that it take to

pull them out of that place of negativity.






Raising children is difficult at times because of moments like this but guiding them though

it is what makes them better people ,  parents always need to be ready to pick their kids

up when they fall .


Its perfectly normal for them to make mistakes especially when they’re younger , as you’ll

be able to hold their hand and make sure they stay on the right track .Those are the 5

things to add to your parenting skills that will make your life easier not only for you but

your loved ones , keep on being the best parent.





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