How to keep the house clean


How To Keep The House Clean


























Providing a positive environment for children to grow up in isn’t just about

ensuring you love and care for them but part of it comes by making sure that they

stay healthy and clean throughout the day.One of the ways that parents should be

able to do this is by keeping the house clean , doing this will allow you to provide

that safe environment for all the members of your household.


It might be easy for moms to get the job done but making sure that the other

members of the house like the children have a share in this , will make this job

much easier for you to achieve a tidy home and develop good hygiene habits in

your children.Which will definitely come in handy when you wont be able to keep

an eye on them , if you’re a stay at home mom that can’t seem to get this done.

We’ll lend you a helping hand by showing you some of the easy ways that you’ll

be able to get this under control.


I know it can be hard to take care of your children , not adding the errands that

you’ll have to run.Which is why reading this might actually help you do things

better , everyone has been here before and you’ll be able to sweep it under the

carpet when you’re done with this post.















Making Some House Rules


Keeping things running smoothly around the home will only happen if you put up

some good old house rules , having some guidelines your children can follow has

been the classic way of maintain a tide home that is still quite effective.


Parents will be able to keep the home organized if you we’re to set you some

guidelines for your children to follow through with , its in these rules where you

can priorities cleanliness of the household.Making sure that these are easy to

follow rules , will help you ensure that your children get to follow them and leave

no room dirty.





Another ways that you can flip your messy house into a cleaner one is by giving

your kids a few chores to do during the week , having them take care of the

simple things around the house such as :


Tiding up Rooms

Clearing The Toys

Making Their Bed

Putting Dirty clothes in The laundry Basket


Are a few examples of some of the things which you’ll be able to task them with

,as this will help you keep everything organized.Most parents might see chores as

something that their children shouldn’t do but giving them things will make it

easier for them to start doing stuff more independently as they grow , so try as

much as possible to keep your children active around the house by making them

pull some of the weight and cleaning their own messes.


Leaving the place looking clean is a collective effort and everyone needs to play

their role properly , in order to make it work for them.















Do You Have Any Pets ?


Cleaning up after a big family can be hard especially when you’ve got smaller

children , but remember that your pets are also important members of the

household as well.They’re also likely to add to the mess , the best thing to do is

make sure that you add this to the list of chores too. Cleaning after it and taking

care of it are both important.



Good Cleaning Supplies


Making the process of tiding up the home much easier on you , would only

happen faster if you’ve got the correct utensils to use for the job. Having the

wrong tools for the house , makes this process extra difficult for you to do.


One important things that you’ll have to consider is that the children shouldn’t

handle any chemical substances that are dangerous for them , if possible try to

get them much friendlier chemicals that they can use and also make sure that you

get to supervise them.















Playing And Eating Areas


To minimize the work that you’ll have to do as a family , you might want to reduce

the chances of a mess happening. The best way to do this is by keeping some

areas in the house off limits , in the sense that children aren’t allowed to play or it

from their . Adding this to one of the house rules that we talked about earlier in

this post , will reduce the mess that your kids will get to make.


Our children love to be active and living alittle chaos here and there is likely to

happen , so reducing the areas where they get to play would be a great fix for this




Picking A Specific Day


What do we mean by this , well sometimes things get much easier for us to do

when we split them into individual tasks. Like for instance , having a laundry day

at the end of the week rather than during the middle of the week.


Will allow you to behave effectively do that chore saving you some detergent as

opposed to using it each and every day , so picking a day to complete one chore

can help you lighten the load and help you feel more relaxed



Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Need


The last thing on this list is you getting rid of the items that you might not need in

the home , giving away your old items to those that need them . Only opens up

more space for you in the house and this leave it neat too , so get to declutter

wherever you can.So Thats how moms keep a house clean with active children ,

it’ll take a while for them adopt this new routine. So you’ll have to be



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