Conflicts between teens and parents


Conflicts Between Teens & Parents

























Children get to grow from toddlers to adults within a very short space of time and

this is what makes parenting great , but there are sometimes during their

adolescent stage where they tend to be alittle bit more different towards you.

Which can cause alot of conflict between parents and teenagers , in this post will

look at some of the things that might cause you to have problems with your



Dealing with your children gets a whole lot easier if you’ve got some inside

information and more especially when it comes to teenagers , below will look at

some examples that will help you handle your talks better and allow you to be a

better parent overall.



As parents you’ll have to remember that during puberty , our children are starting

to undergo various changes in their body which are very new to them.So

approaching this with patience is more than just what you need to do , as this will

allow you to create a much deeper connection with them during these stages of

their lives.That’s Just something we though you might want to know before looking

at what might cause the differences between you and them.
















1. Poor Communication


The most important part of a relationship is being able to communicate properly ,

but having a poor connection can prove otherwise.If you’re not hearing them out

and constantly talking over them or the other way around , it’ll be harder for you to

actually teach an agreement and this is a really good example of conflict between

parents and adolescent.


As parents , you’ll have to try and relate to them at the level that they’ve reached

at and not try to talk to them like they’re younger in age.Sometimes if they might

act a certain way towards you , don’t just assume that its an attitude problem and

try to find out the real reason why they might be doing this.Teenagers go through

so many emotional stress and having a good ground to communicate on is just as

what they might need from their parents , poor communication is what causes

most of relationship to turn out badly and unstable.



2. Constant Monitoring


Another thing that might also cause problems between parents and teenagers is

when you constantly monitor them , as your children are growing up into adults its

important for you to stop treating them the same way you would when they were

10 years old.When our children get to this stage , the get to love their own

personal space.Which means that when you constantly keep on nagging them to

do something around the house.This can irritate them and also affect how they

treat you , parents would only want to make sure that their children are safe.



Even though you might want to make your teens more accountable for their

actions , you’ve got to become less involved in the things that they do and give

them space.Doing this will not only your children to be more free but , it’ll allow

your children to be more independent.Being a strict parent may have some pros

to it in terms of keeping a close eye on them , but when it comes to developing the

character of being able to do things by themselves and this can negatively impact

them moving forward.


Closely monitoring them every day and nagging them is a good recipe for causing

problems in the household.When you’re more open with your loved ones , it’ll help

you have less of these breakdowns in communication.
















3. Social Media & Influence


One of the largest platforms that you can possible find on mobile are probably

platforms that are social media related like Facebook and Instagram , which are

just some of the things that might keep our children glued to their phones.


Which makes this have a very large influence on the way they behave, which

might be due to the fact that they get to see how their favorite Tv personalities

lives.This can sometimes cause a very big problem for parents especially if it’s

bad behavior , conflicting ideas of what your ideal behavior is clashes with theirs.




Those are some of the examples of the things that might cause conflict between

parents and adolescent , even though they might be going through a new stage in

their lives.Its very essential for parents to continue to show their love and support

through this time , just as you did when they were younger.


Most of these problems that you’ve gotten can easily be sorted out with alittle bit

of love and care , no matter how old your children grow.They’ll always be your

babies,continue to be the parent they need you to be.Hopefully you picked out

something from this that you’ll be able to use when dealing with your children ,

remember that you to were a teenager once.Sure it might be a long time ago but ,

a teenager will always be teenager.So don’t be to hard on them , just be patient

and relax.


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