why children need bedtime stories


Why Children Need Bedtime Stories





























After the day is done and all the activities are completed, its time for your children

to turn in for the night.Before they go to sleep , am sure they would love to hear a

nice good bed time story from the people they care about the most.A nice good

story to read is easy to find but , did you know that there is more of a reason why

you should be reading these stories to them and will look at all these in this

post.Below are some of the main reasons why you should continue or start

, reading this practise with your children.





















1. Great Way To Spend Quality Time With Them.


After a very long day at work , seeing your children can be very difficult at times

as they also have some activities that they’re doing such as school.Which will only

leave you with time on the weekends that you might need to yourself , this is why

utilizing this opportunity is the best way to get the time you need.As parents we

should always aim to be involved in the lives of your children , as this will allow

you to ensure that you create a strong bond that will help keep your family

together.Make sure that you make an effort to be by their side right before they

sleep , because it’ll have a very big impact on your relationship.



2. Way To Improve Children’s Reading


One of the best ways that you as parents can help your kids improve on their

reading is by doing this reading activity with them , as its one of the most effective

ways for you to actively help your children.With children , you need to find fun and

interactive ways if you want them to learn things easily.Which is why them

reading bedtime story would be the perfect activity for them to learn without

putting in to much effort , this is a really good way for them to improve on their

pronunciation of words.Not forgetting that it helps with spelling too , making this

good for them.




















3. Quick Check Up On Your Children


When having this special moment with them , it can also be a useful moment to

find out if their doing okay.Most of the time we as parents may assume that our

children might be doing fine , which you can only know if you check up on them.


So you should use this time to find out how their day went or ask them if

everything is going okay , this will give you more insights on your childrens well

being.Parents have to be emotionally available for them and talking to them is the

best way.




4. Love & Care


Showing love and care is what each of us as parents should be able to do , as this

will help you create a safe and comfortable environment for your children to grow

up in.Which is why you’ll have to make sure that you take sometime out of your

day just for this , being their to give them some hugs and kisses as you read will

make it more of an experience that they’ll never forget.Children need all the love

and care from their parents , so make sure you show them that you appreciate

them by showing them your love.





















5. Stories Are Fun For The Children


The best to end the day is on a fun and high note , children would love to fall

asleep to the exciting stories form their parents would be great.Parenting should

be an exciting time shouldn’t be boring at all , so make sure that you make the

reading experience something to remember.


Its always nice for children whenever their parents get involved in activities that

they like , besides putting a smile on their faces is always a good thing to

do.Having sometime to do something fun is great for all of you as a family and this

reading time , should be a great way to all laugh and read some great stories.




6.  Good for Cheering kids Up


Bedtime stories are fun and there also a very great way for you as a parent to

cheer your child up , especially when they had a bad day.This activity is a good

way for you as a parent to give them something good to look forward to at the end

of a tough day , school can be a really tough for our children at times.


Turning that frown upside down would be a very nice and thoughtful thing you can

do as a parent , young children can easily become sad or upset and this is why

finding a way to cheer them up is very essential.





















7. Bedtime Stories Are Good For The Memories


Memories are said to last a lifetime and making good ones is very essential for

each family , which is why making fun memories with your children is a must.

Bedtime stories might not seem like something big but , you’ll be very surprised at

what kind of impact it can have on your children.We all remember the fun

moments that we had with our parents , when we where younger and you know

whats better than that ?.


Creating new moments with your children is definitely better , the fact that your

reading this post means that you’re more kin on improving your relationship with

your children and for that you deserve a pat on the back.Make in memories by

having even more fun with your family , so bedtime stories are just a start to

getting there.






Those are 7 things we thought you might consider when it comes to reading

bedtime stories , as there are so many benefits of doing this activity with

them.Being involved with your children is all you need to become the parent that

they need you to be , so make an effort to always be their for them to tuck them in

at night.


This is just a small way that you can show your children that you love them and

you care for them , you don’t have to do something grand in order for you to make

them happy.Even the small things that you can be just as essential in creating that

special relationship that will keep your family closer together , so find some fun

and exciting books for you to read.


Hopefully you’ve picked a thing or two from this post , positive and fun parenting is

the way to go if you want to be a great parent.






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