Hygiene Habits Children Need
Habits Children Need To Know

As parents your are responsible for your children and one of the things that you

will have to teach them is how they can carry themselves even when your not with

them , teaching them some healthy hygiene habits that can help them get through

the day is essential.In this blog post we’ll cover some off the habits you can show

them which will allow them to stay health and clean through out the day. So by the

end of this post you should be well on your way to showing them some of these

healthy habits.



Why Is It Important To Show Kids Personal Hygiene ?


Teaching children these things is very important because there are so many

germs and bacteria that we come into contact with throughout our daily activities

, these things can cause as to fall ill if we don’t stay clean through the day.


For children they’re very active and like to get their hands dirty, so teaching them

ways on how to take good care of themselves is very essential.That being said

here are some of the hygienic habits that you need to teach your children in order

for them to look after themselves when their alone at home ,school or even as the

play in the park.



1. Oral Health (Brushing Teeth)


Brushing teeth each day is very essential as it helps prevent the build up of

plaque in the mouth, this plaque is usually caused by food particles that are stuck

in between the teeth.Which makes it even more important for them to brush their

teeth, however you have to ensure that they brush their teeth atleast once in the

morning and right before they sleep.


Doing this will help them reduce the bacteria build up in the mouth, brushing teeth

also helps with bad breath as well.Below are a few steps that you can follow when

brushing your teeth.

















You can also try to make sure that they use a good toothbrush and have

toothpaste that contains fluoride as this will help protect the teeth, showing them

how to floss can also be a great addition to their oral hygiene.



2. Coughing / Running Noise


Teaching a child how they can deal with a runny noise is also something that they

have to know, according to some research over 100,000 germs into the air which

is quite a lot.Showing them how to cough and sneeze appropriately well help them

to spread these germs to others when they’re in public, one of the most common

ways to do it is by sneezing or coughing In a tissue or they could also sneeze into

their elbow as well.



3. Washing Your Hands


Most of our children have a habit of touching alot of things whilst they play and

move about the place ,most of these objects might be covered in germs as well as

bacteria.Which when ingested can cause them to go through a lot of pain , this

makes teaching them how to wash their hands even more important.Telling them

that the should wash their hands each time before they eat will prevent these

germs from being spread and ingested in the stomach , but this also applies to

when the finish using the restroom as well.


Children should have good had hygiene at all times to help them stay safe from

any harmful substances.






















4. Cleanliness


Healthy habits also means we should also help our children maintain a clean

environment, this is by ensuring they clean up after themselves each time they

make a mess up. This should also go for their bedroom spaces as well , if these

spaces aren’t clean it becomes very easy for bacteria to accumulate. Having a

nice clean environment for them to leave in is very important, this also means that

you check on whether they’re wearing clean clothes , a pair of clean bedding and

so on.






















5. Bathing


Lastly on this list we have bathing, taking a shower or a bath each day will allow

you to keep the body clean and help you get rid of germs that you might have

come in contact with during the day ,besides bathing is an opportunity for them to

play with their favourite toys.Making it a habit to take a bath after they have been

playing outside is something you might what to think about.


Those are some of the hygienic habits that you should teach your children ,

hopefully you where able to pick a thing or two from this post and apply it in your

kids daily routine. All they have to do is remember to wash their hands each time

they’ve been outside and make sure they use hand sanitizer when the finish using

the bathroom.


However its upto you as parents to help them learn these things so don’t be to

harsh on them if they don’t get it the first time , they will with practise.


Post By Lifestyle’N’stuff 

Date 27 Mar 2020

Hygiene Habits Children Need To Know 

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