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When our children are at home and have sometime on their hands, getting them

to do a few chores around the house is a good way to utilize that free time.Getting

your children involved with alittle bit of cleaning and tiding up , will make it much

easier for them to develop good hygiene habits.


Finding some chores for them to do can be alittle bit difficult , as you might be

alittle bit tide up with your busy schedule and we’ll help you out with that in this

post.We’ll look at some of the things that you can give them whilst they’re at




Why Are Chores Important For Our Children ?



Your young ones will eventually have to grow up and start to do things on their


own and if you continue to help them , it’ll become very hard for them to do things

alone.Which is why its important for them to have chores to do .


Another positive that is allows our children to become more responsible , which is

a virtue that they need as they’re a getting older. When they manage to do the

jobs that they’ve been given properly , it’ll be easier for them to take on more work

in the future and build up the confidence in their abilities as well.


Being Responsible also helps with accountability as well , which will help them to

own up for whatever they do .If you’ve got more than one child , you can use this

as a way to get them to strengthen their relationship.Keeping the family closer

together is very essential for each of us as parents and using this as a method to

get them to achieve that relationship is great.Chores have got more than one

benefit as seen above which makes them a must for each parent  to consider.























Now that we’ve looked at some of the benefits of giving them these tasks , we can

now look at some of the chores that you can give them.


Even though this title says “Daily chores” , you can stretch these chores out onto

a weekly timetable which will make it easier for  to follow . Its very essential to

remember that you shouldn’t by any means overwork your children , so go easy

on them when giving them chores.


Below is a list of chores that we thought to give you , which you can then give to

your children to do. This list will be separated into different categories to keep it























Kitchen Chores


This is a list of tasks that your children can do within the kitchen area , some

kitchen duty is need to ensure that this area is kept nice and clean.


  • Cleaning The dishes
  • Packing the Dishes Into The Cabinet
  • Making sure that The counter Tops are Clean
  • Keeping the floor clean
  • Organize the snack cabinet
  • Taking out the Trash


Those are some of the ideas that you could uses to allow your child to do within

the kitchen , so sign them up for some kitchen duty and delegate some of these






















Bathroom Chores


Making sure that we maintain good hygiene is very essential and one of the best

ways to ensure this is by keeping the bathroom nice and clean , Now we know

that bathroom chores aren’t the kids favorite.So make sure that you create a

favorable schedule for them and we also came up with some items that might  be 

added to make things easier for them like  making sure there's enough toilet

paper ,soap,mouth wash , Colgate , toilet cleaner e.t.c


  • Cleaning The toilet bowl
  • The Sink has to be clean as well.
  • The floor has to Clean too.
  • Taking The Dirty Towels To Laundry


Those are some of the chores for the bathroom , you can add a few things in case

I missed some and hopefully your children won’t give you trouble when you tell

them to do this work.























Bedroom Chores


Keeping their rooms nice and neat is very essential and this is why we added it to

the list of chores that they’ll have to complete.


  • Dirty Clothes Should Go To The Laundry
  • Tiding up the closet
  • Making there Beds
  • Bedroom Area Must Be Kept clean
























Pet Chores


Children love to have pets , but taking care of them is the part that they usually

forget about.Which is why giving them this particular task , is a great way to

actively take care of the pets that they love.These are a few Ideas of the small

tasks they can complete.


Pets Have To Be Feed

  • Making sure that they Take them out for a walk
  • Keeping Their sleeping spaces clean
  • Picking up after their pets when they make a mess
  • Ensuring their toys aren’t left lying around


If you have a fish tank of course you can’t take them out for a walk but , could you

imagine that.Looking after our pets is a good way of actually ensuring that they

remain healthy .



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Another thing that you might want to add is somethings that they could do outside

the house , like making sure that there's no litter around the area.


There you have it , thats the list of chores ideas that you can give your children.

Hopefully its given you an idea of things that they can help you with.


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Date 05 May 2020

Chore Ideas For Children

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