why christmas is important


Why Christmas Is Important


























Whenever we think about the holiday season , one particular day that comes into

our minds and this day is Christmas.Our children always look forward to this time

of the year but have you ever stopped to wonder , what makes this day so special

for all of us ?.If you’ve been wondering why you need to celebrate and enjoy

yourself during this period , hopefully some of these things that will help you

reconsider and help you feel less like the Grinch this holiday.















End Of The Year


We all know that the 25th of December is only 6 days away from the whole year

coming to an end.With everything that goes on through out this time , its only right

for us to be grateful to have arrived at that moment.We face so many challenges

and difficulties that make us forget just how much lucky we’re to be in the position

we’re in , so this year.


Celebrate this day and enjoy the time you’ve got with your friends , as well as

family because there are people that didn’t have a chance to open up their eyes

and light up the Christmas tree.Use this moment to appreciate your progress and

give thanks for the warmth , as well as the comfort you get from everybody close

to your heart.



Family & Friends


Another reason why Christmas is important for all of us , is that its one time during

the year that everyone will be in one place.For those of us that might be in the

same place as our families , its a really goof time to appreciate the friends that ate

closest to you.Even though our siblings might be the people that cause trouble

and problems , am sure you know that the world wouldn’t be the same if they

aren’t in it.


So just make sure that you enjoy your time together and feel the love that they

provide you with.If you won’t be able to celebrate this moment with them because

you’re so far away , don’t worry.With all the apps and platforms all over the

internet , its not that difficult we mentioned in the point above.


This is a great day to reflect on your life before the end of the year , which is a

good reason to show your family that you value them by having a really nice meal

at the dinner table.Its always great to make new memories with the people that

care about you , its also great way to keep you together.















Important For Religion


Even though Christmas is celebrated by almost everyone in the world , one of the

most important reasons to celebrate it as a christian faithful.Is because this marks

the day that our Lord & Saviour was given onto us for our salvation , just because

we get to drink and eat the best meals money can buy on this particular day.


Its essential for Christians to make a really good look in the mirror and ask

ourselves how well we’ve acted towards others , the whole point of being adopting

this kind of face is to become more like Christ.So this would really be a good time

to remember the Lord and continue to follow him throughout the holiday season ,

so instead of buying yourself the best gift.You might also want to try and help

someone out in need , as this is what Christ would want as to do as well.



Fun Time To Bond


Whenever we celebrate this holiday , its always some thing that puts a really big

smile on our faces because of the fun times that we’re going to expect to

have.With all the Joyful music that will get to sing and all the games we get

play.There’s never a dull moment in the home , joining in the fun is what will make

the mood even better.


This is the one day in the year that you can let go of the serious side of you and

just get to feel the love around you.There’s just something about December that

makes all of us feel happy and wear a big smile on their face , can you imagine

being the only person in the house that doesn’t want to enjoy their time ?.It ruins

pretty much the whole mood and this why you need to be more open this time of

















Watching most YouTube videos and looking on Instagram during this time of the

year , all you get to see is getting decorations and learning the right recipes that

will set the mood for the perfect holiday. If there’s one thing that you need to take

away from this post is this , its not about where you might be or what you’ve

got.Its all about spreading your love to those closest around you , that’s the spirit

of Christmas.


Even as you shop for the perfect gifts , do it with love because you value and

appreciate your loved ones this festive season.


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Date : 07 Dec 2020

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