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Making sure that you keep the house clean and neat is one of the few things that

will make your life alittle bit easier , even though you might feel like this process is

boring.We just have to get the job done , but did you know that this process would

be smoother. If your looking to clean your room in a minute or two , that might not

be possible  but maybe  doing it in under  30 minutes would be  good enough.

In this post , we’ll  look at some of the things  that you can do to  make your

cleaning  experience less  stressful for you.


The most important tip that you’ll need to remember in your life , is the sooner you

get things done the better.So don’t wait for your room to become messy and start

to get things done , if you see something that not in the right place.Then pick it up

and get to organize the place.















Prioritize The Cleaning


The first step that you’ll need to take is making sure you prioritize , we all know

that  there are some jobs that will take more effort and those which can easily be

done.So you creating a cleaning guide , will allow you to much effective with the

way you do things.So if you’re looking to get done with the organizing , then you’ll

have to plan it out and place some tasks before others.Doing this will also allow

you to pick the right time as well , which makes it even more beneficial for you to






To help you have a more effective cleaning session , you’ll need to consider some

of the basics when it comes to making your bedroom look neat and tidy.In order to

help you with what you’re supposed to do , you need to think of SODA and we

aren’t talking about the fizzy one.This is something we came up with to help you

remember the basics

















Making sure that you clean up the floor and sweep under the bed , will allow you

to  get rid of all  the excess dirt that’s  found there.Its also  a good way of finding

things  that you might have  misplaced earlier during the week ,  that fell on  the floor.

If you  get to do this once a week ,  then you won’t need to do it  each and  every

single  day.





Organizing your closet and sorting all the clothes will help you create more space

in your bedroom , which will keep things just as neat.So you’ll have to organize

everything , even the books on the shelf. Just because you think leaving your

clothes piled up in one corner , it doesn’t make it better and you’ll need to

maintain  your living spaces.

















Just like sweeping , dusting is as important.You need to check your window seals

and make sure that nice and clean , you also need to remember to check your air

vents as well.Sometimes the outlet that the air passes through , might have dust

that may have collect overtime and will lead you to have a cold.So you checking

and making sure that you dust all the surfaces will leave you room better than






Whenever you’re cleaning your bedroom over the weekend , it would be good to

have a sweet smelling room as well.Our rooms usually get stuff from time to time

and living the window open at least once in a while.Would help you keep your

room  smelling fresh , you can get yourself Air freshener to help you out with that.



So those are some of the things that you might have to consider , when getting to

clean up your room and you clearing everything up would make things much

easier for you later own.So if you’re looking to clean your room in under 5 minutes

, you’ll have to be more consistent through out the week and only then will you be

able to get things organized much quicker.


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Date : 02 Nov 2020

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