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Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself To Others





























When we go through our daily lives , there are some certain things that you see

other people do.That will make you question your own abilities , comparing your

life to others.Isn’t something that you should be too kin on doing , having alittle bit

of motivation is good but getting to look at someone and wanting to be them is

bad.Being yourself is all that you need in life and giving the reasons of why you

should stop thinking of others more than yourself , will help you look at things in a

different light and this can allow you to have a more positive impact on your life.



















You’ve Got Different Aspirations


The one thing that you should think about when trying to stop comparing yourself

to others , is the fact that we’ve all got different goals and aspirations.Only you

know what kind of goals that you’d like to achieve with your life and when you try

to start looking at things that your friends or other people might be doing , it can

make you feel like you’re so far in life behind in life.When in actual sense ,you’re

not because they’re following there own dreams.


The thing about life is that , we’re all trying to get by and its all up to you.Just

because no one has the same aspirations like you or whether things might not be

working out at the moment , it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stat drawing a

comparison between yourself and someone else.



Doubt & Looking Down


With all the information that we’re able to acquire on the internet , its easier for us

to log into our social media apps and scroll through the feeds and see all the

luxurious things that people own.Using that to fuel your drive is a good thing but ,

it doesn’t mean that your life means any less.The negative effect of comparing

yourself to others is that , you might look at your life and question yourself about

the decisions you’ve made even if you’re on the right direction.


We’re all walking on a different path , so just because you get to see people living

the way they do.It doesn’t mean that they didn’t put in the effort , being able to

focus on your own path will help you find the success that you’re looking for.All

you need to do is believe in yourself , giving up on what you’re doing to follow

others.Doesn’t always mean that you’ll find true happiness , so keep om working

on yourself and believe that you can make it because other people have done it

as well.


















Losing Focus


The most important person in your life , is yourself and when you keep on

comparing yourself to others in life.It’ll only take away your focus from the things

that matter , when you keep on trying to figure out how other people are doing far

better than you.It’ll leave you with less time to actually get the work done , there’s

nothing wrong with finding the right strategy that suits you but life is about taking

action and not only about thinking things.Being productive with way we do things

will require us to be focused , the only way that you can turn your thoughts into

reality is by taking action.



Not Everything Works for Everyone


Most of the common reasons why we compare ourselves with others , is mostly

because of the success that we get to see.However , not everything works for for

everyone and this is something that most of us tend to forget as we go through

life.The good thing about success is that , it doesn’t have a path to follow and it

being unknown.


Gives us more of an opportunity to find something that will suit your style ,

because not everything will work for everyone.So if it took someone a few months

to achieve their success , it might not take you the same amount of time.Who

knows , maybe it might be shorter than that but its all about being able to

finish.The better it’ll be for you because nothing good comes easy.



















Jealousy & Envy


Most if the things that we’ve looked at so far , have got to do with work or getting

to follow our dreams.Those things are important but , being a better person for

others is just as essential.Being envious of what different individuals have that you

might not afford , doesn’t make you a better person and its not a good habit to

develop.Even though you might see life as being unfair to you because of the

comparisons that you’ve made , it doesn’t mean that things will always be like



Everything changes with time and if you keep on doing what you need to (

focusing on yourself ) , it’ll become easier for you to find a better lifestyle.So don’t

talk negatively about other peoples success because you won’t want that to be

you when its your turn , keep on being you.



Be Who You Are


The best thing that you can do in your life is be yourself , which is why you should

never compare yourself to others in everything that you do.Staying true to who

you’re will help you find one of the things that everyone craves the most , which is

true happiness.


Having more joy and happiness in your life only happens when you put yourself

before others , that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be a bad person.However ,

we feel that if you’re looking to provide the best for other people.You’ll have to be

at your best and being true to yourself is all that you’ll need to get started.



Hopefully you found this post helpful and use it to concentrate on yourself more ,

because there’s only one version of you and this means you need to try to be the

best you can be each day.Don’t look to others but start following your own dreams

and get to enjoy the life that you lead because you own it.


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Date : 14 Jan 2020

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