Building Confidence in Children


Building Confidence In Children


























In Order for your children to be able to succeed at whatever they do , they have to

be confident in themselves. As a parent its very important for you to ensure that

you build them up with such a character , because it will have a very big impact on

their success as they grow older.In today’s post will look at some of the ways that

you can effectively build the confidence in themselves and this means that by the

end of all this, you should be able to pick up a thing or two that you can use to

help your child.With all things parenting , you have to make sure you remain

patient and keep up with the consistency.Making sure you continue to try and

teach them this , you’ll be able to place them in a better position to become better

at how they display their confidence.

















1. Thinking Positive Is Very Essential


Being positive is a very large part of success , which is why as parents you’ll have

to make sure that your children develop this mindset.Thinking positive will allow

your children to put in the right amount of effort into whatever they might want to

achieve.Which is a good thing that you might want to know, another thing is that

it’ll also allow children to believe more in themselves.


Being positive has got so many benefits which our children would really need to

be more progressive with their lives in the future.Positivity with them will allow

them to boost their confidence.



2. Parents Have To Take The Lead


Children often try to model themselves after the people that they’ve always looked

upto , which is you the parent.Which is why this entire change has to start with

you , parents have to display any behaviour that they might want their children to



Leading by example is the best way for your children to learn something from you

, if you display the qualities that you want your children to have.It just becomes

easier for them to adapt and take on these values , so you have to show

confidence , if you want your child to be confident as well.




3. Responsibility


One of the main ways that you can use to build up how much confidence they

have is by giving them responsibility , as this will allow your children to take

charge and develop some good leadership qualities from a young age.


Giving them some tasks that are reasonable for their age will allow them to have a

sense of what its like to be in control of something and make feel all grown up for

a bit , this practice will allow them to develop some trust in their abilities which

comes about when you allow them them to take control of a major task.So this

might be something that you might need to take into consideration.

















4. Failure Is Okay


The more you try to achieve something , the more likely your chances are to

actually reach your goal.However , most if the time we don’t always have success

with the things we want to get and this shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying to get

there.This should be a strong point that I think most of us as parents should teach

our children.


For them failure might something totally new and once they experience it , can

cause them to feel like they’ll never get to achieve anything with themselves.

Parents should be able to show your children that its okay to fail and that its not

the end of the world.


When they fail be there to lift them up and tell them to get back up and try again,

failure will only affect them if you allow it to.Learning from failure is the best thing

that they can do , this will help them approach things much better and also allow

them to boost themselves to achieve much more.



5. Find Something Their Good At


In order for them to have a good build in confidence , you can try to find

something their really good at.Having something your good at will allow them to

continue to feel comfortable with themselves , making it much easier for you to

actually boost there level of confidence that their abilities.


For example if their good at drawing , you can make them take some art classes.

This way they can start to express themselves around people and this will also

affect the level of confidence they’ll show outside the classroom as well.If they’re

good at something , you might want to get them even more involved with that.It’ll

really help them increase the way they believe in themselves.



6. Acknowledging Children’s Success


Another good way to help them continue to believe in themselves more is by

reminding them of what they had done in the past , taking the time to encourage

them about how smart and intelligent they’re is very important.


Success is build upon the things that we’ve achieved in the past and this all starts

with that first achievement , recognizing these will give them more confidence that

they’ll be able to achieve alot more than they previously did.So be in the habit of

talking about what they have achieved or the best thing to do is making sure that

you display some of their trophies out around the house as well.

















7. Let Them Try


As parent we often feel the need to intervene each time our children have tasks

but , sometimes the best thing to do is let them figure it out on their own.Event

though at times it may feel like you have to step in , you shouldn’t. This will help

your children build up the confidence to do things on their own and also allow

them to start working hard as well.


If you always assist your children whenever they’re in need of something , they’ll

won’t be able to handle the challenges of the world by themselves.This will also

limit the potential that they might have within themselves and prevent them from

achieving alot of things in the future.




8. Show A Little Bit of Tough Love


Showing them alittle bit of tough love is very essential when trying to make the

more confident , don’t feel to bad if you’re being hard on them sometimes.Adding

alittle bit of pressure on them will give them the ability to see things through , even

in the tough times.Most if the time we need alittle bit if pressure in order for us to

get the best out of ourselves.


So don’t be too afraid to show them some tough love , as its only to help them get

better and also allow them to take care of themselves when you’re not there for




9. Support Your Children


The most essential point that you should remember is that, you’ve got to provide

them with support.Children have to feel your love and care each and everyday ,

once they know you’re their for them.It will translate in a boost in confidence,

being their to provide emotional support each time is important.


When they know that their family is always going to be their for them, it has a

positive impact on the way they get toapproach things.Being involved in the life of

your children is important for moments like this , we all need people to cheer them

on atleast once in a while.


So try by all means to show them you care , this can done by giving them some

praise after the achieve something or making sure you always attend their school

events.It means alot when they look for you in the crowed you know , its a great

confidence booster.

















10. Children Are Unique


Most of the parents tend to draw a comparison between them and somebody else

, this will often cause parents to try and model the child’s life to follow the path of

that person.Which is not something that you want to do if you want to improve

their confidence , your child will never be like someone who they aren’t.The best

thing for parents to do is to find ways to motivate them without comparing their

abilities to other people , doing this will help you find ways to give your child the

best level of support.


Children are a gift to parents and the fact that not everyone is different , makes

them even more special.Other things that you might want to do to help them with

confidence is allow them to make small decisions like for instance , we’re you’ll go

on holiday or even what you’ll have for supper.This will allow them to have more

responsibility and this will in turn increase their level of confidence.



Hopefully you found something that will help you with building your child’s level of

confidence , always remember that this change starts with you.


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