you choose who you want to become


You Choose Who You Want To Be 
























Being able to have a choice is one of the gifts that life gives us , which we all take

for granted. Life is a roller coaster and even though its got so many twists , its

hard to say that we don’t enjoy our days from time to time.Adversity is on of the

things that will constantly face which will either make us or break us down and its

all about accepting who you want to be in that particular situation.


Becoming the person you want to be isn’t easy , mostly because of the backlash

that we get from the people around us but to that we say.Life is too short not to do

what you love , helping you figure how to get there.Is the aim of this post by

sharing a few tips to get yourself in the right kind of position because its always

good to be on the right path to success.



What Do You Want


The very first thing that will help you decide the person that you’re looking to

become , its really important for you to know what you’d like to do with your

life.When growing up we all had dreams and aspirations that we’d like to achieve

but as we got older , it our opinion about life gets to change alittle bit because of

the things we experience as time goes by.


Which is why its a really great idea for you to start by asking yourself what’s

important to you , only you know your wants and needs.The key to happiness and

joy is getting to choose what you’d like to do , make life work for you by using it to

your benefit and not allowing it to control your decisions.



It’ll Take Some Time


One of the hardest things that we feel to understand as people  , is that certain

goals and achievements take a while.Even though you can win millions overnight

by playing the lottery , its really hard for you to wake up a new person.The more

we make the right decision that will move us forward , the easier its going to be for

individuals to turn into the people that will do well in the future.


Getting things right is all about consistency and effort , it takes work to make

progress in walk for personal growth.Mistakes do happen from time to time and

these do serve as destruction's for our progression moving forward , but its okay

to make errors in your life because nobody is perfect and the best thing about

making these. Is that we get to learn how not to handle a particular situation and

gives us the room to do match better.



Stick To What You Believe In


The hardest part about following the things that we believe in , is  facing

opposition.When going through adversity its really easy for anyone to give up and

let go of our beliefs.Which is why its essential that we stay focused on yourself

and be willing to stay  strong because they’ll be so many things which will prevent

us from moving forward , being different is raises alot of questions and can lead

people to tear you down.


However , there’s nothing wrong with proving them wrong with your success.

Which is just a reminder that you’ll have to stick to your core values , if you’re

looking to choose who you want to be.



Only You Control The Future


The truth is that , we don’t get to live twice and this should be something that

should help you determine what you’d like your life to be.Its easy for anyone to

feel like they’ve got alot of time but it can go by so fast that all the things we’d like

to do would become less likely , meaning that taking the chances we’ve been

given becomes even more important because we might not get the same chances



Just because life might not be dealing you good cards at the moment , it doesn’t

mean you choose to stop trying to find a way out.We’ll continue going through

hard moments in life but its what happens next , that will impact our lives and this

is why life is a precious gift.So don’t let any situation that you face define who you

are but rather , use them to feel your passion and create something out of what

we’ve been given.



Be You


The best way to express yourself is by being you , Its very hard to find happiness

because its made to suit individual needs.Being true to ones self , is like having a

map that will guide you on the right path and keep you smiling.Everyone is unique

in their own special way  , so there’s no need to spend your time on earth trying to

be like someone else.



Even though we’ve been given a choice on how we’d behave in life , its very

important for you to know that they can have a really big impact on your lives.Not

everyone starts on the same level in life but its up to all of us , when it comes to

becoming better in life and not accepting to be at the bottom is one thing that will

help you get started.


Post By : LifestyleNstuff

Date : 11 March 2021

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